descriptionCommon Lisp OpenGLâ„¢ Widget Library
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Work in progress
2011-06-12 Bill RobinsonWindows issues parsing these characters. Bug fix for... master
2011-06-12 Bill RobinsonOpenGL needs to be based on 1.1
2011-05-28 Bill Robinsonbug fixes for the tabbing support
2011-05-28 Bill RobinsonAdded focus tabbing.
2011-05-22 Bill RobinsonFix weird code for a recompile bug
2011-05-19 Bill RobinsonMy WM gave me a negative mouse position on a click
2011-05-14 Bill RobinsonAdded password input box
2011-05-14 Bill RobinsonCompilation fix for edit mode
2011-02-24 Bill RobinsonText box size fixes.
2011-02-20 Bill RobinsonRemoved these files
2011-02-20 Bill RobinsonChange over to cl-glfw-ftgl instead of built-in ftgl.
2008-09-07 William RobinsonFixed handlers.
2008-09-07 William RobinsonBuild fixes. Added some more exports.
2008-09-06 William RobinsonMoved focused widget parameter for buildability. Safely...
2008-09-06 William RobinsonAPI change for encoding of new font.
2008-06-15 William RobinsonUpdated for latest cl-glfw. Added useful destruction...
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