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Gnulib is a central location for common GNU code, intended to be shared among GNU packages. GCC has libiberty, but this is hard to disentangle from the GCC build tree.

Gnulib takes a different approach. Its components are intended to be shared at the source level, rather than being a library that gets built, installed, and linked against. Thus, there is no distribution tarball; the idea is to copy files from Gnulib into your own source tree.

Gnulib also includes copies of a few files purely for convenience: the GNU coding standards, the GNU maintainer information, the GPL and other licenses (in Texinfo), assorted configuration scripts, and more. The goal is to provide all the common infrastructure needed by GNU packages.

31 hours ago Bruno Haiblegnulib-tool: Support --import with just a few tests... master
2 days ago Bruno Haiblegnulib-tool: Improve handling of multiple --local-dir...
6 days ago Bruno Haiblelibtextstyle: New module.
11 days ago Bruno Fix bug with variables of pointer type.
12 days ago Bruno HaibleAdd script for running tests under valgrind.
12 days ago Bruno Fix --version output.
13 days ago Bruno HaibleAdd script for determining the set of symbols to export...
2019-02-02 Paul Eggertvla: add commentary about VLA_ELEMS
2019-02-02 Paul Eggertdtoastr,ftoastr,ldtoastr: port to c-strtod changes
2019-02-02 Karl Berryautoupdate
2019-02-02 Bruno Haiblefma: Improve code style.
2019-02-02 Colin Watson*-map tests: Fix compilation error.
2019-02-02 Bruno Haiblec-strtod, c-strtold: Use the bug fixes for strtod,...
2019-02-01 Bruno Haiblestrtod, strtold: Use the locale's decimal point.
2019-02-01 Bruno Haiblestrtod, strtold tests: Simplify tests.
2019-02-01 Bruno Haiblestrtod, strtold: Avoid unnecessary rounding errors.
5 years ago v0.1 v0.1
11 years ago v0.0 version 0.0 -- this is not a releas...
11 years ago cvs-readonly Point at which CVS was made read...
15 years ago kfs_20030524_pre
16 years ago RMAIL-MBOX-BASE
16 years ago EMACS_21_3
16 years ago EMACS_PRETEST_21_2_93
16 years ago FILEUTILS-4_1_9
16 years ago SH-UTILS-2_0_12
16 years ago FILEUTILS-4_1_8
16 years ago lexbind-before-merge-20030404
16 years ago FILEUTILS-4_1_7
16 years ago FILEUTILS-4_1_6
17 years ago TEXTUTILS-2_0_21
17 years ago TEXTUTILS-2_0_20
17 years ago FILEUTILS-4_1_5
31 hours ago master
7 months ago python
15 months ago ueno/unicode-9.0.0
17 months ago pygnulib
6 years ago akim-fix-upload
6 years ago akim/relpath
7 years ago topic/libposix
8 years ago coreutils-8.9
11 years ago origin
12 years ago diff-merge
12 years ago haible-private
15 years ago emacs-unicode-2
15 years ago emacs-unicode
15 years ago lexbind
16 years ago EMACS_21_1_RC
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