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Warning: Record TV is not (currently) for the faint-hearted. One day, I hope it will have several friendly user interfaces, and lots of pretty colours. For now, if you don't like the idea of typing a long command at a terminal just to record a TV show, you should probably look elsewhere.

Record TV records TV on your Linux desktop. It also has experimental support for playing back recordings on the Nintendo Wii (using the Opera web browser).

It tries to take a direct approach, using the large and flexible toolkit that is available to Linux users, and should be useful for people who like to have control over how things work. It attempts to take the Unix approach of being a small tool that does one job well.

It's designed to be very flexible about how you set up recordings: the recording system looks in certain directories for the right kinds of files, and when it sees them it knows what to record. How those files get there is up the user interface, which means lots of different user interfaces can (potentially) all interact with the same recording system.

At the moment, it has essentually no UI for setting up recordings, and a simple web UI for playing them back.

Why not use MythTV instead? Well, you probably should, but I don't because:

2014-05-15 Andy BalaamMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-05-15 Andy BalaamForce mpeg4 to improve conversion performance and inclu...
2014-05-15 Andy BalaamThumbnail programmes as we convert them
2014-05-15 Andy BalaamChange install dir in default config
2014-05-15 Andy BalaamChange install dir and delete old recording logs
2014-05-15 Andy BalaamChange install dir and stop getting radio listings
2013-12-26 Andy BalaamRefactor walk_dir to use smaller functions.
2013-12-26 Andy BalaamSearch subdirs.
2013-12-24 Andy BalaamStart on a util to index tv files into a sqlite db.
2013-12-21 Andy BalaamA script to generate image thumbnails of videos
2013-12-21 Andy BalaamFirst draft of a new UI for watching and deleting progr...
2013-12-21 Andy BalaamKill radio 4 playback when starting recording
2013-12-21 Andy BalaamReduce bitrate for kids' recordings
2013-12-21 Andy BalaamHandle rename of ITV1 to ITV
2013-12-21 Andy BalaamRemove the copy to server step
2013-01-12 Andy BalaamFix a bug where programmes deleted from a web page...
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