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2011-03-16 Mike SolomonFixes Issue 1504, allowing feather beam line breaking.mastersvgorigin/HEADorigin/master
2011-03-15 Jan NieuwenhuizenMidi: always set instrument for new track. Unconfuses...
2011-03-15 James LoweDoc: Added @knownissue to NR for fingering
2011-03-15 James LoweDoc: NR Minor added cindex for page no.s
2011-03-15 Mike SolomonAdds woodwind diagrams to changes.tely
2011-03-15 Graham PercivalNews: cancel release candidate.
2011-03-15 Mike SolomonChanges the spanner-placement property of FootnoteSpann...
2011-03-15 Jan NieuwenhuizenMidi: do not output midi volume settings next to note...
2011-03-15 Keith OHaraMIDI: fix regtest failure
2011-03-14 Jan NieuwenhuizenMidi2ly: do not set instrument in lyrics track. Fixes...
2011-03-14 Phil HolmesDOC: moving lilydev build
2011-03-14 Jan NieuwenhuizenMIDI: midiChannelMapping = #'staff mode creates only...
2011-03-14 Jan NieuwenhuizenMidi: add addlyrics test with mid2ly fix.
2011-03-14 Graham PercivalCG: info dump about website build.
2011-03-14 Phil HolmesDOC: adding lilydev build to build notes
2011-03-14 Jan NieuwenhuizenMidi: only output PORT if midiChannelMapping == #'voice.
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8 years ago release/2.13.45-1
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