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2009-05-09 Neil PuttockNitpick: ly:spanner-bound grob name slur -> spanner.master
2009-05-07 Reinhold KainhoferFix doc string
2009-05-07 Reinhold KainhoferUpdate conversion rule for \octave so that \octaves...
2009-05-06 Joe NeemanAdd high-level documentation about Page_breaking.
2009-05-06 Joe NeemanImprove some comments.
2009-05-06 Joe NeemanMinor fixes to regression tests.
2009-05-03 Joe NeemanMerge commit 'origin'
2009-05-02 Reinhold KainhoferFix typo
2009-05-02 Reinhold KainhoferWorkaround for broken MusicXML files (percussion clef...
2009-05-02 Carl SorensenFix define-markup error messages
2009-05-01 Carl SorensenMerge branch 'master' of
2009-04-30 Neil PuttockConsider accidentals in optical spacing correction.
2009-04-30 Neil PuttockAdd type-checking to \tweak.
2009-04-29 Werner LembergMore newlines and hierarchical indentation in log messages.
2009-04-29 Werner LembergAdd newline after `Invoking...' log message.
2009-04-28 Neil PuttockLSR: Update.
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