descriptionWeb Server / Web Interface for MaePad database files
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last changeWed, 24 Nov 2010 17:55:23 +0000 (24 18:55 +0100)
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MaePadWeb is a web interface for MaePad database files that can be used to view and edit your MaePad databases via a network.
2010-11-24 Thomas PerlMaePadWeb 2.1 "Secession" releasedmaster2.1
2010-11-24 Thomas PerlAdd dependency on python-simplejson
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlMaePadWeb 2.0 "Riesenrad" released2.0
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlUse upstream minidb instead of gPodder's
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlFix warning messages at startup
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlImage preloading
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlPassword protection, "start server" button
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlCSS style updates to UI
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlUse "tick" image instead of input widget for checklists
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlDon't show loopback IP address in GUI
2010-11-02 Thomas PerlStreamline content sending via lambdas
2010-10-30 Thomas PerlUse current hildon theme for UI
2010-10-30 Thomas PerlUse icons for the checklist toolbar
2010-10-28 Thomas PerlDebian packaging + GUI for MaePadWeb
2010-10-27 Thomas PerlMaePad Web UI with Checklist Editor :)
2010-10-27 Thomas PerlInitial commit
9 years ago 2.1
9 years ago 2.0
9 years ago master