descriptionTo make Your burning CD/DVD's easier
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Simpleburn is program running under the CLI environment to make Your burning CD/DVD's easier.


ATTENTION: Actively developed is only perl implementation.
2010-05-31 Marcin Karpezosimpleburner development restarted! I need to refresh... master
2010-01-16 Marcin KarpezoAdded marks for next release, simpleburner is going...
2010-01-04 Marcin KarpezoUpdated readme and help msg
2010-01-02 Marcin KarpezoPlease welcome oldisock! [;
2010-01-02 Marcin KarpezoUpdated help message and licensing information
2010-01-02 Marcin KarpezoChanged default iso image directory to $HOME
2009-12-24 Marcin Karpezominor fixes
2009-12-24 Marcin KarpezoLicense change
2009-12-17 Marcin KarpezoImproved help displaying, fixed typo
2009-12-14 Marcin KarpezoFixed burn iso only mode bug20091214
2009-10-28 Marcin KarpezoCreated changelog file, will be updated after new release
2009-10-28 Marcin KarpezoImproved help message
2009-10-27 Marcin KarpezoPrepared for new release
2009-10-27 Marcin KarpezoLittle fix
2009-10-27 Marcin KarpezoFinished perl rewrite
2009-10-26 Marcin KarpezoPerl rewrite almost completed
9 years ago 20091214
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