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Project Description Owner Last Change
0.git The 0 programming language No commits
0ad.git A free, open-source game of ancient warfare 19 hours ago
0compile.git create a binary release from source code 7 years ago
+ 0export.git create self-installing bundles for distributi... 8 years ago
0mirror.git create a mirror of other Zero Install sites 9 years ago
0publish-gui.git GTK editor for Zero Install feeds 2 years ago
+ 0publish.git utility for processing Zero Install feeds 7 years ago
0release.git manage new releases with Zero Install 7 years ago
+ 0share.git peer-to-peer sharing of Zero Install packages 13 years ago
0tDNS.git Tool to compare DNS responses from different... 2 years ago
0test.git Matrix testing for Zero Install programs 2 years ago
0verkill.git 0verkill, a game in ASCII-Art 11 years ago
0x.git 12 years ago
12306_ticket_helper.git 8 years ago
18plus-7leafadventure.git Adult Text Adventure Framework for Flex 4 9 years ago
2ch-be.git 2chnenene@yahoo... 5 years ago
2dmatching.git Code for two dimensional pattern matching 14 years ago
2dworld.git 10 years ago
2oom.git Moo2 remake project 14 years ago
3hU9fRjo95.git 12 years ago
4chan-ban-stats.git 4 years ago
4chanprog.git Another attempt at creating a repo for /prog/ 8 years ago
4DMemory.git A 4D version of Memory 14 years ago
4Free-FSE.git 4 years ago
4msysgit-hv.git A fork of msysgit/git for easier access to... 13 years ago
5f8b0d0fe564b437a6934ccc99915699.git 7 years ago
5semester.git Лабы за 5 семестр, БГУИР\КСиС\ПОИТ No commits
82ce68d27755bc509c78e0e279b635e275db32dc.git 09e5f83f3819dc0277503439b068ed79064fa87 0342d5ef6f5671@c581da7dce... No commits
842697.git No commits
900513.git No commits
9413project001.git 9 years ago
a2jmidid.git ALSA sequencer <-> JACK MIDI bridge 8 years ago
A2k.git Ada "hello world" i386 kernel 13 years ago
aaproj.git 11 years ago
abby.git abby is a front-end for cclive 12 years ago
abc_test.git test 12 years ago
abduco.git abduco a tool for session [at|de]tach support 2 years ago
abettersearch.git No commits
abook.git Abook is a text-based addressbook program... 12 years ago
AboutConfig.git AboutConfig extension aboutconfig-owner... 12 years ago
abris.git No commits
abstract.git Abstract is going to be a scalable full featu... 11 years ago
acal.git aCal Android CalDAV Client 8 years ago
acc.git Alexey's C compiler 12 years ago
accentuate.git PDF Slideshow Presentation Software 13 years ago
Accesser.git a tool for SNI-based HTTPS filtering circumve... 33 hours ago
acdata.git simple sqlite document database cli-interface... louis.guillaume... No commits
acer_acpi.git ACPI Extras for Acer laptops 14 years ago
acidsoria.git Repository dedicated to: Audio files, in... barnadebianteam... 9 years ago
acme-metasyntactic-buzzwords.git Acme::MetaSyntactic::buzzwords - Pointy-haire... 14 years ago
acme-study-perl.git perl module/testing andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 13 years ago
acme-tie-eleet.git Acme::Tie::Eleet - Perl extension to 5pE4k... 14 years ago
aco.git Algorithms for Ant Colony Optimization 12 years ago
acogc.git simple coopertive garbage collector 11 years ago
activemongo.git ActiveRecord for PHP and MongoDB 11 years ago
actl.git The Adaptive Distributed SDN Controller Resea... 4 years ago
acts_as_ferret.git Git mirror of the acts_as_ferret Rails plugin... 14 years ago
acts_as_subscribeable.git A plugin to make subscriptions to objects... 14 years ago
acx-mac80211.git ACX100/ACX111/TNETW1450 wireless network... 13 years ago
aD2wvhBkMx.git 12 years ago
Adblock-list-backups-Frellwits-filter-lists.git 32 hours ago
Adblock-list-backups-hufilter.git 10 hours ago
adBlock.git android AdBlock Proxy 12 years ago
AddApp.git create ROX application launchers for Zero... 8 years ago
adeline.git No commits
aderlice_test.git aderlice test No commits
aderly_test.git test 9 years ago
adesklets.git An interactive Imlib2 console for the X Windo... 11 years ago
adg-lua.git Lua bindings for the ADG canvas 9 years ago
adg.git ADG: Automatic Drawing Generation 15 months ago
adi18n.git A gettext based translator for asciidoc documents 15 years ago
adiumx.git AdiumX SVN import 14 years ago
adk-bluetooth-test.git This demo implemented the bluetooth function... 8 years ago
admin.git No commits
adorno.git A web interface to play music andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 12 years ago
adtree.git A tree integrator for asciidoc 15 years ago
AdvancedVolumeMixer.git Advanced Volume Mixer - Gnome Shell Extension 8 years ago
adver.git avastor.developer... No commits
aeacus.git Simple issue tracking system 14 years ago
aerie.git small HTTP server 13 years ago
aerolith.git open-source soc platform 14 years ago
aesalon.git A program to collect, store, and visualize... 11 years ago
afaq.git afaq chinese translation 5 years ago
afazio.git tools for the detection of textual entailment 14 years ago
afo.git 10 years ago
afritrack.git Sample Django tracking system 13 years ago
aftubes.git Modular non-destructive audio/video processor 13 years ago
afunbrick.git An interpreter of the brainfuck language... 4 years ago
again.git testing No commits
agdavaarregn.git Documents concerning the driving of Agda... 10 years ago
agere_fw_utils.git Firmware extractors for Agere Hermes I and... 13 years ago
agg.git news aggregator following the UNIX philosophy 11 years ago
Aggressive-BitTorrent-Downloader.git Aggressive BitTorrent Downloader 6 years ago
AGH_computer_science_engineering_thesis.git Repository of code related to my engineering... 19 months ago
AGH_fortran_course_solution.git This repo contains homework for the fortran... 3 years ago
AGH_fortran_course_solution2.git This repo contains homework (task 2) for... 3 years ago
AGH_fortran_course_solution3.git This repo contains homework (task 3) for... 3 years ago
agianapa.git C++ code snippets 13 years ago
AHbot.git 13 years ago
ahxm.git Ann Hell Ex Machina (music writing software) 10 years ago
AI-Capture-The-Flag.git 3 years ago
AI-Over-Network.git 3 years ago
AI-Pathfinding.git 3 years ago
aiccu.git SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client... 12 years ago
ail.git ail general purpose library void@erdos 12 years ago
ailab2.git Artificial intelligence searching stuff. victor.zamanian... 13 years ago
ailab3.git Scientific report on "Information Retrieval... victor.zamanian... 13 years ago
ajatus.git AJAX CRM based on CouchDb 14 years ago
akelos.git git-svn copy of the project. 14 years ago
akfoundationlib.git Just a simple C# project No commits
AKI.git AKI No commits
Akkordarbeit.git Akkordarbeit is a tool for formatting leadshe... JoergWMittag+Akkordarbeit... 11 years ago
akonadigoogledata.git A google contacts/calendar resource for akonadi 13 years ago
alacarte.git alacarte mirror 4 years ago
alchemist.git Code generation library 14 years ago
Ale.git synthetic capture engine and renderer 12 years ago
alexandria.git Common Lisp utility collection 8 years ago
alexnick87-test.git 13 years ago
alfplayer.git alfplayer's personal repository 10 years ago
algebraic-prog-equiv.git The equivalence problem in algebraic models... 13 years ago
algebraiC.git Examples of sum algebraic data types in C99 alessio.chiapperini... 2 years ago
algodat.git school project No commits
alita.git No commits
alkobot.git custom tailored jabber bot 11 years ago
allegf1.git No commits
allerta-vvf.git An unofficial open source firefighters' manag... 2 weeks ago
alluc.api.git No commits
almorand.git DSP systems for pitch/formant shifting (OSS... 5 years ago
alphamote.git Sony alpha camera remote 13 years ago
+ alpine.git Alpine is a program to manage e-mail 4 weeks ago
alpinway.git Web queries about Trentino mountains path... 13 years ago
alt-git.git Alternate source for your git.git needs 24 hours ago
AltairOS.git Simple RealMode Operating System No commits
alternproj.git description No commits
alterverse.git A game engine for creating audio games. 10 years ago
altfloat.git Alternative floating point support for GHC. 11 years ago
alure.git OpenAL Utility Library 2 years ago
AlwaysKillSticky.git Chrome extension to get rid of sticky element... 2 years ago
+ amarok.git distributedish development branch of Amarok... hydrogen@notyetimplemente... 14 years ago
amarok_sonynw.git Library and plugin for accessing Sony Network... 12 years ago
amazing.git An amazing widget manager for an awesome... 14 years ago
ambit.git File Manager 15 years ago
ambros.git Autonomous Morsecode BROadcasting System 6 years ago
AMDJ.git A set of routines in Java for ordering a... 10 years ago
ameisenbaer.git Ant colony optimization program No commits
amiethrift.git Amie street git repo for Thrift 14 years ago
amper.git Amper: tiny music player 2 years ago
ampheus.git Ampheus' unofficional exheres 12 years ago
amread-mode.git A minor mode helping user speed-reading.... 2 months ago
amule.git aMule P2P client stefano.picerno... 17 months ago
an0rqz.git Simple game project inspired by roguelikes an0rqz@ze.yi.orgANISM 13 years ago
ana-net.git Lightweight Autonomic Network Architecture... 10 years ago
anarch.git Anarch, the suckless FPS game 2 months ago
Anarchan.git A chan in python. 9 years ago
and.git 10 years ago
andGMXsms.git WebSMS for Android phones 12 years ago
andjs.git and javascript No commits
andk-cpan-tools.git Half baked stuff for my everyday cpan hacking andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 2 days ago
andmenj-acm.git andmej's solutions for problems from the... 10 years ago
andrew-tools.git ~andrew's tools as a git repo tuxlover684+suj... 11 years ago
android-kernel-omapzoom.git No commits
android.git No commits
android4.git android4 No commits
android_projects.git Various Android Projects mustafasakarya1986... 11 years ago
android_tools.git 3 years ago
aNetHack.git A variant of NetHack 3.6-dev 5 years ago
+ angband.git A git mirror of Angband 14 years ago
angkotku.git No commits
anglosaxon.git A command line XML SAX parser No commits
anime_rename.git A script to rename arbitrary files (intended... 14 years ago
anisearch.git Searching for AniDB aid by title No commits
Anit-Slander-Campaign.git 12 years ago
anjuta-extras.git anjuta-extras 3 years ago
anjuta-git-plugin.git Anjuta IDE Git Plugin Development Tree 14 years ago
anjuta.git anjuta mirror 4 years ago
annsl.git Artifical Neural Networks Simulations Library No commits
anomen-kernel-config.git gentoo kernel configuration 6 years ago
anomen-overlay.git anomen's personal gentoo overlay 6 years ago
+ anon-chrysantemum.git Chrysantemum CSS animation stalking@disallow.ed 9 months ago
anonymous-chrysantemum.git stalking@disallow.ed 9 months ago
Anonymous-Twitter-Board.git 4 years ago
antidote.git antidote - a commandline mail user agent Bernhard.Guillon... 10 years ago
antimony.git Programming language development kit 4 years ago
AntiTD.git Anti Tower Defense anton.johansson... 13 years ago
antiword.git Antiword git mirror kirr@landau.phys... 11 years ago
AnyEvent-HTTPD.git AnyEvent::HTTPD perl module - my patches 13 years ago
anything-config.git Predefined sources and actions for anything.el 5 years ago
anytun.git Implementation of SATP 13 years ago
aoc_eblake.git My solutions to Advent of Code puzzles 6 months ago
aoi.git A simple Japanese-English dictionary for... 8 years ago
aom.git AV1 Codec Library 47 hours ago
AOOS.git AOOS - Agile Object Oriented System sebastianskejoe... 13 years ago
aosc-os-abbs.git ABBS/ACBS tree for AOSC OS updates, building... 4 hours ago
ap-comp-lit-poems.git Poems collection for Daniel Moerner 13 years ago
apc.git CPU load monitor 8 years ago
apeos.git apeos is a project with goal of providing... 4 years ago
apertium.git Open source machine translation framework 14 years ago user@noreply.repo... 2 years ago
App-Abuser.git Locate an abuse contact e-mail address for... 14 months ago
app-cpan2pkg.git generating native linux packages from cpan 13 years ago
app-fc11-network-scripts-restore.git Fedora 11 network scripts restorer. No commits
appfilter.git AppFilter application firewall 13 years ago
+ appimagekit.git 3 days ago
applet-bots.git A simulation environment for 2D robots to... rasman1978@users... 14 years ago
appoyo.git 12 years ago
appoyo2.git 12 years ago
apr-util.git Apache Portable Runtime utilities andreas.faerber... 13 years ago
aprog.git Simple multi-purpose Java library tuxlover684+suj... 9 years ago
Apuntaciones.git 8 years ago
apunts-acces-uib-majors-25-anys-matematiques.git Apunts de Matemàtiques per a l'accés a la... 7 days ago
apunts-espa-matematiques.git Exercicis procedimentals i alguns apunts... 7 days ago
aqualang.git An Interpreter, based on 7 years ago
AquilaOS.git 2 years ago
arachne.git 14 years ago
Arachnida.git Arachnida embeddable HTTP(S) server ronald@landheer... 12 years ago
aramzamzam-commons.git 13 years ago
aramzamzam-ru.rentdom.git none 13 years ago
arch-community.git archlinux community build 84 min ago
arch-packages.git archlinux package build 89 min ago
arch-rock.git Arch Rock Linux - Stable release of Arch... archlinuxstable... 14 years ago
archiso.git No commits
ArchiSteamFarm.git C# application with primary purpose of farmin... 13 hours ago
archive-zip.git Provide an interface to ZIP archive files 12 years ago
archive.git Архивы для будущих поколений 11 years ago
archives2git.git sh script to create a project's git history... 4 years ago
Archlinux-Stable.git 14 years ago
+ ArchLinux.git A simple, lightweight distribution No commits
archlinuxdevstack.git ArchLinux Java Development Stack 12 years ago
archnosh.git archnosh mirror 3 years ago
archserver.git Config as a server base on archlinux. 13 years ago
archweb_dev-nj.git Nathan's archweb_dev tree 14 years ago
ardion-stuffs.git Our ardiono stuff. No commits
ardour2.git Digital Audio Workstation 11 years ago
ArdourMidi.git Testbed for new Ardour MIDI features 12 years ago
+ arduino-ctags.git 5 years ago
arduino-intervalometer.git Arduino Intervalometer 13 years ago
arduino-mode.git Arduino IDE for Emacs developer. 6 months ago
ardupilot.git stefan.naewe+rr... 75 min ago
ArenaLive.git MMOFPS Game 13 years ago
arenopage.git 14 years ago
ariane.git This is a web cache written in java. 8 years ago
arib_std_b25.git Japanese TV standard "ARIB STD-B25" implement... 000111_anon@kobej... 10 years ago
aristoteles.git A simple, regex-based, just-for-fun Italian... 13 years ago
arla.git Arla AFS filesystem 14 years ago
arm.git Port a whole linux system on the arm 12 years ago
armadillo_firmware.git Embedded systems development suit mustafasakarya1986... 12 years ago
armadillo_hardware.git Armadillo Project's Hardware component mustafasakarya1986... 12 years ago
armadillo_manual.git Armadillo Project Reference Manual mustafasakarya1986... 12 years ago
armadillo_software.git Armadillo Project's Software component mustafasakarya1986... 12 years ago
armpft.git Adding pft support to QEMU's arm cpus 12 years ago test No commits
AROS-Contrib.git Mirror of AROS' Contrib svn. 3 years ago
AROS-Ports.git Mirror of AROS' Ports svn. 3 years ago
AROS.git Mirror of AROS' svn. 3 years ago
arrocco.git 14 years ago
arrow.git Arrow_zhang test linux kernel study 13 years ago
arrowworld.git arrowworld store 13 years ago
ARTEMIC.git Autonomous Mobile Robotics Software Design cristian.axenie... No commits
artemus.git The Artemus template toolkit 10 years ago
arthrology.git Arthrology (component) for for open-source... 10 years ago
arthrology_module.git Arthrology (module) for for open-source Elxis CMS 12 years ago
artpalframework.git PHP/JS lightweight framework No commits
artwork.git artwork 11 years ago
arxana.git 18 months ago
asbestos.git PS3 Linux bootloader 10 years ago
ascii-data.git Read numerical data from an ascii text file... 10 years ago
asdbits.git Various self-contained D modules No commits
asdevice.git avr as device operation code 11 years ago
asdf.git No commits
asenzett.git A smarter regression. No commits
asgard.git Asgard Free Software RPG 14 years ago
askyou.git :) 11 years ago
aspectbin.git An aspect ratio constraining container for... 13 years ago
aspectsharp.git No commits
asr.git Infrastructure for ladder of KGS Advanced... 11 years ago
Assignment-Trapper.git Web software for teaching students to program. 9 years ago
Assisted-Board-Games.git Assisted Board Games No commits
asterisk-bristuff.git Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX) 13 years ago
asure.git Asure file integrity 14 years ago
atbbs.git Simple, yet powerful Web BBS (MIT) nexisentertainment... 12 years ago
atk.git atk mirror 3 years ago
atlantis.git The Atlantis server and user interface sander.dijkhuis... 13 years ago
Atomics.git Vlinder Atomics Library 12 years ago
+ atool.git script for managing file archives of various... 8 years ago
AtosmChip.git FPGA implementation of 8-bit Atari computers 13 years ago
atscap.git ATSC Transport Stream Capture Application... 13 years ago
attac-man.git multi-player pac-man clone 13 years ago
attr_splat.git attr_* puts Ruby Core's attr_accessor, attr_r... 13 years ago
auctionmangos.git Mangos + auctionhouse bot + others 13 years ago
aud.git minimalist audio player No commits
audiere2.git Audiere2 10 years ago
audio-mpd-common.git Audio::MPD::Common - bunch of common helper... 12 years ago
audio-mpd.git Audio::MPD - class to talk to MPD (Music... 12 years ago
audiocatalog.git Program for sorting MP3 and other ID3-support... 11 years ago
audiomangler.git python CLI music management suite 12 years ago
audiopager.git A book reader for android. This is a self... 10 years ago
audiosum.git A tool to find duplicate mp3 files ignoring... alvarezp@alvarezp... 8 years ago
augment.git Code metadata framework 14 years ago
augmented-pf.git Augmentovane PFko No commits
aula.git Proyecto AULA 10 years ago
aur-mirror.git AUR mirror tredaelli@archlinux... 10 years ago
aur-pkgbuilds.git No commits
aur-xilon.git 14 years ago
aur.git Arch User-Community Repository (AUR) 15 months ago
aur2.git Archlinux User Repository 12 years ago
aurman.git AUR manager No commits
AurShell.git AurShell is simple shell for Arch Linux AUR... 14 years ago
aurutils.git aurutils - helper tools for the aur 2 days ago
auth.git test for authentication and authorization bgrziwok@grziwok... No commits
auto-patcher.git smali editor that ports mods and themes acros... 8 years ago
+ autoconf.git Mirror of the GNU Autoconf repository 20 hours ago
autoform-autocomplete-array.git 6 years ago
+ automake.git Mirror of the GNU Automake repository 2 weeks ago
automated_linux_from_scratch.git mirror of automatedlinuxfromscratch repository 17 months ago
AutomatorExifMover.git An Automator action to automatically move... 14 years ago
autophylo.git automatic DNA-based phylogenetic tree generator 11 years ago
+ autosshd_ALT.git Run autossh as system service at startup. 3 years ago
AutoStart.git Manage XDG AutoStart entries for ROX-Session 14 years ago
autotest-zwu.git Zhi Yong Wu's KVM-autotest tree wuzhy@linux.vnet... 11 years ago
autotool-experiments.git explore autotools features 16 months ago
autotrade.git Bitcoin market auto-trader 11 years ago
autotroll.git M4 macros to build Qt applications with GNU... 6 years ago
av.git An alignment visualization tool for machine... 14 years ago
avatt.git All Virtual All The Time cristi.magherusan... 13 years ago
avr-sim.git Atmel AVR simulator 12 years ago
avr_dev_board.git 4 years ago
avr_work.git Code for AVR uC 12 years ago
avrrsa.git porting of libmincrypt to AVR No commits
awesome.git awesome window manager 7 years ago
awesomeBible-website.git 2 years ago
awesometheme.git 2 years ago
awish.git Awish: Avish reborn! (rewriting of old MS... 8 years ago
awl.git Andrew's Web Libraries andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 8 years ago
axonengine.git No commits
axonlib.git multiplatform / multiformat audio plugin... No commits
ayans.git Again yet another news system 13 years ago
azalord.git No commits
azan.git prayers time calculator, written in nasm. 12 months ago
azania-republic.git A revolutionary government president@kha275qeqzayfbj... No commits
azarus-dwm.git 4 years ago
azarus-st.git azarus' modification to st 4 years ago the homepage 3 years ago
azGit.git vbgunz personal learning repository 14 years ago
azurax.git No commits
b2ld.git very simple Box2DLite based physics engine 5 years ago
b4.git A simple Ruby on Rails based bookmarking... 9 years ago
ba.git No commits
babl.git babl is a dynamic, any to any, pixel format... 2 weeks ago
backlight-adjust.git A tool to adjust backlight via Linux's /sys 5 years ago
backlit.git Postgresql libpq Ada binding 13 years ago
backpacking.git Camping for Io 14 years ago 2 years ago
baibao-modules.git baibaojr 5 years ago
balllib.git Free bouncing ball library No commits 4 years ago 4 years ago
banshee.git banshee mirror 4 years ago
barbara.git This is a hierarchical distributed note manager 8 years ago
barebox-mini2440.git This tree is no more updated. Use official... marek.belisko@open... 11 years ago
+ barry.git Interface software for the Blackberry handheld 6 years ago
barrytmp.git My Barry Contributions 14 years ago
+ barvinok.git lattice point enumeration library 7 days ago
BAS.git Application server for python web-services No commits
base.git flash game No commits
base_ror3_portal.git Basic Ruby on Rails Portal 11 years ago
bash.git Bourne-style shell with tab completion 11 years ago
basic1.git No commits
basket4.git BasKet Note Pads 4: An information organizer... 14 years ago
bastldcc.git 6 years ago
batcop.git No commits
BattleCats.git 3 years ago
batto.git A clicking arcade game - Löve framework ... xpio@tesla.rcub... 3 years ago
baulk.git Baulk is a cross-platform native application... 13 years ago
bazdig.git better sql console wirtten in php 14 years ago
BBD.git Burning Bird Development Group - We develop... tweety100.clonk... No commits
bbdb-vcard.git vCard Import and Export for The Insidious... 12 years ago
bbkeys.git Keyboard handler for Blackbox 15 years ago
bbkos.git BlackBox for KolibriOS 19 months ago
bbs.git No commits
bcl.git Base library for the coding of audio games. 10 years ago
bcms.git Content Management System madded with django 14 years ago
bcr-a2csamples.git Samples for the A2C ASN.1 toolkit 14 years ago
bcrypted.git No commits
bcu1driver.git Linux kernel driver for EIB BCU1 compatible... mkoegler@auto.tuwien... 12 years ago
bcui-org-mode.git Baoqiu Cui's public repository for Org-mode... No commits
bcusdk.git eibd (EIB/KNX network stack) and BCU developm... mkoegler@auto.tuwien... 11 years ago
beacon-ss.git thread-safe signals&slots 14 years ago
beagle.git A Beagle Git Repo 15 years ago Website for aggregating open source projects 8 years ago
BeagleSkin.git MediaWiki skin: One column layout with naviga... 3 years ago
beanstalkd.git Beanstalkd is a fast, distributed, in-memory... 7 weeks ago
beast-modified.git Beast Modified (ruby forum) 14 years ago
BechesTest.git mateusz.glapinski... 12 years ago
beckett_pastebin.git beckett_pastebin... No commits
beedb.git BeeDB, experiments towards a next-generation... knielsen.public... 11 years ago
begorra.git A GPL Go program. 14 years ago
beige0.git 19 months ago
benchtools.git Several small benchmarking utilities for... soeren.wellhoefer... No commits
BennuGD.git Mirror of the BennuGD SVN repository. kazuki.przyborowski... 3 years ago
berndj-bootstrap.git Collection of post-apocalyptic computing... 12 years ago
besstails.git 9 years ago
betaflight.git stefan.naewe+rr... 8 days ago
BETON.git 11 years ago
Beursplein5.git Beursplein 5 Component for Joomla 13 years ago
beyond.git No commits
beyond_linux_from_scratch.git mirror of beyondlinuxfromscratch source repos... 15 months ago
bezzabot.git automated client for web browser game No commits
BGap.git BGap: alpha' expansion of disk integrals 5 years ago
bibanon.git The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a project to save... 3 years ago
bibledit.git Bibledit collaboration testing grounds No commits
biblio.git yohannlepage@2xyo... No commits
bibliodb.git Bibliographical database in PHP 12 years ago
bifrost.git 4 years ago
bigclean-emacs.git Bigclean's own emacs configurations. 12 years ago
biginteger-lo27.git This contains a very simple implementation... 13 years ago
bills-tools.git Misc tools 11 years ago
billygoat.git Simple command-line time tracking 14 years ago
bindip.git 6 years ago
bindumps.git 7 years ago
bindums.git No commits
+ binutils-gdb.git The GNU Binutils are a collection of binary... 9 hours ago
+ binutils.git git-cvsimport of binutils cvsroot 10 years ago
bioacid.git Tox client. completely unusable for anyone... 3 weeks ago
biocity.git A population simulator in C++ 14 years ago
biolisp.git Bioinformatics in lisp 14 years ago
bioperl-db.git BioSQL BioPerl ORM bindings 3 years ago
bioperl-live.git BioPerl core 4 months ago
bioperl-network.git BioPerl modules for protein-protein interacti... 6 years ago
bioperl-run.git BioPerl wrappers 22 months ago
bioperl.git test bioperl repo No commits
+ bison.git GNU bison 12 days ago
bitbake.git Bitbake mirror 11 years ago
bitcoin.git 11 years ago
bitcoinplatinum.git 4 years ago
bitfountain.git Communist file sharing over Wifi 12 years ago
bitlbee-mastodon.git Mastodon plugin for Bitlbeehttps://alexschroe... 13 months ago
bitlbee.git git mirror of the bitlbee repo: a IM/IRC... 10 years ago
bitrig.git 9 years ago
bityugov.git Personal projects 14 years ago
bkell-clj.git A Clojure implementation of the 'Bookkeeping... 11 years ago
bl_monitoring.git beamline monitoring 12 years ago
blabla.git No commits
blablabla.git No commits
black_box_cellml.git Support for CellML models with embedded machi... ak.miller@auckland... 14 years ago
blackbox.git Blackbox, an X11 window manager 13 years ago
blacklight.git Blacklight No commits
blacktomato.git My personal repositories 11 years ago
blaRAY.git Simple, yet photon mapping, C++ raytracer 14 years ago
blender-addons-contrib.git Central repository of Blender contrib addons mackyle+blender... 2 months ago
blender-addons.git Central repository of Blender addons mackyle+blender... 22 hours ago
blender-dev-tools.git Blender Developer Tools mackyle+blender... 2 weeks ago
blender-translations.git Blender UI translation management project mackyle+blender... 5 days ago
blender.git Free and Open 3D Creation Software mackyle+blender... 112 min ago
blerg.git No commits
blink.git Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium. 6 years ago
blip.rb.git Ruby bindings for 14 years ago
bliper.git android client for 13 years ago
blobbuild.git A blob that builds. 13 years ago
blobwars-mingw.git A MinGW "port" of Blob Wars, a 2D platform... 13 years ago
blockfinder.git 4 years ago
blocksruntime.git The libBlocksRuntime.a library from compiler-rt. 2 years ago
blocksshd_00z.git blocksshd_00z branch. 14 years ago
blog.git No commits common perl modules 13 years ago Multilingual blog written in Catalyst 13 years ago
blog3.git Simple Rails project 9 years ago
bloggit.git A ruby CMS/Blogging tool that makes it easy... 14 years ago
bloggy.git A simple blog publishing system. 13 years ago
blorb-thumbnailer.git GNOME thumbnailer for Blorb files 10 years ago
blosxom-plugins.git Plugins for the Blosxom Blog Script 14 years ago
blosxom.git Blosxom GIT Repository 13 years ago
blua.git Bloated LUA! 13 years ago
bluepill.git A mock server for testing Matrix Client-Serve... 5 years ago
blynken.git ACG-Bonn Blinkenlightsserver 13 years ago
bm-groupware-server.git Parts of the bionicmessage Groupware server... matt@mcbridematt... 12 years ago
bMailZu.git Bastiaan's Mailzu development 14 years ago
bmbb.git BlackBox Component Builder ported to bare... 23 months ago
bnac-common.git Common files of the bnac project 11 years ago
bnac-editor.git Editor for the bnac project 11 years ago
bnac-visitor.git Visitor application for the bnac project 11 years ago
bnac.git bnac - a virtual museum suite 11 years ago
boa.git Metacircular evaluator in Python 14 years ago
boalisp.git Lisp to Python bytecode compiler 13 years ago
+ boaqonstrictior.git A snake-like game (Uni project by Luminy... 11 years ago
Bob.git Bob is an XML Data Binding tool. 'Bob' provid... 12 years ago
bob.git Bob 8 years ago
bob_language.git Language BoB project 10 years ago
bochs-mirror.git Mirror of Bochs CVS 13 years ago
bodq.git Bodq's stuff 13 years ago
bogdanos.git bogdanos is a simple UNIX like operating... No commits
bomtable.git BOMTable Tools No commits
boo.git Boo Programming Language 14 years ago
booboo.git booboo gentoo overlay 32 hours ago
booki.git easy book generator 12 years ago
Bookkeeping.git 'Bookkeeping' provides a Shell and API for... 12 years ago
bookmarks.git bookmarks for myself No commits
BookReader.git No commits
Booktype.git The open source platform to write and publish... service-repoor@kamal... 4 weeks ago
boomerang.git A general, open source, retargetable decompil... 8 years ago
boords-signature-composer.git 5 years ago
boost.git Boost git-svn mirror 13 years ago
boost.m4-rhys.git Personal fork of boost.m4 No commits
boost.m4.git M4 macros to use Boost with the autotools 13 years ago
boost_lockfree.git 10 years ago
bootos.git mirror.. in case.... 11 years ago
bordeaux-threads.git Portable shared-state concurrency for Common... 6 weeks ago
bosc.git a Spring RTS script compiler 14 years ago
bosch_hmi_hacking.git 3 years ago
botlist.git Botlist is a social bookmarking application... 14 years ago
botphone.git 5 years ago
Bottis.git IRC Bot for educational purpose No commits
boxen.git Vaporware Multiple Personality Disorder for... 14 years ago
boxroom-stian.git Hosting my changes to boxroom 15 years ago
BrainSamurai.git Brain Samurai 13 years ago
brasero.git brasero mirror 3 years ago
brdnet.git [WIP] P2P messaging and file-sharing network 4 years ago
breadcrumb.git GPS tracking for Windows CE, in Python. 13 years ago
breadcrumbs.git a system for a local economy lino.ferrentino... 14 years ago
bridge-dev.git my dev tree for bridge 13 years ago
brmpsu.git brmPSU - cheap bench power supply unit 11 years ago
brmpuk.git Simple robot control software 11 years ago
brmtron.git 11 years ago
broadcastadmin.git BroadcastAdmin is a project to make your... 14 years ago
browser.git 11 years ago
BrunelResearch-dirac.git Dirac Video Codec Research from Brunel Univer... 13 years ago
BS_AY250.git 11 years ago
bsecure.git martin.hoffman789123... 8 years ago
BTFJ.git Permutes an unsymmetric matrix (square or... 10 years ago
btree.git BTree Project 14 years ago
+ btrfs-progs-unstable.git Btrfs-progs-unstable mirror 11 years ago
bubblegum.git A file and directory watcher 16 years ago
bug-buddy.git bug-buddy mirror 5 years ago
bugbuster.git A distributed bug tracking system. No commits
bugg-scheme-compiler.git Scheme Compiler itamar.benzaken... 13 years ago
build-benchmarks.git Tools for benchmarking build systems 13 years ago
build-cgdb.git 9 years ago
build.git 18 hours ago
buildbot.git Python-based continuous integration testing... 13 years ago
BuildingRSQ.git No commits
buildr.git Git mirror for apache buildr 13 years ago
buildrom.git Tool for building coreboot images (mirror... cristi.magherusan... 13 years ago
buildroot-gz.git My buildroot patches gustavo@zacarias... 5 years ago
buildroot.git uClibc cross-compilers and rootfs 12 years ago
bullet.git bullet No commits
burt-test.git 11 years ago
bustd.git Super lightweight process killer daemon for... 3 months ago
busybox-git.git Updated mirror of the Busybox GIT tree 12 days ago
busybox.git Busybox: The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded... johannes.schindelin... 14 years ago
bvfour.git 4 years ago
bwmon.git Application-level bandwidth monitor 9 years ago
bylock.git decompiled source 15 months ago
bysj.git Project of BiYeSheJi No commits
bz80asm.git Z80 assembler written in Z80 assembler (porte... 23 months ago
+ bzr-fastimport.git Bazaar Fast Import 8 years ago
bzrfruit.git bzr branch viewer 14 years ago
C-Data-Structures.git 9 years ago
c-exercises.git Learn C programming language and git vc alike 12 years ago
C-Programming-Examples.git Some examples of C programs. 11 years ago
c-standard.git html version of the c standard 9 years ago
c100.git No commits
c1cc.git 10 years ago
c2run.git Run C code from sources 6 months ago
C_programing_practice.git moved to 11 years ago
CabletX13.git CabletX13 codes No commits
cacert-bootstrap.git set of scripts to bootstrap a test environmen... 13 years ago
cacheSweave.git cacheSweave package for R 14 years ago
cadabra.git Computer algebra system for field-theory... kasper.peeters@aei... 11 years ago
cadence-nykeej.git Copy of cadence.git 11 years ago
cadence.git Cadence is a set of tools useful for Audio... 10 years ago
+ caf.git No commits
Cafu-Engine.git 2 years ago
cafu-Engine.git 2 years ago
+ cairo.git Cairo graphics API 11 days ago
cake-bipr.git cake-4-bipr No commits
cake-Z.git cake core No commits
cake.git The AROS cake. Goodness baked in, have it... 13 years ago
CAL.git An Abstraction Layer for modules written... No commits
calcinator.git A calculator written in C sebastianskejoe... 13 years ago
calf.git Calf Audio Plugin Pack 7 years ago
calfbox.git Open source music instrument 7 years ago
calfwidgets.git Calf synth/audio widgets library 13 years ago
CallMeterNG.git call counting android app 12 years ago
callshow.git 试验 No commits
camarabuntu.git Camarabuntu linux distro scripts 13 years ago
camlunity.git simple web framework in ocaml 12 years ago
canaan.git 3d game engine 11 years ago
canaries.git 16 months ago
canary-depot.git An application in java spring. 5 years ago
canary.git 7 weeks ago
candl.git Dependence analyzer in the polyhedral model 8 years ago
Cantaveria.git action adventure platform game No commits
cantaveria.git action adventure platform game 11 years ago
canvas.git A Web Application Development Framework for... 14 years ago
capital-apms-progress.git Capital Accounting & Property Management... andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 13 years ago
capital-apms.git Capital Accounting & Property Management... 10 years ago
capturemjpeg.git A MotionJPEG library for Processing (GIT... 14 years ago
carbonphp.git carbonPHP is a framework for PHP using the... 14 years ago
care2x.git Care2x Electronic Medical System 14 years ago
carla.git 5 days ago
caro.git Gomoku game written in Ruby on Rails 13 years ago
CarteBlanche.git Cartilla telefónica TEC No commits
cashio.git No commits
caskati.git Experimental chat server written in Erlang. 10 years ago
cassata.biscotto.git A test renderer for cassata 13 years ago
cassata.git A fully featured meta-renderer 13 years ago
cassilda.git UML/QEMU/XEN image generator, runner and... No commits
cassowary.d.git quick-and-dirty port of Cassowary solver... 7 years ago
castfs.git castfs is a staged-root fuse-based filesystem 14 years ago
castle.git Git import of castle svn 14 years ago
Catalyst-Plugin-Static-TT.git Catalyst plugin for application-lifetime... 15 years ago
catch.git stefan.naewe+rr... 8 days ago
cave.git An NCurses asciimation viewer 15 years ago
cave9.git sfcave goes 3D 14 years ago
cbaos.git Kernel for microcontrollers - low end ARM... 5 years ago
cbnc.git IRC bouncer written entirely in python. steven.crothers... No commits
cboard.git A console/ncurses chess engine frontend and... 7 months ago
Cbot.git An IRC bot written in the C programming laguage 13 years ago
cbs-scheduler.git A cbs scheduler for rt-kernel 13 years ago
cbzview.git minimalistic cbz viewer 2 years ago
ccandy.git This is a command line tool to create project... 8 years ago
ccbib.git Creative Commons Bibliothek 6 years ago
cclive-np.git 8 years ago
cclive.git Command line media download tool with low... 8 years ago
ccrypt.git Ccrypt is a linux patch for encrypting layer... dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 14 years ago
cdimgtools.git tools to inspect and manipulate CD/DVD optica... 4 years ago
+ cdrkit.git 4 years ago
cds-indico.git CDS Indico - Event management jose.pedro.ferreira... 7 years ago
cdsTestProj.git This is a test to see if I can make it work 14 years ago
cebsyl.git 13 years ago
cedet.git Collection of Emacs Development Environment... 3 years ago
cegcc.git Mingw32 port for Windows CE 12 years ago
CellLocator.git GSM Cell location app 13 years ago
+ cellml-draft-miller.git Unofficial Draft CellML Specification ak.miller@auckland... 11 years ago
celtk.git Linux/SBCL Friendly Fork of celtk 14 years ago
celtx-debian.git Debian packaging for Celtx 11 years ago
+ centerim.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 5 years ago
+ centerim5.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 22 months ago
cerbero_comunes.git libreria comunes No commits
cerebrum.git RPC framework for interaction with c firmware... 7 years ago
cernimil.git No commits
cev.git Simple C/C++ and java evaluation robin.rosenberg... 12 years ago
cewqo08.git A simple application that parses CEWQO 2008... 14 years ago
cf.git cf No commits
cf_tmp.git 11 years ago
cfengine-masterfiles.git My cfengine masterfiles 11 years ago
cffi.git The Common Foreign Function Interface loliveira@common... 11 days ago
cfscript.git CF Script is a programming lanquage in writte... No commits
CGI-Application-Plugin-RunmodeDeclare.git Declare runmodes with keywords 13 years ago
CGIscriptor.git A flexible HTML 4 compliant script/module... 8 years ago
cgit.git web interface (cgi) for git repositories... 3 days ago
cgmail.git VCS-GIT for cGmail debian package 13 years ago
cgperf.git gperf port to simple c89 with benign bits... sylvain.bertrand... 13 months ago
chalow-eserte.git A fork of the chalow blog system 13 years ago
champa.git Champa is a censorship circumvention proxy... 5 months ago
chanembed.git No commits
chango.git chango is a Tinychan/Kareha clone powered... 12 years ago
chanl.git Private repository for development No commits 13 years ago
chanspy.git chanspy 13 years ago
chaos_theory.git 11 years ago
charfbuzz.git *partial* C90-ish port of harfbuzz sylvain.bertrand... 4 years ago
charm.git Charm++ is a parallel object-oriented program... 3 years ago
charmilia.git wii game 13 years ago
chartparser.git A Ruby chart parser 14 years ago
ChatApp.git Example Java Chat application 12 years ago
chatter.git A Telepathy Client in C# 15 years ago
cheatproxy.git A BitTorrent cheat proxy. 14 years ago
check-version.git 13 years ago
check_mk.git check_mk 3 years ago
checker-flow-ng.git A rewrite of the Checker Framework's (http... 12 years ago
cheese.git cheese 3 years ago
chemc-fabric.git 10 months ago
chere.git Cygwin chere package 8 years ago
chew.git yawn...another web framework 14 years ago
chibi.git A Simple, Small, Wireless stack 12 years ago
chimera.git Yet another 2D RPG game 14 years ago
chip8.git Chip-8 emulator written in C99 using SDL2 alessio.chiapperini... 4 months ago
chiroptera.git very uncustomizable private email client 3 months ago
chl.git 4 years ago
chocolate-doom.git Mirror of the Chocolate Doom subversion repos... mikeonthecomputer... 12 years ago
chr.git copy of chr 13 years ago
chromerefcontrol.git Change referer, like Firefox's Refcontrol No commits
chromium-blink-merge.git 6 years ago
+ chromium.git No commits
chuck-blob.git ChucK => Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio... 11 years ago
ci.git Continuous build tools and automated tests... 20 months ago
cidro.git A website and a framework for floss-social No commits
cinan.git configs 12 years ago
+ cinelerra_cv.git The Cinelerra Video editor, community version 14 years ago
cinitramfs.git code to create a minimal linux initramfs sylvain.bertrand... 3 years ago
ciopfs.git Case Insensitive On Purpose File System 10 years ago
circ.git Circ is an IRC client written in C# and prima... 15 years ago
cirosantilli-test.git Mirror of: No commits
citadel.git Sam's citadel repo 12 years ago
citezen_doc.git 13 years ago
citygo-google-transit.git GTFS files for CityGo, public transit for... 13 years ago
cl-base64.git Base64 encoder/decoder No commits
cl-c.git C parser 11 years ago
cl-cluster.git CL-Cluster 12 years ago
cl-cudd.git Common Lisp wrappers for CUDD library (Colora... 11 years ago
cl-devil.git DevIL bindings for Common Lisp 12 years ago
cl-elf.git Elf file format parsing utilities in common... 14 years ago
cl-ftgl.git FTGL bindings for Common Lisp 13 years ago
+ cl-glfw.git Common Lisp CFFI bindings to glfw airbaggins@users... 10 years ago
cl-grapher.git cl-grapher No commits
cl-gtk2.git Common Lisp binding for Gtk+ Kalyanov.Dmitry... 11 years ago
cl-ipmsg.git 10 years ago
cl-llvm.git CL LLVM bindings 12 years ago
cl-mediawiki.git A Common Lisp wrapper around the MediaWiki api 11 years ago
cl-notify.git Common lisp bindings for libnotify 13 years ago
cl-opossum.git A Parsing Expression Grammar Parser generator... 13 years ago
cl-sane.git Common lisp bindings for SANE 7 years ago
cl-satwrap.git Generic SAT solver interface for Common Lisp... 6 years ago
cl-slurp.git SLURP 11 years ago
cl-sqlite.git Common Lisp binding for SQLite Kalyanov.Dmitry... 3 years ago
cl-trane.git A Common Lisp framework for creating RESTful... mpasternacki@common... 10 years ago
cl-tuples.git Libray for writing optimised vector math... 8 years ago
cl-utf8.git Common Lisp UTF-8 library 11 years ago
cl-v4l2.git Common Lisp bindings for Video4Linux2 11 years ago
cl-vectors.git CL vector rasterization and manipulation... 11 years ago
cl-vendor.git 10 years ago
cl-w32api.git Win32 API Invoking Libraries 10 years ago
cl-webkit.git Common Lisp bindings for WebKitGtk+ joachim.fasting... 10 years ago
cl-x86-asm.git X86 Assembler written in Common Lisp 14 years ago
cl-zmq.git Common Lisp bindings for ZeroMQ2 2 years ago
CLab.git Control de Laboratorio 13 years ago
clamfilter.git ClamWin on-access scanner 11 years ago
+ clan.git Basic translator from high-level language... 7 years ago
clang-x.git No commits
+ clang.git GIT mirror of clang project 11 years ago
clash.git No commits
class-dump.git A command-line utility for examining the... 3 years ago
clav.git A program to visualize cluster algebras as... 16 months ago
claws.git 12 days ago
+ clay.git Clay, the Chunky Loop Alteration wizardrY... 7 years ago
clbuild.git Mirror of clbuild No commits
cldr2json.git Converts CLDR keyboard description to JSON 3 years ago
ClearClipboard.git Periodically ClearClipboard, e.g. to hide... 3 years ago
CleverRabbit.git Bible Translation Editor for Mac OS X 7 years ago
clfswm.git clfswm 7 years ago
client-tools.git swg client tools 7 years ago
clientserver.git A small chat server and client. victor.zamanian... 14 years ago
clive-utils.git Misc. utils for clive 13 years ago
clive.git Command line video extraction tool. 10 years ago
clldap.git Common Lisp LDAP library 12 years ago
clogger.git configurable request logging for Rack 8 weeks ago
clojure-patches.git Patches to Clojure 14 years ago
clon.git Command-Line Options Nuker 9 years ago
cloog-merge.git Merging graphite's Cloog-PPL back to ClooG... simbuerg@fim.uni... 12 years ago
cloog-parma.git PPL backend for CLooG 11 years ago
cloog-polylib.git PolyLib backend for CLooG 10 years ago
cloog-ppl.git Port of CLooG to PPL 11 years ago
+ cloog.git Code generator for polyhedra scanning 7 years ago
closure-common.git Shared code for Closure XML and Closure HTML cxml-devel@common... 11 years ago
closure-html.git HTML parser written in Common Lisp 7 years ago
cloudapi.git source code and document for cloud 11 years ago
clqr.git Common Lisp Quick Reference 3 years ago
cls.git XLispStat 15 years ago
+ clsql.git a SQL database for Common Lisp interface No commits
cltracer.git Ray tracing engine using OpenCL 11 years ago
clumanager.git Cluster Manager 11 years ago
cluster-algebra-visualize.git A very basic tool to visualize cluster algebr... 6 years ago
cluster_expansion.git Cluster Expansion for CO lateral interactions... rieger@fhi-berlin... 11 years ago
cluster_expansion_mc.git canonical MC for CO on Pd(100) based in clust... rieger@fhi-berlin... 12 years ago
cluster_expansion_thesis.git canonical MC for CO on Pd(100) based in clust... rieger@fhi-berlin... 12 years ago
ClusterDetector.git Atomar Simulation - Cluster Detector 13 years ago
clw.git Clarkway, an SSL port forwarding service 15 years ago
clx_test.git No commits
cmake.git Import of's complete CVS history 12 years ago
CMakeLuaTailorHgBridge.git Intermediate bridge repo between official... ewingdotpublic@gmail... 13 years ago
cmdllinux.git linux distribution 2 years ago
cmenu.git Not dmenu No commits
cmogstored.git alternative mogstored implementation for... 18 months ago
cmover.git Move a character over the screen 12 years ago
cmplus.git 10 years ago
cmus.git ncurses based music player 14 years ago
cnet.git simple async network library inspired by... 14 years ago
cnetworkmanager.git Command line interface for NetworkManager 11 years ago
cnode.git'wiki No commits
cnoor.git A simple holy Quran viewer for linux framebuffer 5 years ago
cnruby.git No commits
cntlm.git Fork of cntlm Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 7 years ago
cnwhitelist.git 10 years ago
coachiever.git No commits
coachiever2.git 12 years ago
cobas.git Codigo de David 11 years ago
CocoaPods.git CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift... 114 min ago
cocotron.git Cross platform AppKit & Foundation Objective... 6 years ago
codegen4j.git Code generation tool 13 years ago
CodeSign.git Simple file signing toolkit 6 weeks ago
codimension.git codimension git mirror 7 years ago
coffeefix.git No commits
+ cogito.git Git Interface for Humans 15 years ago
coin.git 6 years ago
COLAMDJ.git Column approximate minimum degree ordering... 10 years ago
colexworks.git myworks No commits
collage-signature-composer.git A little app that I made for :) 5 years ago
colly.git 9 years ago
colortracking.git Video tracking using colour features No commits A fetcher and viewer for webcomics, in Python 13 years ago
common.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
CommonLispStat.git XLispStat port to CommonLisp 9 years ago
community-lisp-ru.git 13 years ago
comos.git ComOS - The Community Operating System! 13 years ago
COMP345---Clone.git 5 years ago
Comp371-Clone.git 4 years ago
Comp376-ScrollingShooter-Assignment.git 3 years ago
comp80.git Code for the Comp80 website 12 years ago
company-nginx.git Add Nginx directives keywords to company... 6 months ago
+ compass.git Script and website to extract relay statistics 4 years ago
compctl.git Computations under control - cgroup-based... 10 years ago
comperio-email-signature.git Generate the default comperio signature No commits
CompiladoresAndre.git No commits
compresslog.git Tools to compress apache logs via piped logs martin.langhoff... 7 years ago
Concurrency.git This project is meant to teach me about concu... 12 years ago
concurrent.git The Omnibus Concurrency Library for Ruby 14 years ago
Config-Perl-V.git Structured data retreival of perl -V output 8 years ago
configd.git A configuration daemon over HTTP 14 years ago
configs.git Just my configs, anything more 12 years ago
conformal.git A conformal mapping plugin for The Gimp. conformal@drmicha... 10 years ago
cong.d.git command console for D language which uses... 7 years ago
congif.git convert script(1) output to GIF 18 months ago
+ conkeror.git a xulrunner web browser with an emacs-like... 3 years ago
ConsolidationCalculation.git 12 years ago
construo.git 2D construction toy using wireframe objects... 13 years ago
consume.git Feed and consume input lines processed by... alessio.chiapperini... 4 months ago
contacts_plasmoid.git Animated Contacts Plasmoid igor_trindade@yahoo... 12 years ago
+ contiki-2.x.git Contiki OS for tiny computers 11 years ago
converter.git Format conversion between OpenScop and SCoPLib taj.khan@inria.Fr 8 years ago
cool-tweets.git No commits
copter_light.git Control four LEDs with an ATtiny or Arduino stefan.naewe+ro... 4 years ago
copyleftie-dotfiles.git copyleftie's (selected) dotfiles 4 years ago
copyleftie-krc.git responses to exercises from K&R C (second... 4 years ago
copyleftie-scripts.git helper scripts in my path 4 years ago
cor.git connection oriented routing michi1@michaelblizek... 5 weeks ago
cor_2_6_31.git connection oriented routing - ARCHIVE NO... michi1@michaelblizek... 11 years ago
coreboot.git ast, secure and flexible OpenSource firmware 95 min ago
coreboot2.git coreboot repo mirror sidthane@aussiemail... 95 min ago
+ coreutils.git GNU core utilities 26 hours ago
cornucopia.git No commits
cornucopiafso.git 8 years ago
corutils.git connection orienter routing user space exampl... michi1@michaelblizek... 5 weeks ago
corvix.git corvix GNU/Linux distribution 13 years ago
couchdb.git CouchDB Ruby Library 14 years ago
couchdbimport.git import of the couchDB svn 14 years ago
couchobject.git Ruby client for CouchDB 14 years ago
couchpytato.git Multimedia-jukebox application written in... 14 years ago
cougar.git Cougar: she is hotter than MILF! 5 years ago
cow_2001.git cow_2001's free sources 13 years ago
cowl.git Common Lisp OpenGL™ Widget Library airbaggins@users... 11 years ago
cowTrack.git No commits
cpan-testers-parsereport.git CPAN-Testers-ParseReport andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 3 years ago
CPandaTEST.git 13 years ago
cpanplus-dist-mdv.git CPANPLUS::Dist::Mdv - easy rpm creation for... No commits
cparser.git kristianrumberg... 14 years ago
cpc.git A command line Component Pascal compiler... 2 years ago
cpdf.git a small and simple pdf viewer that uses poppl... 13 years ago
cpls.git No commits
+ cppi.git GNU cppi mirror 12 months ago
CppToLua.git 12 years ago
cppu.git C++ Unit Testing Framework 14 years ago
cpuHistory.git CPU History for OS X 14 years ago
cpython.git Personal fork from ben.finney+python... No commits
cr816-sim.git coolrisc 816 simulator 17 months ago
crack-attack.git Crack Attack! is a fast-paced puzzle game... 14 years ago
CraftBukkit.git My custom craftbukkit repo No commits
crak.git The crak for kernel 12 years ago
crapvine.git A python implementation of Grapevine 14 years ago
craw.git C.R.A.W. Module v@id 12 years ago
+ crawl.git Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (roguelike game) 11 years ago
CRC.git Sistema de Controle de Inventario para CRCs... 12 years ago
create_vflash5.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
create_vflash6.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
create_vflash7.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
creativeforge.git A Minecraft Creative Server. samuel.hodgkins... No commits
CrewForSail.git 4 years ago
crhash.git Cryptographic hash 10 years ago
cris-mirror.git CRIS linux kernel tree 4 years ago
crisos.git 13 years ago
cron-utils.git Utils for cronjobs martin.langhoff... 9 years ago
cronlist.git Lists upcoming cron tasks 10 years ago
cropwidget.git a simple Qt widget capable of taking image... 13 years ago
CRouting.git Pretty simple and efficient URL routing/matcher 11 years ago
cruel.git simple SDL UI library 10 years ago
crush-sequencer.git midi sequencer for asynchronous editing and... 11 years ago
CRYENGINE.git CRYENGINE is a powerful real-time game develo... 12 months ago
cryosleep-ng.git 13 years ago
cryptdemo.git Automated encryption and decryption in Git... je@ne.regrette.rien 11 years ago
cryptoalert.git Alert when cryptocurrencies become more or... 15 months ago
cryptodev-linux.git Cryptodev for linux 9 years ago
crywrap.git CryWrap is a simplistic daemon to add TLS... 11 years ago
CS-101.git Introduction to Computer Science Programs 10 years ago
cs213project.git Git Deneme koray.gulcu@ozu... No commits
cs351.git CS 351 course repository 13 years ago
csharp_utitlities.git Some useful C# utilities jonas.granqvist... 13 years ago
CSharpLibraryStarterKit.git A starting point for C# library development... 13 years ago
cslatevm.git The Slate Implementation 11 years ago
csp.git No commits
csplainnat.git BiBTeX style for the Czech references style 8 years ago
+ csql.git Main memory database SQL engine (cvs import) 11 years ago
csrf-magic-web.git Website for csrf-magic 9 years ago
csrf-magic.git Wizard CSRF protection for PHP 8 years ago
cswow.git 7 years ago
cswowd.git 7 years ago
ct-quota-pq.git quota for linux containers patch queue 12 years ago
cteddy.git xteddy clone using GTK+ 2 and Cairo 13 years ago
ctkuk.git Klient pro sledování pořadů z archivu České... 11 years ago
ctl24.git 12 years ago
cToan.git cToan: Can't Think Of A Name. But it's on... TidusBlade@watermelonaddi... 11 years ago
ctodo.git A simple commandline todo manager. stefanhetzwaantje... 12 years ago
ctxopt.git Yet another command line options manager. 8 weeks ago
ctxt.git A simple plain text to html/troff/latex converter 9 years ago
cuberevo.git Cuberevo 3rd party projects No commits
cudacompress.git Cuda Project No commits
cuibap.git An offline blogging engine written in ruby 15 years ago
cuisinez.git No commits
curben-blog.git curben@users.noreply... 3 days ago
curltunnel.git A proxy tunnel using libcurl 14 years ago
cursedutils.git Cursed version of the standard UNIX utilities alessio.chiapperini... 3 months ago
custlog.git customer service log randomutterings... 14 years ago
CustomFancyTree.git 6 years ago
cuteobr.git cuteobr's git 13 years ago
cutils.git Small utilities written in C No commits
cutop.git swiss army knife for cuda 11 years ago
cv.git vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... 6 years ago
cve2019-2215-3.18.git 2 years ago
cvector.git A generic vector (dynamic array) implementati... 4 years ago
cview.git A comparative genetic map viewer 22 months ago
+ cvs2svn.git Migrate CVS repositories to SVN or git or... 4 years ago
cvsc.git Capybara vs. Crocodiles No commits
cvsclone.git A quick CVS repository leecher johannes.schindelin... 5 years ago
cvsps-hv.git Collection of patches and tests for cvsps 9 years ago
+ cvsps-yd.git Collection of patches to cvsps 14 years ago
+ cvsps.git cvsps johannes.schindelin... No commits
cw-ee-280210.git No commits
cwc.git A Crossword Compiler 13 years ago
cxgn-corelibs.git Various Modules relating to SGN 6 weeks ago
cxgn-jslib.git Common set of Javascript libraries for CXGN... 12 years ago
cxml-rng-test.git Relax NG test suite (submodule for cxml-rng) 13 years ago
cxml-rng.git Relax NG for cxml 7 years ago
cxml-stp.git A data structure for well-formed XML document... 10 years ago
+ cxml.git Closure XML parser, written in Common Lisp cxml-devel@common... 11 years ago
cyberduck.git 6 years ago
cyberflex-jdkbx.git No commits
cyc.git CYC, the Create Your Country game. No commits
cycon.git Cycon gives a TUI for getting cytube playlist... 3 years ago
+ cygport.git Mirror of Cygport w/ HTTP access Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 3 weeks ago
cygwin-base-files.git Cygwin base-files Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 15 months ago
cygwin-run.git Cygwin run.exe Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 6 years ago
+ cygwin-setup.git Mirror of Cygwin-Setup Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 4 weeks ago
cygwin_dotemacs.git My cygwin emacs stuff 12 years ago
d0tfiles.git dot files No commits
d2d-md.git Doom 2D on SMD 16 months ago
d2d-psx.git Doom 2D on PSX 2 years ago
d2df-binlib.git prebuilt binary libraries for Doom 2D: Foreve... 7 months ago
d2df-bot.git IRC bot for the #doom2d channel 4 years ago
d2df-editor.git Doom2DF editor ported to FPC/Lazarus 2 weeks ago
d2df-maped.git map editor for Doom 2D Forever 6 months ago
d2df-res.git Resources for Doom 2D: Forever 4 years ago
d2df-sdl.git a port of Doom 2D Forever to FPC/SDL 2 weeks ago
d2dqcc.git modified QuakeC compiler for Doom2D:VCD 9 years ago
d2dvcd.git GNU/Linux port of Doom2D game. Now with color... 2 years ago
+ dab-pve-appliances.git DAB examples from the proxmox pve project 3 months ago
dabba.git emmanuel.roullit... 8 years ago
dack.git Ack(grep-like tool)-like tool. dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 14 years ago
dacs.git simple, fast, statically-typed scripting... 5 years ago
daesh-projects.git daesh-projects@ext... No commits
dailyzen.git Source for 14 years ago
dairymen.git Support for daily firming 10 years ago
dakilang.git Interpreter for the Daki logic programming... 15 months ago
damir.git my own repo 13 years ago
danen.git No commits
danenTanks.git 11 years ago
daohang.git wangzhi daohang No commits
dar.git PKGBUILDs and binaries for the ArchLinux... 13 years ago
darcs2git.git import darcs using fast-import 13 years ago
darcsweb.git A web interface for darcs 10 years ago
darkageonline.git mmorpg game based on reddwarf technology andriy.stefanov... No commits
+ dash.git dash shell 11 months ago
dasher.git dasher mirror 4 years ago
dashstudio.git Dash Studio 14 years ago
Data-Peek.git A collection of low-level perl debug facilities 7 years ago
data_share.git No commits
DataExtract-FixedWidth.git DataExtract::FixedWidth 13 years ago
dataminer.git 12 years ago
datapacks.git No commits
davej-history.git Copy of Dave Jones history.git as used by... 14 years ago
davical.git DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server 8 years ago
dayle.git simple AY player in D (obsolete, see ZXEmuT... 5 years ago
dbenesj_diplomka.git 11 years ago
dboe.git Blades of Exile port to GTK, Qt 11 years ago
dbstuff.git Experimental code and stuff 11 years ago
dbus-cxx-async.git dbus-c++ async branch 13 years ago
dbus-free.git *entoo overlay for optional dbus 10 months ago
dbus-hlid.git dbus-hlid 11 years ago
dbus-python-phuang.git 14 years ago
dbus4win.git Unified dbus.git and windbus... 12 years ago
dbw.git A platform game based on Blob Wars from Paral... 13 years ago
dbwrap.git a simple wrapper for Python SQL connections 14 years ago
dc-seal.git Seal-dc development 11 years ago
dcbot.git Direct Connect bot written in Ruby 14 years ago
dconf.git dconf mirror 3 years ago
dcron.git dillon's lightweight cron daemon 11 years ago
dctm.git No commits
dd2d.git DooM2D Re-Created, in D 5 years ago
ddclient.git Perl client used to update dynamic DNS entrie... 4 years ago
ddnasgpl.git bootloader/linux kernel for ddnas v1 and... 10 years ago
ddos.git 42@42 5 months ago
de200vfd.git Driver for Noritake VFD in HP Digital Enterta... 13 years ago
deary.git 14 years ago
deavidtest.git Test GIT repo for testing purposes only.... 14 years ago
+ deb2zero.git create Zero Install feeds from Debian packages 10 years ago
debian-aws-vault.git No commits
debian-beebasm.git 13 months ago
debian-dgen.git 13 months ago
debian-git.git A mirror of's http git 9 years ago
debian-id-ebook.git Ebook debian dalam bahasa indonesia, ebook... 9 years ago
+ debian-live-boot.git live-boot contains the scripts that configure... 6 years ago
+ debian-live-build.git live-build is a set of scripts to build Debia... 6 years ago
+ debian-live-config.git live-config contains the scripts that configu... 6 years ago
debian-nspark.git 9 months ago
debian-policy.git Debian Policy Manual and related documents 4 years ago
debian-ro-repo.git coordination repo for the debian-l10n-romania... 12 years ago
debian_buildbot.git Buildbot Debian packaging 11 years ago
debian_comixcursors.git Debian packaging for ‘comixcursors’ 5 years ago
debian_inform6-compiler.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-compiler’ 16 months ago
debian_inform6-library.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-library’ 3 years ago
debian_inform6-mode.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-mode’ 5 years ago
debian_inform6.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6’ 5 years ago
debian_jquery-textcomplete.git Debian packaging for ‘jquery-textcomplete’ 5 years ago
debian_jquery-throttle-debounce.git Debian packaging for ‘jquery-throttle-debounce’ 5 years ago
debian_lojban-common.git Debian packaging for ‘lojban-common’ 4 years ago
debian_mullvad-client.git Debian packaging for ‘mullvad-client’ 5 years ago
debian_python-coverage.git Debian packaging for ‘python-coverage’ 5 years ago
debian_python-lockfile.git Debian packaging for ‘python-lockfile’ 5 years ago
debian_python-primes.git Debian packaging for ‘python-primes’ 6 years ago
debian_xkcdpass.git Debian packaging for ‘xkcdpass’ 5 years ago
debiancodesearch.git Debian Code Search 4 months ago
debpaste-debian.git debpaste-debian - Debian package of debpaste richih.mailinglist... 12 years ago
debpaste.git debpaste - a program to paste to, edit and... richih.mailinglist... 12 years ago
debug_console.git A Gtk TextView that relies on a Tree Model... 13 years ago
debux.git a debian blend with gnustep and more sanity svetlana@members... 3 years ago
decibel-kopete-hacking.git Repo for sharing current ideas for decibel... 14 years ago
deck.blank.js.git 8 years ago
+ deck.js.git Github mirror of deck.js | Modern HTML Presen... 6 years ago
decorate.git Python style decorators for Ruby. 14 years ago
DeDRM_tools-LCP.git LCP DRM support stopped working in original... 3 weeks ago
deepvid.git 6 years ago
dejagnu.git DejaGnu is a framework for testing other... 4 months ago
dejan.git This is a sample project No commits
dejavu.git DejaVu git mirror kirr@landau.phys... 7 years ago
delete_vflash5.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
delete_vflash6.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
delete_vflash7.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
deliciousMeal.git Delicious Meal 14 years ago
+ delight.git programming language based on D, but with... 13 years ago
delutions.git Various Bits of Code 13 years ago
demo_app.git Test repo for Training purposes No commits
DepGen-Perl-Tests.git Tests for RPM dependency generator for Perl... 6 years ago
deployable.git Tools for creating deployable scripts/programs 4 years ago
deployinator.git 12 years ago
deployment-test.git 12 years ago
depot.git This is a command line tool to work with... 8 years ago
depression.git 9 years ago
deps.git Dependency Extraction and Processing System 13 years ago
deriving.git Enhancements to OCaml deriving extension 10 years ago
desert.git Desert powder game tuxlover684+hsus... 12 years ago
deska.git Tool for an Administration of a Grid Site 10 years ago
desktopswitcher.git 19 years ago
detach.git run commands detached from the terminal 15 years ago
DeToc.git MediaWiki extension to removes or relocates... 6 years ago
dev_sl.git 12 years ago
Devel-Leak.git 13 years ago
df_autofly.git Autofly CSM for dragonfire 20 months ago
df_hignore.git hignore CSM for dragonfire 19 months ago
df_scaffold.git scaffold+ 18 months ago
df_teamchat.git 20 months ago
dfdiff.git Port diff from OpenBSD to DragonFly 14 years ago
dftpd.git Dumb FTP Server dupa@dupa.dupa 13 years ago
dia.git Dia CVS mirror 15 years ago
+ dialect-of-muzhy.git Komi-Zyrian dialect of Muzhy (a description... 13 years ago
DialecticDocs.git mind mapping reinhold_oertel... No commits
dices.git dice game No commits
dict-fy_nl.git Western Frisian spelling dictionaries 6 years ago
dictix.git A re-writen gnome-sound-recorder 10 years ago
didgmo.git DIDGeridoo sound MOdelling 13 years ago
diem25-nantes.git Documentation and code for DiEM 25 Nantes... 2 years ago
diffit.git diffit - a git plugin for vim 12 years ago
diffractometer.git Tango Diffractometer Device picca@synchrotron... 10 years ago
+ diffutils.git GNU Diffutils mirror 5 months ago
dil.git dil is a hand-written compiler for D1.0/2.0 13 years ago
diohsc.git Gemini client 2 months ago
diouzhtu.git Gwiad Wiki Plugin 8 years ago
diplomippbx.git Diplom 13 years ago
+ dirac-research.git research/experimental dirac encoder 12 years ago
dirac-spec-errata.git MOVED TO GITHUB (My proposed corrections... 10 years ago
dirac_parser.git A parser for the Dirac video coder andrea.gabriellini... 14 years ago
Discord-Bot.git 3 years ago
disksdb.git disks db 12 years ago
dissertmsc.git 11 years ago
dist-zilla-plugin-prepender.git dist zilla plugin to prepend lines at the... 13 years ago
distributed.git A computational workload distribution system 13 years ago
DistributedFileSystem.git 13 years ago
ditty.git X11 terminal emulator writtein in Aliced 5 years ago
ditty2.git X11 terminal emulator and file commander... 6 months ago
ditz-commander.git My changes to ditz-commander 13 years ago
dive.git basic dive computer 9 years ago
diversif.git Concept for a disitributed virtual fs 14 years ago
DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module.git stefan.naewe+rr... 3 weeks ago
django-adsense-site-auth.git Django app to help support Google AdSense... 13 years ago
django-quest.git 7 months ago
django.git Mirror of the django web framework 13 years ago
django403.git Default 403 handler for Django HttpResponseFo... 10 years ago
djyos.git git for djyos development 13 years ago
dk_test.git No commits
dm-merge.git Merge a copy-on-write exception table back... 12 years ago
+ dmenu.git Dynamic menu for X 6 days ago
dmenu_hack.git Hacking dmenu to display computer status anish19kumar@yahoo... 12 years ago
dmsetup-tc.git Mount TrueCrypt(R)ed Windows system partition... 9 years ago
dmvccm.git DMVCCM parser 11 years ago
DND.git It's a diagram editor written in Java. Suppor... 13 years ago
dnglaze.git 12 years ago
dnsmasq-china-list.git Accelerate Chinese Domains via Dnsmasq 2 hours ago
dnstt.git dnstt is a DNS tunnel that can use DNS over... 3 weeks ago
do_git.git Learn git 13 years ago
doas.git 4 months ago
doc.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
docbook-zh.git Docbook for chinese 13 years ago
docbook.git 10 years ago
dockapps.git Window Maker dockapps collection 2 months ago
docs.git 10 years ago
+ docutils.git docutils git mirror 2 weeks ago
doko.git 12 years ago
+ dokuwiki.git 3 hours ago
dolphin.git Dolphin, the Gamecube and Wii emulator 11 years ago
dom-editor.git GTK-based XML editor 13 years ago
donaciones.git Rails app for donations collection 14 years ago
donde.git donde 13 years ago
doozer.git A fixture building framework in Ruby. 14 years ago
dormin.git Dormin 9 years ago
dos-tasm-exercises.git 8086/80286: Simple examples of programming... 13 years ago
dot.files-spletnik.git Common dot files 10 years ago
dotbot.git A tool that bootstraps your dotfiles 4 months ago
Dotbuddy.git A System to backup and distribute dotfiles... Jon@liquidbread... 14 years ago
dotfiles.git my dotfiles No commits
dotfiles_afify.git 21 months ago
dotfilesaldo.git 8 years ago
dotmk.git GNU Make made easy 11 years ago
dotnetoauth.git OAuth running on .NET 13 years ago
dotnetopenid.git C# implementation of OpenID 11 years ago
dottout.git Dottout overlay 11 years ago
double-file-scanner.git Tool for scanning for duplicate files, quickly 5 years ago
dough.git A experimental personal finance management... No commits
dowkd.git Debian OpenSSL Weak Key Detector 14 years ago
downloader.git No commits
dpadhero2.git Homebrew NES game D-Pad Hero 2 12 years ago
dpim.git distributed Python IM 14 years ago
+ dpkg.git Debian package management system 4 weeks ago
DPP.git No commits
dpp_01.git homework DPP No commits
dput.git Debian package upload toolkit 5 years ago
+ dracut.git Dracut is a new initramfs infrastructure 7 years ago
draft-denog-v6ops-addresspartnaming.git Naming IPv6 address parts 11 years ago
draft-hartmann-default-port-for-irc-via-tls-ssl.git Public repository for draft-hartmann-default... richih.mailinglist... 10 years ago
+ dragbox.git connect command line and desktop 13 years ago
DragonCastel.git No commits
+ dragonfly.git DragonFly BSD 2 days ago
dragora.git Dragora - an independent GNU/Linux-Libre... 26 hours ago
dreamingfighter.git No commits
dribble.git a football manager game 14 years ago
DrillAir.git No commits
drivenc.git Fast BDE 13 years ago
driver-gen.git Automated driver generation 12 years ago
drivtest.git test No commits
drlvm.git Apache Harmony DRLVM 12 years ago
+ drm.git No commits
+ dropbear.git Unofficial git mirror of Dropbear Monotone... 12 years ago
drsuapi_dissector.git DRSUAPI dissector for Wireshark (based on... kamen.mazdrashki... 12 years ago
drup.git No commits
drupal-qb.git 11 years ago
drupal.git Drupal open source CMS using PHP 14 years ago
drupal7_helloworld.git No commits
drupal_comment_timer.git Comment Timer Drupal module provides an easy... 12 years ago
drupal_ctmail.git Sends a mail to assignee of a Drupal Case... 12 years ago
drupal_ctog.git Glue CT with OG 11 years ago
drupal_langcheck.git Language Checker Drupal module provides a... 12 years ago
drupal_tabor_2010.git Code samples for Drupal Tabor 12 years ago
drupal_tuksi02.git Various #tuksi02 homeworks. 12 years ago
drupal_versioncontrol_git.git GIT Version Control API Module 14 years ago
ds-lab1.git 12 years ago
dsadsa.git dsadsa@dsadsa No commits
dsnet.git Reimplementation of dsnet tools for the Plays... 2 years ago
dsound-openal.git A DirectSound wrapper for OpenAL 5 weeks ago
dtas.git duct tape audio suite for *nix 4 weeks ago
dtgmacs.git dtg's emacs configurations No commits
DTRules.git Decision Table based Rules Engine 13 years ago
dtrules.git Java Based Rules Engine 13 years ago
DTRulesParser.git A DSL Parser for DTRules 13 years ago
DTRulesScanner.git Scanner for DSL for DTRules 13 years ago
dtube-test.git A test of telepathy dtubes 13 years ago
dueringa_WikiWalker.git Given a wikipedia article, build a graph... andreas@duering... 4 years ago
Dulunche.git Code of Dulunche No commits
dumbwifi.git The stupid but effective network connection... 12 years ago
dummy.git 9 years ago
dump_lv1_console_buffer.git mirror.. in case... 11 years ago
dvb-osmc.git OSMC Vero 364 media tree 2 years ago
dvblast.git DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2/TS... some@bo.dy 19 months ago
dvblastpn.git Modified VideoLAN dvblast 2 years ago
dvddb.git No commits
DvizhuhaBot.git Движуха - Бот для продвинутого XMPP, который... 5 years ago
dvtm.git dynamic virtual terminal manager for the... 17 months ago
dvx.git Death Valley X - the Openmoko Game 13 years ago
dw-class2.git Dokuwiki Edux Classification Plugin v2 10 years ago
dwaf.git Datadriven web application framework 12 years ago
dwarf.git datadriven web application framework No commits
+ dwarves.git Pahole and other DWARF utils 4 days ago
dwm-dread.git dwm with patches I've collected or wrote No commits
dwm-status.git A simple tool I use to refresh my dwm status... 10 years ago
dwm-win32.git dwm-win32 dynamic window manager ported to... 2 years ago
+ dwm.git dynamic window manager 2 days ago
dxcommon.git Assorted scripts and snippets for use in... 8 weeks ago
dynamic-remote.git An experiment with dynamic remote invocation. 11 years ago
DynamicAudioNormalizer.git Advanced Audio Normalization Library 2 years ago
dyskinesia.git Dyskinesia -- Qt4 PSYC client 6 years ago
e-government-ua.git Портал державних послуг 5 years ago
e.git The Enlightenment project 14 years ago
+ e2fsprogs.git Ext 2/3/4 filesystem utilities 11 months ago
e_cidadania.git e-cidadania is an open source based project... oscar@cidadania... 8 years ago
e_dbus.git efl - e_dbus No commits
easyanim.git No commits
easylife.git No commits
easyotp.git Practical implementation of a one-time pad... 14 years ago
easytest.git No commits
ebb.git web server 14 years ago
ebib.git A BibTeX database manager for Emacs 10 years ago
eblake-techtalks.git Eric Blake tech talk notes 21 months ago
eblob.git libeblob is an append-only low-level IO libra... 9 years ago
eboat.git LFS based mini-system 13 years ago
ebuild-toys.git Toys for playing with ebuilds 13 years ago
ebuildfind.git gentoo overlays search engine amirouche.boubekki... 13 years ago
EbutAssistant.git No commits
ecarlesso_cv.git My personal CV 12 years ago
eclim-emacs.git A frontend to eclim 13 years ago
eclipse-cdt-deb.git Eclipse C/C++ development tools plugin -... No commits
eclipsethinslicer.git Thin Slicing Eclipse Research Plugin 14 years ago
eco.git A simple text editor 10 years ago
ecomupi.git Sistema en linea para Eco Mupis 13 years ago
econ-estimation.git No commits
EconoBoard.git Cheap Implementation Of SmartBoards 13 years ago
econsole.git No commits
ecore.git efl - ecore No commits
ecp_lsfp.git ECP -- Elearning Community Proxy for HIS... 7 years ago
ecp_lsfp_soaps.git SOAP server for the LSF push mechanism and... 7 years ago
ecs.git 6 years ago
ecs_templates.git Rails templates for ECS configurations. Heiko.Bernloehr... 7 years ago
ecs_vip_ilias.git ECS-VIP API Heiko.Bernloehr... No commits
ecs_vip_ilias_spec.git Specification for integrating VIP in ILIAS... Heiko.Bernloehr... 7 years ago
ecsa_docu.git Documentation of ECSA Heiko.Bernloehr... 7 years ago
ectags.git Exuberant Ctags Support for GNU emacs 14 years ago
ed1t.git simple editor library in C++ 9 years ago
eddie.git No commits
edebug-inline-result.git Display edebug every step value result in... 6 months ago
edesklets.git eDesklets repository 14 years ago
edgap.git simple text editing engine 6 months ago
edid-decode.git 11 days ago
edje.git efl - edje No commits
edje_lua.git Lua patch set for Edje 13 years ago
edk2.git EDK2 Git Mirror 12 years ago Educational data 14 years ago
eet.git efl - eet No commits
eeze.git efl - eeze No commits
+ efct-Emulex_FC_Target.git Emulex FC Target driver (efct) 3 years ago
efl-launcher.git custom version of the netbook launcher versio... 11 years ago
efmt.git My semi-implementation of fmt(1) 3 years ago
efreet.git efl - efreet No commits
egatrop.git Source package manager. 13 years ago
+ egit.git Eclipse Git Team Provider 12 years ago
eglibc.git No commits
ego.git E Goes Online 13 years ago
egui.git egui devlopment No commits
EH8E9FTV8q.git 2 months ago
ehentai-dl.git 4 years ago
eidogo-ojd.git EidoGO OpenJosekiDatabase fork 14 years ago
eidogo.git web-based go software 14 years ago
eigenmath-fx.git Eigenmath CAS engin port to Casio fx-9860... 5 years ago
eina.git efl - eina No commits
eineseite.git Series of small documents about basic Unix... 6 years ago
eio.git efl - eio No commits
ejptest.git No commits
ekto.git Lua fork, that writes platform and architectu... 13 years ago
el-heresy.git Porting the cl-heresy lazy/functional library... 11 years ago
elasticore.git elastiCore is a high-level oo language 8 years ago
elation-signature-composer.git rroperzh+elation... 5 years ago
elbb.git Emacs Lisp Bill-Board 11 years ago
elc2009.git No commits
eldoc-overlay.git Eldoc displays the function signature of... 6 months ago
election-research.git Scripts and data for auditing and analyzing... 14 months ago
electionapp.git Election system for the Philippine Linux... No commits
elementary.git efl - elementary No commits
eleutheria.git A collection of C codes for NetBSD and Unix... 13 years ago
elevator.git No commits
elgg.git Elgg Social Networking Platform 14 years ago
elgg_plugins.git Elgg Plugins 14 years ago
+ elinks.git The ultimate text WWW browser 5 years ago
elinstall.git Elisp installer for emacs 11 years ago
elisamyth.git A MythTV plugin for Elisa steve@secomputing... 14 years ago
elliptics.git Elliptics network is a fault tolerant key... 9 years ago
EmacPrimer.git vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... No commits
emacs-capf-autosuggest.git History autosuggestions for comint and eshell jakanakaevangeli... 8 months ago
emacs-color-theme.git Color Themes for GNU Emacs colortheme.rpdillon... 13 years ago
emacs-config.git My Emacs config No commits
emacs-coterm.git Terminal emulation for comint jakanakaevangeli... 2 months ago
emacs-helper.git 4 weeks ago
emacs-jabber-tox.git 13 years ago
emacs-jabber-www.git 13 years ago
emacs-jabber.git 10 years ago
emacs-rainbow-fart.git This package is inspired from vscode-rainbow... 3 months ago
emacs-translate.git Emacs translate front-end framework supports... 4 months ago
emacs-ubuntu.git Custom Emacs packaging for Ubuntu 11 years ago
emacs.d.git Personal Emacs configuration. acolak@cs.otago... 5 years ago
+ emacs.git Emacs repository mirror 2 hours ago
emacsbook.git 9 years ago
emacsprimer.git Emacs Primer vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... 7 years ago
email-reminder.git send event reminders by email 7 years ago
embea.git Yet another Rails message board 15 years ago
embryo.git efl - embryo No commits
emdebian-crush-toolchain.git toolchain for emdebian crush 13 years ago
emesene_autocomplete.git A plugin/hack to enable autocompletion for... 14 years ago
emesene_imitate.git Imitate plug-in for emesene 14 years ago
EMFCompare.git Eclipse framework to compare EMF Models No commits
EMFCompare2.git Eclipse foundation framework to comapre EMF... 3 weeks ago
emfmo.git 10 years ago
emfmo2.git 10 years ago
emiya.git Loves Saber 12 years ago
empathy-mirror.git empathy mirror 4 years ago
+ empathy.git Instant messaging client using Telepathy 13 years ago
empire.git Clone of an old Atari ST game benjamin.kircher... 13 years ago
encryption-suite.git 11 years ago
encyclr.git tweedepede! 12 years ago
endo_workouts.git endomondo wordpress plugin No commits
energimaaling.git sem oppg energimaaling 11 years ago
engrid-github.git This is a mirror repository of the new locati... 4 years ago
engrid.git Clone of the official engrid repository 9 years ago
enigmagame.git Enigma is a puzzle game inspired by Oxyd... geoff@programmer... 10 years ago
enJine.git zx spectrum firefly-like engine 2 years ago
enkel.git Python web development library 15 years ago
enki.git Moved to 14 years ago
enlightenment.git enlightenment wm No commits
enmind.git No commits
eno.git sebas@zaffarano... No commits
Environment_for_PhD-thesis.git A literate presentation (LaTeX beamer class... emanuelheitlinger... No commits
eoip.git 8 years ago
ephemerata.git ephemerata 13 years ago
ephy-history.git 15 years ago
ephy-soc.git GNOME Epiphany SoC Project 14 years ago
epichord.git midi sequencer 12 years ago
epimarket.git No commits
EPlayer.git MPlayer functionality clone written using EFL No commits
eproject.git project workspaces for emacs 10 years ago
eraytracer.git Erlang Raytracer 14 years ago
eredelflips.git kielhorn.martin... No commits
erinaco.git 3 years ago
erlware-mode.git Erlware Erlang Emacs Mode 12 years ago
erlware-site.git Erlware Website 13 years ago
EroBeats.git 4 years ago
EroSomnia.git 4 years ago
EroTweet.git 2 years ago
eruntime.git Extensible IRCd Runtime 15 years ago
escm.git exa scheme 13 years ago
eskdx.git eskdx git mirror 10 years ago
esl-toolbox.git 12 years ago
esp.home.git My Java Examples made public 12 years ago
Especificacion.git No commits
espresso9.git 9P- and java-based grid environment No commits
ess.git Emacs Speaks Statistics 14 years ago
estigi.git Estigi CMS 12 years ago
et35.git asd 11 years ago
etcher.git Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives... 2 weeks ago
ETest.git Emacs Test Framework etest@shellarchive... 13 years ago
etm.git etm ("ennemmin tai my�hemmin" (Finnish for... No commits
etorrent.git Bittorrent client in erlang jesper.louis.andersen... 13 years ago
ETSv2.git fgb No commits
etx.d.git PieceTable based on balanced tress for D... 7 years ago
EugenFactory.git No commits
euler-clojure.git 12 years ago
euler-scala.git 12 years ago
eval.git Eval written in ruby No commits
evas.git efl - evas No commits
evas_quartz.git The SoC Evas engine for Quartz. 13 years ago
evdl.git Emacs Video Downloader 13 years ago
event_calendar.git An event calendar system for open-source... 11 years ago
event_calendar_module.git An event calendar module for open-source... 11 years ago
+ eventxx.git eventxx is a simple, direct, one-header inlin... 14 years ago
evil-testing-action.git No commits
+ evilwm.git A minimalist window manager for the X Window... 12 years ago
evolution-data-server.git evolution-data-server mirror 3 years ago
evolution.git evolution mirror 3 years ago
evolve-layout.git Evolve keyboard layouts 11 years ago
evtest.git some@bo.dy 2 months ago
examen_monroy_lopez.git 9 years ago
example156724.git No commits
exass.git exass No commits
exciting.git FP-LAPW 13 years ago
excusa.git Effective XML Communication Using SOAP and... 13 years ago
exercicis-automatics-matematiques.git Exercicis automàtics de Matemàtiques. Several... 7 days ago
exheres-really-unofficial.git Highly UNOFFICIAL exheres 12 years ago
experimental-worf.git No commits
express.git 2 months ago
ExpressLRS.git stefan.naewe+rr... 21 hours ago
+ ext4-patch-queue.git Ext4 Patch Queue 2 years ago
exterlulz-kokogems.git kokogems is a fork of JewelToy 11 years ago
exterlulz-kokomonds.git a fork of JewelToy 12 years ago
exterlulz-musk.git an adventure game engine 11 years ago
extern.git Extern tests for the Ideal Library. No commits
external-dict.el.git Query word with external dictionary like... 12 days ago
externtests.git The Ideal Library extern tests No commits
extl.git a c++ generic library 12 years ago
extutils-builder.git 6 years ago
ExtUtils-XBuilder.git Perl5 module for building C, C++ etc. sources 9 years ago
ezcert.git Create various types of certificates 4 years ago
ezgdi.git gdi++ ported to easyhook (svn import) 11 years ago
f1lt.git Live Timing 8 years ago
f432xdd.git Private repo! 11 years ago
fabioemacs.git fabio.p.fortkamp... No commits
facafesta.git 11 years ago
faces-project.git a git repo for faces project management 13 years ago
+ factor.git Factor programming language 4 years ago
fada.git fada No commits
fadalib.git An instance-wise dependence analysis for... No commits
fai-config.git My FAI configs 2 years ago
fail.git OpenGL game engine 13 years ago
fairytoo.git GNAP portage vadim.kuznetsov... 13 years ago
faqr.git Parse logs (initially from irc conversations... 14 years ago
far2l.git Linux port of FAR v2 3 days ago
FaRetSys.git FaRetSys -- extensible image recognition... 14 years ago
FarornasGrotta.git No commits
farsala.git Farsala's ultra secret project X 2 years ago
farseer313.git 推荐系统 No commits
+ fast-export.git Programs to feed git-fast-import frej.drejhammar... 6 months ago
fast-recs-collate.git a fast version of recs-collate 14 years ago
fax-sipgate.git send fax via commandline using sipgate api 13 years ago
fayland.git Fayland Lam's CPAN mirror 14 years ago
fbff.git A small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player 2 days ago
fbpad.git A small linux framebuffer virtual terminal 2 days ago
fbpad_mkfn.git create fbpad font files 6 months ago
fbpdf.git A small framebuffer pdf viewer 7 weeks ago
fbsplash.git fbsplash is a userspace implementation of... 11 years ago
fbv.git View pictures on a linux framebuffer device. 8 years ago
fbvis.git A framebuffer image viewer 6 years ago
fbvnc.git A small linux framebuffer vnc viewer 2 days ago
fcgi2.git 18 years ago
fdr-django.git django hacks and patches 14 years ago
fedora-idea.git Patches for IntelliJ IDEA package in Fedora 12 years ago
Fedora-Rebuild.git Rebuilds Fedora packages from scratch 2 months ago
Fedora-VSP.git Perl version normalization for RPM 6 years ago
feedhandler.git Feed Handler for the Maemo Browser 12 years ago
FeedLint.git check your Zero Install feeds 7 years ago
feedtomail.git A tool to convert RSS feed to email. No commits
fegdk.git 3d game engine 14 years ago
felt.git Unofficial felt repo panagiotis@vossos... 11 years ago
ferm.git ferm is a tool to maintain complex firewalls... 4 years ago
Ferri.git Página de transportes personal@jonatan... No commits
ffado.git Free Firewire Audio Drivers adi@drcomp.erfurt... 7 years ago
ffmpeg-lucabe.git lucabe's unfinished and experimental patches... 12 years ago
+ FFMpeg-mirror.git Mirror of the official FFMpeg Git repo 33 hours ago
ffmpeg-utils.git FFmpeg command utilities wrappers. 5 months ago
ffmpeg.git 33 hours ago
fforms.git little GUI 2 years ago
fgc-section-5.git Computer implementation of section 5 of my... 16 months ago
fic.git Fractal Image Compressor 11 years ago
fidl.git Flexible IDL compiler 11 years ago
figfs.git FUSE interface to Git (gitfs improved) 12 years ago
figgis.git My collection of python scripts etc. No commits
Fiinger.git wiimote driver + useful apps 13 years ago
filehash.git filehash package for R 13 years ago
fileset-whole.git extension to emacs filesets 9 years ago
filesystem.git No commits
filesystems.git No commits
filippa.git No commits
filippa5.git No commits
fillybot.git SweetieBelle on 8 years ago
fim-ctu.git Collective Training Unit - training mode... 9 years ago
fin.git Personal finance management for the shell matan.nassau+fin... 14 years ago
final_edu.git Final work for solis FCFM/UANL/MX 14 years ago
+ findutils.git GNU findutils 14 years ago
fireholvi.git IPv6 support for the firehol firewall 9 years ago
firemac.git C# Carbon Apis wrapper for mac sebastian.faltoni... 15 years ago
FireMan.git A firefox extension for viewing and browsing... 13 years ago
firewire-audio.git AMDTP streaming driver for the Linux FireWire... 11 years ago
firsttestproject.git a test project No commits Java library for fiscal years 5 years ago
fisted.git testrepo 11 years ago
fittowidth.git Fit to width extension for Chrome browser 11 years ago
+ fixup.git 10 years ago
FizzBuzz-VHDL.git The Ultimate Fizz-Buzz device for your ASIC... christophe.curis... 19 months ago
fjfix.git fjfix is a tool for handling FileJoin (FJSYS... 12 years ago
fkalinski.git No commits
fkvm-libfkvm.git FreeBSD kvm: Userspace library 13 years ago
fl.git foundation libraries and useful tools for... No commits
flac.git sehgtrvdgbeinhc... 2 years ago
flail.git 13 years ago
FlappyCoin.git Flappy crypto coin No commits
flare.git Flare Image Library 10 years ago
flash.git No commits
flash_test_lucho.git No commits
flatwaifu.git portable version of Doom2D game engine 9 months ago
flbase.git No commits
flev.git No commits
flexforms.git simple GUI based on concept of "flex boxes... 6 years ago
flexiname.git FlexiName Batch file renamer 14 years ago
flgl.git No commits
FlickrHacks.git Shared Developments of Flickr Hacks 13 years ago
FlightAirMap.git Statistics and display real or virtual flight... 2 years ago
+ flightgear.git FlightGear flight simulator 12 years ago
flinks.git textmode flashing-word web browser 20 months ago
flinter.git No commits
flnet.git No commits
flog.git Flog - The F logging library 12 years ago
flora.git unmoderated anonymous message board for php5.3 No commits
flowerepo.git tails No commits
flowgen.git A simple TCP/UDP flow generator (client and... 4 years ago
flowgrind.git generate traffic among hosts in your network daniel.schaffrath... 14 years ago
flowplayerorg.git Web site 14 years ago
fls.git No commits
flub.git Public repository for Forth and Lisp users... 9 years ago
fluffyball.git Fluffy ball - computer interface reacting...