descriptiona simple editor written in Lua using Lqt
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2007-10-15 Mauro Iazziadded "install" instructionmaster
2007-10-15 Mauro Iazziadded :tetris command
2007-10-15 Mauro Iazziadded a module/ directory for building modularized...
2007-10-15 Mauro Iazziupdated binding sources to the last version
2007-10-15 Mauro Iazziadded vim-like substitution command
2007-10-07 Mauro Iazziremove lorem ipsum from starting document
2007-10-07 Mauro Iazzia must-have feature added
2007-10-07 Mauro Iazziqt.pass()ing the app avoid a lot of crashes
2007-10-06 Mauro Iazziadded syntax highlighting
2007-09-26 Mauro IazziUse menus.
2007-09-26 Mauro IazziAdd menu
2007-09-26 Mauro IazziInitial commit
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