descriptionModular non-destructive audio/video processor
last changeWed, 7 Jan 2009 14:14:23 +0000 (7 14:14 +0000)
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Modular non-destructive audio/video processor
2009-01-07 Joshua Phillipsscons --> makemastermob
2009-01-07 Joshua PhillipsMoved modules to their own directory.
2009-01-07 Joshua PhillipsMixer now has variable number of inputs.
2009-01-01 Joshua PhillipsAdded mixer module.
2009-01-01 Joshua PhillipsFixed segfault caused by bad printf.
2009-01-01 Joshua PhillipsAdded automatic format conversion.
2008-12-31 Joshua PhillipsInitialized graphpin fields
2008-12-31 Joshua PhillipsGraph now runs (again??).
2008-12-31 Joshua PhillipsGraphified. C-ified. Errorified.
2008-12-28 Joshua PhillipsAdded graph making, used 32-bit float samples.
2008-12-28 Joshua PhillipsRemove libasound dependency. We're using OSS.
2008-12-28 Joshua PhillipsSimple ring modulator (silly_effect)
2008-12-28 Joshua PhillipsInitial commit. Plays a wave file.
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