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bwmon is an open bandwidth monitoring solution for monitoring per-application bandwidth usage. This can be utilized to better manage and monitor multiple applications running on a single cloud host or a single single application running on multiple cloud hosts.
2012-11-03 Thomas PerlVersion 1.1 with conntrack-tools supportmaster1.1
2012-11-03 Thomas PerlUpdate information on conntrack accounting
2012-11-03 Thomas PerlFallback to conntrack-utils if ip_conntrack is not...
2010-07-30 Thomas PerlAdd release creation script1.0
2010-07-30 Thomas PerlApply BSD-style license
2010-07-30 Thomas PerlRe-structuring test files, add AUTHORS and README
2010-06-20 Stefan Koegladd missing comments
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglcorrected measured traffic file
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglupdated measurement results
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglfix typo in user-manual
2010-06-19 Stefan Koegladd html user manual
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglmake produce nicer output
2010-06-16 Stefan Koeglmeasurement results of automated web-session
2010-06-16 Thomas PerlMore test cases; download URLs
2010-06-16 Stefan Koegladd simple memory monitor
2010-06-16 Thomas PerlTest cases; profiling and simulation
6 years ago 1.1
8 years ago 1.0
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