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Free/Open Source church worship & presentation software.

KWorship is intended to become a fully featured church worship display manager that works well on Linux in particular. In my experience, other similar open source programs lack many of the features which I want, so I am writing KWorship to satisfy my itches as well as to get some experience with Qt/KDE programming.

KWorship is designed to be as modular as possible so that it can be extended easily to integrate with new programs and libraries. For example it has an abstract presentation API to integrate with slide-show programs such as's Impress and KOffice's KPresenter. It also has a bible manager API to integrate with bible data sources such as SWORD and


KWorship is not yet stable (I do not recommend it for production use).

Last updated 29th December 2008


Song Database

Playing a Video

KPresenter 2 Integration integration

SWORD integration

Main Features

Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists. If you want to be kept up to date on KWorship progress, need help using it, or are interested in contributing then please subscribe to the relevent lists here.


All source code is published under the GNU General Public License version 2.

At present there are many limitations which will gradually get fixed:


2010-11-15 James HoganDatabase: sqlite default to appdata kworship.dbmaster
2010-11-15 James HoganBibleManager: add module fetch error checking
2010-11-15 James HoganAdd american english localisation.
2010-11-15 James HoganUpdate en_GB translation
2010-11-14 James HoganSilence some unused parameter warnings
2010-11-14 James HoganKwBibleModule::createKey: pass on bool* valid
2010-11-14 James HoganBibleGateway: Fix bitrotted scraper, use mobile.*
2009-09-13 James HoganBasic DBUS Okular backend to unipresent
2009-09-12 James HoganPresentations preferences QWidget specialisation
2009-09-12 James HoganRemove unused variable in DesktopView as primary screen...
2009-09-12 James HoganDesktopView (screen view widget in display settings...
2009-09-09 James HoganSQLite compatibility and related fixes
2009-09-06 James HoganAdded playlist actions (insert, delete, move up, move...
2009-06-20 James HoganUpdate SWORD integration to work with sword 1.6.0 ...
2009-06-20 James HoganBasic control, and listening for new...
2009-06-18 James HoganTweaks to remove c style assert in favour of qt assert...
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