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Project Description Owner Last Change
aftubes.git Modular non-destructive audio/video processor 12 years ago
ahxm.git Ann Hell Ex Machina (music writing software) 9 years ago
amarok.git distributedish development branch of Amarok... hydrogen@notyetimplemente... 13 years ago
audio-mpd.git Audio::MPD - class to talk to MPD (Music... 12 years ago
audiomangler.git python CLI music management suite 11 years ago
cinelerra_cv.git The Cinelerra Video editor, community version 13 years ago
cmus.git ncurses based music player 13 years ago
dirac_parser.git A parser for the Dirac video coder andrea.gabriellini... 13 years ago
fbff.git A small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player 4 years ago he plugin can fetch artist images... 11 years ago
gssmp.git Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player andybalaam@artificialworl... 12 years ago
gst-davinci.git Gstreamer plugins for TI DaVinci 13 years ago
gst-pulse.git GStreamer PulseAudio plugin (svn mirror) 13 years ago
gst-scaletempo-demo-rj.git Demo of Scaletempo for GStreamer rovjuvano@users... 13 years ago
gst-scaletempo-rj.git Scaletempo for GStreamer rovjuvano@users... 13 years ago
kmk.git KDE Music Catalog 13 years ago
kphotoalbum.git KDE Photo Album is a tool for indexing, searc... 11 years ago
kworship.git Church worship & presentation software 10 years ago
lilypond.git GNU Music typesetter 12 years ago
mpd-mk.git Music Player Daemon (mirror) No commits
mplayer.git MPlayer development branch uoti.urpala@pp1... 10 months ago
mplayer/kovensky.git Sources used to build Kovensky's MPlayer 11 years ago
opal.git Unofficial OPAL (OpenH323) repository 14 years ago
opera_libre.git Opera Libre is a free-licensed contemporary... 11 years ago
pyqtrailer.git Application to download movie trailers from... No commits
pyTivo.git pyTivo lets you stream most videos from your... 13 years ago
radcan.git Radio-Canada audio video zone access 13 years ago
recordtv.git Record TV records TV on your Linux desktop andybalaam@artificialworl... 7 years ago
rhythmbox.git GNOME music player 13 years ago
rox-musicbox.git A Music player for the ROX Desktop 14 years ago
simpleburner.git To make Your burning CD/DVD's easier 11 years ago
spidio.git Spidio, a Video Library System dwlnetnl@users.sourceforg... 13 years ago
VideoToiPod.git An Automator Action to encode videos to iPod... 14 years ago
vlc/davidf-public.git davidf public staging branch 12 years ago
vlc/solaris.git VLC Solaris and OpenSolaris fixes 9 years ago