descriptionPython style decorators for Ruby.
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Python style decorators for Ruby, some common decorators like private_method are provided out of the box.
2008-03-03 Stefan LangMention AroundDecorator in README.txt.master
2008-03-03 Stefan LangAdd example to around_decorator.
2008-03-03 Stefan LangAdd Decorate::AroundDecorator.
2008-03-03 Stefan LangSet remote_rdoc_dir = "" to make RDoc the homepage.
2008-03-03 Stefan LangEnhance README.txt.
2008-03-03 Stefan LangAdd Decorate::BeforeDecorator.
2008-03-03 Stefan LangAPI comments for decorator methods.
2008-03-02 Stefan LangAdd some API docs, update manifest.
2008-03-02 Stefan LangIngore doc/ - contains autogenerated html API docs.
2008-03-02 Stefan LangMove doc to docsrc.
2008-02-19 Stefan LangAdd module_method.
2008-02-19 Stefan LangAdd protected_method and public_method.
2008-02-19 Stefan LangMove memoize decorator to lib/decorate/memoize.
2008-02-16 Stefan LangIntegrate hoe for packaging.
2008-02-16 Stefan LangUse create_alias to implement memoize.
2008-02-16 Stefan Langcreate_alias: alias_method is private
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