descriptionKDE Photo Album is a tool for indexing, searching, and viewing images.
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Installation Instructions

For installation instructions see the INSTALL file.  For a list of
changes, see the ChangeLog file

Home Page

For information about KPhotoAlbum, see the home page at

Mailing List

KPhotoAlbum has a mailing list at 

where you might find answers to common questions, plus get information
about KPhotoAlbum development, plus of course ask questions.


KPhotoAlbum has a wiki at

Kind Regards

  Jesper Pedersen <>
2010-03-04 Jan KundrátFix regressionsmaster
2010-02-26 Laurent MontelFix iterator
2010-02-25 Hassan IbraheemSVN_SILENT: revert stack indicator hot area position...
2010-02-25 Hassan IbraheemFix a crash when rejecting DeleteDialog within Annotati...
2010-02-25 Jan KundrátKrazy/EBN fixes: QString::clear() instead of assigning...
2010-02-24 Jan KundrátKrazy/EBN: changes for null strings
2010-02-24 Jan KundrátKrazy/EBN: fix i18n warnings
2010-02-24 Jan KundrátFix Krazy/EBN warning baout braindead use of iterators
2010-02-22 Jan KundrátKrazy/EBN: use const& in foreach
2010-02-22 Jan KundrátKraxy/EBN: missing Q_OBJECT
2010-02-22 Jan KundrátKrazy/EBN: qMin is better than QMIN
2010-02-22 Jan KundrátKrazy/EBN: prefer prefix ++ to postfix
2010-02-22 Jan KundrátMake sure all public C++ class comparison operators...
2010-02-22 Jan KundrátFix wrong icon name (reported by Krazy of the EBN fame)
2010-02-16 Miika TurkiaGetting rid of blue borders if JavaScript is not used...
2010-02-15 Jan KundrátMerging changes from the "stable branch" to trunk
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