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This project contains CFFI bindings to LLVM for Common-Lisp.
2010-01-02 James Y KnightMake LLVMConstInt transparently work with bignums.master
2010-01-02 James Y KnightMake the "name" argument of LLVMBuild* an optional...
2009-12-30 James Y KnightWrap more stuff, move some things around.
2009-12-29 James Y KnightMark LLVMAttribute as a bitfield, add some missing...
2009-12-21 James Y KnightUpdate example so it works again.
2009-12-21 James Y KnightStart to clean things up to get into a state usable...
2009-12-15 James Y KnightMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-12-15 James Y KnightInitial revision.
2009-12-15 James Y KnightInitial revision.
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