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2009-01-25 Phil JacksonRemoved mis-quotes.batch-executemaster
2009-01-25 Phil Jackson* etest.el: whitespace.
2008-08-11 Phil JacksonAnything less than 22.2 won't complain now.
2008-08-10 Phil JacksonAdded treat for byte-compiler.
2008-08-10 Phil Jackson`eres' now removes \n from comments.
2008-08-10 Phil JacksonRemoved skip and just kept todo.
2008-08-10 Phil Jacksonetest.texinfo: Brief (and bad) descriptions of todo...
2008-08-10 Phil JacksonMerge branch 'skip-todo'
2008-08-10 Phil JacksonDefault result mode now takes account of :skip and... skip-todo
2008-08-10 Phil JacksonSkip is basically implemented (at the etest.el level).
2008-08-10 Phil Done some stuff I did.
2008-08-08 Phil JacksonAdded `load-path' to a list of places to look for a...
2008-08-08 Phil Jacksonetest-result-mode.el: Prettier alignment of metadata...
2008-08-08 Phil JacksonMakefile: dist doesn't make assumptions about pwd.
2008-08-08 Phil JacksonPre-declared a var for the byte-compiler
2008-08-08 Phil JacksonMeta-info now pretty printing in results buffer.
9 years ago simple-html-output
10 years ago master
10 years ago batch-execute
10 years ago skip-todo