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We're working on building a simple trinary computer from MOSFETs. See the Trinary wiki for more information.
2008-09-01 Antonio ChavezFixed issue with return address in Fixed... master
2008-08-27 Jeff ConnellyUpdate schedule after
2008-08-23 Antonio ChavezCompleted iloc generation and the control flow graph.
2008-08-23 Antonio ChavezCompiler upto invocation completed.
2008-08-23 Antonio ChavezSaved progress on iloc and cfg.
2008-08-18 Antonio ChavezSaved current progress on compiler.
2008-08-17 Antonio ChavezCommiting progress on compiler.
2008-08-17 Antonio ChavezCurrent progress on compiler. Created classes for...
2008-08-12 Antonio ChavezFixed additional bugs found in cpu_sim and icode. ...
2008-08-12 Antonio ChavezFixed some bugs.
2008-08-11 Antonio ChavezContinued work on extended cpu simulator.
2008-08-11 Antonio ChavezAdded extended cpu simulator.
2008-08-11 Antonio ChavezMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-08-11 Jeff ConnellyUpdate schedule after
2008-08-11 Jeff ConnellyCode review logicCpu: simplify cont_exec (change to...
2008-08-10 Antonio ChavezFixed bugs and added documentation.
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