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Project Description Owner Last Change
manual.git reserved No commits
arib_std_b25.git Japanese TV standard "ARIB STD-B25" implement... 000111_anon@kobej... 6 years ago
soft_arib_std_b25.git Japanese TV Standard "ARIB STD-B25" implement... 000111_anon@kobej... 6 years ago
pyion.git utility library; metadata, maths, vector... 9 years ago
anime_rename.git A script to rename arbitrary files (intended... 10 years ago
blocksshd_00z.git blocksshd_00z branch. 10 years ago
final_edu.git Final work for solis FCFM/UANL/MX 10 years ago
ls2html_00z.git ls2html 00z branch 10 years ago
onemanga_down.git A script to download from 10 years ago
reportero_perl.git THIS CODE HAS BEEN MOVED TO http://repo.or... 10 years ago
reportero_ui.git THIS CODE HAS BEEN MOVED TO http://repo.or... 10 years ago Development repo of the web of 9 years ago
tarificador.git A script to push a .csv into a mysql database. 10 years ago
the00z_lib.git Libraries of the00z 10 years ago
gocoso.git I like linux,so I want to use c language... 10 years ago
f1lt.git Live Timing 4 years ago
charliez.git No commits
2ch-be.git 2chnenene@yahoo... 23 months ago
aerie.git small HTTP server 9 years ago
huakai.git No commits
huakai2.git No commits
cuberevo.git Cuberevo 3rd party projects No commits
configs.git Just my configs, anything more 8 years ago
bysj.git Project of BiYeSheJi No commits
Dulunche.git Code of Dulunche No commits
otest.git Testovaci repositar. No commits
blorb-thumbnailer.git GNOME thumbnailer for Blorb files 6 years ago
msk.git nothing to say No commits
minish.git A minimal shell 10 months ago
fail.git OpenGL game engine 9 years ago
urggr.git An horizontal shoot'em up made with the fail... 9 years ago
asbestos.git PS3 Linux bootloader 6 years ago
c-exercises.git Learn C programming language and git vc alike 9 years ago
UniXP.git a.t.p.hoksbergen... No commits
kaeril_buildingescape.git 2 years ago
restunit.git RESTUnit Testing Framework 9 years ago
tatu.git aaa No commits
projetc_mips.git No commits
+ parsecvs.git Parsecvs a@b.c.d 9 years ago
again.git testing No commits
autoform-autocomplete-array.git 2 years ago
cf_tmp.git 7 years ago
git2print.git 8 years ago
luigi_pipeline.git 6 months ago
opsc.git 7 years ago
p_s.git 8 years ago
pyff3.git 7 years ago
test216.git No commits
openbaar_schrijver.git odfpy book 7 years ago
probando.git testing 6 years ago
prueba.git prueba 8 years ago
prueba3.git prueba3 7 years ago
pyff2.git 7 years ago
urxvt-man2pdf.git null No commits
urxvt-pasta.git null No commits
ruby-do-notation.git Haskell-style do-notation for Ruby 10 years ago
Otavadigidigi.git Otava internal dev. No commits
FreeGeek.git development site No commits
+ siplcs.git A third-party Pidgin plugin for Microsoft... 8 days ago
do_git.git Learn git 9 years ago
irc.git irc 9 years ago
mynote.git mynote No commits
ruby-calais.git Ruby interface to the Open Calais service 10 years ago
guestos.git 6 years ago
letsgo.git A bus ticketing system app written in django abhijithoskeri+letsgo... No commits
AboutConfig.git AboutConfig extension aboutconfig-owner... 8 years ago
perlbook.git An old /b/ tier Perl manual in Russian. Retyp... 2 years ago
MottaCollector.git simple app No commits
freeto.git a webkit based browser, BSD licensed 9 years ago
srtscroll.git A program to change the id and timestamps... 8 years ago
uzbl-00z.git uzbl 00z branch 9 years ago
semece.git Simple CMS in perl using markdown and git... 6 years ago
+ trakem2.git register/edit/analyze/3D model TB of images acardona@ini.phys... 2 years ago
uboot-love2d.git submarine game with löve No commits
jimb.git Jabber Instant Messaging Bot 8 years ago
celtk.git Linux/SBCL Friendly Fork of celtk 10 years ago
emacs.d.git Personal Emacs configuration. acolak@cs.otago... 2 years ago
chatter.git A Telepathy Client in C# 11 years ago
booki.git easy book generator 8 years ago
soundwave.git Music player project 7 years ago
+ openafs.git Mirror of openafs.git from 3 weeks ago
+ pkg-k5-afs_openafs.git Mirror of pkg-k5-afs/openafs.git (OpenAFS... 9 months ago
exass.git exass No commits
aderlice_test.git aderlice test No commits
aderly_test.git test 5 years ago
ffado.git Free Firewire Audio Drivers adi@drcomp.erfurt... 3 years ago
hurd-config-automation.git Hurd automation scripts 10 years ago
musik.git kde4 simplest musik player 10 years ago
pylooper.git looping media player in python and gtk 10 years ago
colortracking.git Video tracking using colour features No commits
git-ftp.git Quick and dirty script for uploading git... 5 years ago
+ htmlpurifier.git Standards-compliant HTML filter written in PHP 8 months ago
htmlpurifier-web.git Website for HTML Purifier found at htmlpurifi... 8 months ago
MIM.git Minimalist Instant Messenger (MIM) is both... No commits
gobie.git a Game development Objective framework from... 8 years ago
Tsunagari.git Tsunagari Tile Engine 3 years ago
pgsql.git Postgresql Clone from git://git.postgresql... 12 hours ago
+ girocco.git The duct tape "Girocco" 9 days ago
+ tails.git Tor-ified, amnesic Live system 8 hours ago
+ xxxterm.git XXXTerm 6 years ago
acc.git Alexey's C compiler 8 years ago
cl-c.git C parser 7 years ago
cl-slurp.git SLURP 7 years ago
cl-utf8.git Common Lisp UTF-8 library 7 years ago
crhash.git Cryptographic hash 6 years ago
+ openembedded.git git repo 7 years ago
uboot-wl.git No commits
cutop.git swiss army knife for cuda 7 years ago
elevator.git No commits
libs.git 8 years ago
ephy-history.git 11 years ago
ephy-soc.git GNOME Epiphany SoC Project 11 years ago
test-reporter.git Reports the test results of Perl distribution... 11 years ago
gof-patterns.git my private project No commits
mozeal.git No commits
+ vdsm.git oVirt vdsm Node manager 45 hours ago
SoftCat.git Computer Graphics FAIL! 9 years ago
dolphin.git Dolphin, the Gamecube and Wii emulator 8 years ago
s390-tools.git s390-tools used for S390 specific tasks 5 years ago
bbkeys.git Keyboard handler for Blackbox 11 years ago
pythoncad.git An open-source CAD package written in Python 11 years ago
liboncore.git Motorola Oncore M12+ Binary Protocol Library No commits
libconfigfile.git Simple library for manipulating ini-like... 10 years ago
simple_comm.git Simple client server communication library 9 years ago
vimicxx.git Intellisense for C++ in Vim 9 years ago
openais.git openais svn mirror 10 years ago
PostgreSQL.git PostgreSQL from CVS 9 years ago
+ cl-glfw.git Common Lisp CFFI bindings to glfw airbaggins@users... 6 years ago
cowl.git Common Lisp OpenGL™ Widget Library airbaggins@users... 7 years ago
login_krb5.git bsd_auth provider for KerberosV 7 weeks ago
sloppygui.git A cross-platform graphical user interface... 6 years ago
black_box_cellml.git Support for CellML models with embedded machi... ak.miller@auckland... 10 years ago
+ cellml-draft-miller.git Unofficial Draft CellML Specification ak.miller@auckland... 7 years ago
ganeti_webmgr.git It is mirror hosting of git://git.osuosl... 4 years ago
network-sink.git 6 years ago
pma-aamir.git Implementation of OOP in PHPMYADMIN No commits
CleverRabbit.git Bible Translation Editor for Mac OS X 3 years ago
demo_app.git Test repo for Training purposes No commits
akfoundationlib.git Just a simple C# project No commits
hwframework.git Hello World programming language, compiler... 7 years ago
arthrology.git Arthrology (component) for for open-source... 7 years ago
arthrology_module.git Arthrology (module) for for open-source Elxis CMS 8 years ago
event_calendar.git An event calendar system for open-source... 8 years ago
event_calendar_module.git An event calendar module for open-source... 8 years ago
sandbox.git PHP-Sandbox 7 years ago
test-projekt.git 3 years ago
aurutils.git aurutils - helper tools for the aur 3 weeks ago
ot2.git Bonsai collection management software No commits
cldr2json.git Converts CLDR keyboard description to JSON 15 months ago
tails-greeter-prototype.git 3 years ago
archive-zip.git Provide an interface to ZIP archive files 8 years ago
www-rapidshare-free.git Automates downloading from 9 years ago
zip-parser.git A .Zip file parser 8 years ago
mutos-utils.git Coreutils for the not-yet-existent mutos OS 5 years ago
vmware.git the vmmon, vmnet and vmblock drivers 10 years ago
libfiu.git Fault injection in userspace albertito@blitiri... 21 months ago
libjio.git Journaled I/O library albertito@blitiri... 6 years ago
nmdb.git A multiprotocol network database albertito@blitiri... 6 years ago
pytipc.git TIPC module for Python albertito@blitiri... 10 years ago
wikiri.git A single-file wiki with git support albertito@blitiri... 9 years ago
libabstract.git A High Level C Library 11 years ago
alchemist.git Code generation library 10 years ago
crak.git The crak for kernel 9 years ago
fse.git se example 8 years ago
fstk.git The git repository of fstk project 8 years ago
learn_git.git a sample git repo to know git better 9 years ago
tfsprogs.git programs for tfs file system 8 years ago
tgl.git A fork from Fabrice Bellard's TinyGL project 7 years ago
thunix.git Thunix os repo 8 years ago
yliu-mess.git Mess lib for yliu No commits
kratosorange.git Nike + iPod sports kit open source web interface 11 years ago
wansoon.git test No commits
phpns.git Phpns is a free and open source PHP news... 10 years ago
laAficion.git No commits
+ laditools.git Linux Audio Desktop Integration Tools 6 years ago
mwamko.git ROOT ACCESS for the computer science undergra... 10 years ago
abris.git No commits
wlmax.git wl500g plus wimax 9 years ago
ID3v1.git ID3v1 library 10 years ago
libgdiplus.git Mirror of Libgdiplus (a GDI+ comptible API... 9 years ago
p2pB.git peer to peer blogging engine... 10 years ago
pli.git PLI: a utility library for the Python language. 5 years ago
idlebox.git 8 years ago
tcp-comp-utils.git User space and kernel space tcp-comp tools. 8 years ago
merb_global.git Localization (L10n) and Internationalization... 9 years ago
merb_mart.git open-source e-commerce built on merb 9 years ago
merb_radiant.git open-source CMS built on merb 10 years ago
+ nbgit.git NetBeans Git Module 8 years ago
GnomeTabletApps.git Tools for configuring your graphics tablets... 9 years ago
linux-rapidio-2.6.git Linux RapidIO development tree 8 years ago
EPlayer.git MPlayer functionality clone written using EFL No commits
libcdb-db.git API for access Quattor database alexander.mazurov... 10 years ago
SimpleScripts.git Bash scripts for wordpress and simple things... alexander.poslavsky... 9 years ago
skif.git A simple application for calculating price... Alexander.Stadnikov... No commits
narwhal-dom.git RhinoDOM for Narwhal 9 years ago
rhinodom.git A wrapper around the w3c DOM interface for... 9 years ago
andjs.git and javascript No commits
alexnick87-test.git 9 years ago
magit.git Modified version of magit package 10 years ago
ngit.git Attempt to write new emacs mode for work... 9 years ago
A2k.git Ada "hello world" i386 kernel 9 years ago
backlit.git Postgresql libpq Ada binding 9 years ago
pdnsfe.git PowerDNSdjango frontend No commits
cnoor.git A simple holy Quran viewer for linux framebuffer 17 months ago
cpdf.git a small and simple pdf viewer that uses poppl... 9 years ago
ctxt.git A simple plain text to html/troff/latex converter 6 years ago
fbff.git A small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player 21 months ago
fbpad.git A small linux framebuffer virtual terminal 8 months ago
fbpad_mkfn.git create fbpad font files 7 months ago
fbpdf.git A small framebuffer pdf viewer 4 weeks ago
fbvis.git A framebuffer image viewer 2 years ago
fbvnc.git A small linux framebuffer vnc viewer 5 years ago
geevi.git A small and simple GTK+ vi clone 9 years ago
ironout.git A small C refactoring tool 9 years ago
ld.git A simple ARM/x86(_64) static linker 5 months ago
mailx.git A small mailx clone 3 years ago
minmad.git A small libmad/oss mp3 player 2 years ago
neatas.git A small ARM assembler 2 years ago
+ neatcc.git A small ARM/x86(_64) C compiler 2 years ago
neatcc_make.git neatcc top-level makefile 5 months ago
neateqn.git An eqn preprocessor for neatroff 11 months ago
neatlibc.git A small ARM/x86(_64) libc 5 months ago
neatmail.git A command-line mail client. 4 months ago
neatmkfn.git create font descriptions for neatroff 5 months ago
neatpost.git neatroff's postscript postprocessor 4 months ago
neatrefer.git A small refer clone 11 months ago
neatroff.git neatroff troff implementation 2 weeks ago
neatroff_make.git neatroff top-level makefile 5 months ago
neatvi.git A small ex/vi editor 8 months ago
pop3.git A simple pop3 client and MDA 5 months ago
rangi.git A list-colored graph motif finder 6 years ago
smtp.git A small smtp client 6 months ago
troff.git Port of Plan9 troff tools to Unix 2 years ago
cudacompress.git Cuda Project No commits
simply-gallery.git Simply, null configuration, with K.I.S.S... 9 years ago
stomp.git Ruby STOMP Client 13 days ago
stompngo.git STOMP 1.1+ Client in go 3 months ago
stompngo_examples.git Examples for using the stompngo package. 100 min ago
AnyEvent-HTTPD.git AnyEvent::HTTPD perl module - my patches 9 years ago
Hedgewars_Game_Hacks.git A Hedgewars script which allows to change... 7 months ago
+ MineClone.git Mineclone—Free subgame for Minetest to clonin... 2 years ago
+ RailCorridors.git Mirror of 20 months ago
Skavegra.git A simple tool to view SVG images. 3 years ago
meritous_recharged.git An action-adventure dungeon-crawl-like game... 2 years ago
mesecons_window.git Minetest mod: Adds 3 glass blocks which chang... 19 months ago
minetest_basic_hud.git A Minetest mod which provides the most basic... 3 years ago
minetest_bedrock2.git A Minetest mod which adds an indestructible... 16 months ago
minetest_central_message.git A Minetest mod which provides a simple API... 21 months ago
minetest_colorcubes.git A Minetest mod which adds colorful abstract... 17 months ago
minetest_dice2.git A Minetest mod which adds 2 decorational... 23 months ago
minetest_doc.git A simple in-game documentation system (framew... 7 months ago
minetest_doc_basics.git A Minetest mod which adds basic gameplay... 7 months ago
minetest_doc_encyclopedia.git A Minetest mod which adds an item to access... 22 months ago
minetest_doc_example.git An example Minetest mod for modders who want... 22 months ago
minetest_doc_identifier.git Adds a tool which shows a help window with... 4 weeks ago
+ minetest_doc_items.git A Minetest mod which adds auto-generated... 5 months ago
minetest_doc_minetest_game.git Adds help texts for the documentation system... 5 weeks ago
minetest_doc_modpack.git Modpack of the Documentation System mods... 7 months ago
+ minetest_easyvend.git A Minetest mod which adds vending and deposit... 6 months ago
minetest_flying_carpet.git Quickly explore the vast terrain with the... 12 months ago
+ minetest_hbarmor.git A Minetest mod which displays the armor damag... 14 months ago
+ minetest_hbhunger.git A Minetest mod which adds a hunger mechanic... 5 months ago
+ minetest_hudbars.git A Minetest mod which replaces the default... 9 months ago
minetest_inventory_icon.git A Minetest mod which shows a simple backpack... 2 years ago
minetest_ltool.git A Minetest mod which helps modders in creatin... 5 months ago
minetest_magicbeans_w.git A Minetest mod with magic beans which make... 23 months ago
minetest_mana.git A Minetest mod which adds a new mana attribut... 16 months ago
minetest_mcl_supplemental.git A mod for MineClone 2 which adds plenty of... 11 months ago
minetest_mtg_plus.git A Minetest mod for Minetest Game which adds... 11 months ago
minetest_no_sneak_glitch.git A minetest mod which disables the sneak glitch. 2 years ago
minetest_orienteering.git A Minetest mod which adds various simple... 4 weeks ago
minetest_origin.git A Minetest Mod which adds a starter block... 16 months ago
minetest_pedology.git A Minetest mod which adds several ground... 2 years ago
minetest_pep.git A Minetest mod which adds some basic potions... 23 months ago
+ minetest_playereffects.git A Minetest mod which provides an API to add... 2 years ago
minetest_playermodel.git A Minetest mod which adds a simple 3D player... 3 years ago
minetest_playertools.git A Minetest mod which provides some simple... 2 years ago
minetest_pseudonodes.git A minetest mod which adds non-walkable yet... 2 years ago
+ minetest_pyramids.git A Minetest mod which adds pyramids. 3 years ago
minetest_real_suffocation.git A Minetest mod in which the player will lose... 16 months ago
minetest_returnmirror.git A Minetest mod which adds a magical mirror... 16 months ago
minetest_sfinv_buttons.git A Minetest mod which adds a tab to the Simple... 20 months ago
minetest_shifted_blocks.git Adds shifted block variants which have their... 17 months ago
minetest_slimenodes.git A Minetest mod which adds several slimy block... 2 years ago
minetest_spawnbuilder.git A Minetest mod which generates a stone platfo... 12 months ago
minetest_teletool.git A Minetest mod which adds a short-range telep... 4 weeks ago
minetest_treasurer.git A Minetest mod which provides an API to regis... 2 years ago
minetest_tsm_chests_dungeon.git A Minetest mod which adds some chests with... 20 months ago
minetest_tsm_surprise.git A Minetest mod which adds surprise blocks... 2 years ago
minetest_tutorial_subgame.git A basic tutorial for Minetest. This repositor... 3 days ago
minetest_wateringcan.git A Minetest mod which adds a watering can... 4 weeks ago
tsm_mines.git A Minetest mod which adds simple mine shafts... 23 months ago
zias.git Система диспетчеризации и управления No commits
+ webkit.git WebKit/GTK+ 3 hours ago
alphamote.git Sony alpha camera remote 9 years ago
+ alpine.git Alpine is a program to manage e-mail 6 weeks ago
DragonCastel.git No commits
alternproj.git description No commits
Melange.git A mirror of the Melange svn repo 9 years ago
Meta.git 9 years ago
UnsignedByte.git A modern mud-server. 10 years ago
audiosum.git A tool to find duplicate mp3 files ignoring... alvarezp@alvarezp... 5 years ago
lycee.git Lycee trading card game website No commits
OnlineNandroid.git Nandroid backup without reboot. ameer1234567890... 15 months ago
adi18n.git A gettext based translator for asciidoc documents 11 years ago
adtree.git A tree integrator for asciidoc 11 years ago
cacert-bootstrap.git set of scripts to bootstrap a test environmen... 9 years ago
nlq.git Shell friendly netlink query tool 11 years ago
todo.git A command line TODO manager 10 years ago
translingo.git command line tool to work with translingo 11 years ago
idunn.git Idunn, an early ssh-capable rescue system 10 years ago
kioskos.git A Small Linux Kiosk OS, powered by OpenSDE 10 years ago
mnemosyne.git An abstract OpenSDE based linux distribution... 10 years ago
opensde-docs.git OpenSDE Documentation Project 10 years ago
opensde-nopast.git OpenSDE Framework (no svn history) 10 years ago
opensde-package-nopast.git OpenSDE Packages Database (no svn history) 10 years ago
sheba.git A mnemosyne/OpenSDE based distribution for... 10 years ago
ebuildfind.git gentoo overlays search engine amirouche.boubekki... 9 years ago
bitfountain.git Communist file sharing over Wifi 8 years ago
an0rqz.git Simple game project inspired by roguelikes an0rqz@ze.yi.orgANISM 9 years ago
Anarchan.git A chan in python. 6 years ago
bifrost.git 12 months ago
xdock.git A group of X applets that sits at the right... 11 years ago
gmpc-dynamic-playlist.git Search for similar song/artist/genre in gmpc 5 years ago
dirac_parser.git A parser for the Dirac video coder andrea.gabriellini... 10 years ago
schro_experiments.git Experiments on a Dirac video codec andrea.gabriellini... No commits
dottout.git Dottout overlay 7 years ago
sample_so_logview.git andreas.duering... 8 months ago
apr-util.git Apache Portable Runtime utilities andreas.faerber... 9 years ago
libftdi.git libFTDI - FTDI USB driver with bitbang mode andreas.fritiofson... 12 days ago
zahlensystenrechner.git Rechenprogramm das verschiedene Zahlensysteme... No commits
acme-study-perl.git perl module/testing andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 9 years ago
andk-cpan-tools.git Half baked stuff for my everyday cpan hacking andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 2 hours ago
cpan-testers-parsereport.git CPAN-Testers-ParseReport andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 6 months ago
rersyncrecent.git File-Rsync-Mirror-Recentfile andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 13 months ago
phplua.git LUA for PHP is a PHP extension which allows... andreas.streichardt... 6 years ago
org-fireforg.git A Firefox extension for interaction with... 9 years ago
org-fstree.git Emacs orgmode extension for generating filesy... 8 years ago
dueringa_WikiWalker.git Given a wikipedia article, build a graph... andreas@duering... 7 months ago
saphira-test.git Test repository for the Saphira CD/DVD burnin... 11 years ago
tec.git No commits
davical.git DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server 5 years ago
adorno.git A web interface to play music andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 8 years ago
awl.git Andrew's Web Libraries andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 4 years ago
capital-apms-progress.git Capital Accounting & Property Management... andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 9 years ago
capital-apms.git Capital Accounting & Property Management... 6 years ago A fetcher and viewer for webcomics, in Python 9 years ago
audiomangler.git python CLI music management suite 8 years ago
acal.git aCal Android CalDAV Client 5 years ago
hama_mce-eventclient.git An XBMC event client for the HAMA MCE Remote 8 years ago
pacman.git Andrew's pacman tree 10 years ago
CSharpLibraryStarterKit.git A starting point for C# library development... 9 years ago
dotnetoauth.git OAuth running on .NET 9 years ago
dotnetopenid.git C# implementation of OpenID 7 years ago
qtdict.git Qt4 based hungarian-to-any, any-to-hungarian... andrewbecsi@yahoo... 9 years ago
prex.git Prex RTOS mirror 10 years ago
PhD_Dissertation.git My PhD dissertation No commits
hce.git Free Chess Engine andrey.sofronov... 8 years ago
owl.git Xboard-compatible chess engine andrey.sofronov... 8 years ago
darkageonline.git mmorpg game based on reddwarf technology andriy.stefanov... No commits
fractalbiscuit.git fractalbiscuit is a small program that gives... andybalaam@artificialworl... 10 years ago
gssmp.git Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player andybalaam@artificialworl... 9 years ago
recordtv.git Record TV records TV on your Linux desktop andybalaam@artificialworl... 4 years ago
troncode.git Write programs to play a tron-like game andybalaam@artificialworl... 10 years ago
zoomy.git A "game" intended for 2-3 year-olds. It zooms... andybalaam@artificialworl... 10 years ago
armpft.git Adding pft support to QEMU's arm cpus 9 years ago
qemupft.git support for pft in qemus arm models 9 years ago
ahxm.git Ann Hell Ex Machina (music writing software) 6 years ago
artemus.git The Artemus template toolkit 6 years ago
gruta.git Gruta, a web content management system in... 6 years ago
grutatxt.git Text to HTML (and other formats) converter 7 years ago
mp-5.x.git Minimum Profit Text Editor 6 years ago
mp_doccer.git C Source Code Documentation Generator 7 years ago
mpdm.git Minimum Profit Data Manager 6 years ago
mpsl.git Minimum Profit Scripting Language 6 years ago
qdgdf.git Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework 7 years ago
MUSB.git MIPS32 Release 1 processor 3 years ago
Font7x5.git Bitmap Postscript Type 3 font 2 years ago
cronlist.git Lists upcoming cron tasks 6 years ago
dmenu_hack.git Hacking dmenu to display computer status anish19kumar@yahoo... 8 years ago
jr4.git The R4 programming language in Java 11 years ago
jumpnbump.git cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies ansgar-guest@alioth... 9 years ago
bochs-mirror.git Mirror of Bochs CVS 9 years ago
edk2.git EDK2 Git Mirror 9 years ago
fidl.git Flexible IDL compiler 8 years ago
+ gplbios.git GPL Bios 9 years ago
qemu++.git qemu++ No commits
+ qemu-kvm.git QEMU modified to work with kvm 3 years ago
qemupp.git qemu++ 7 years ago
+ vgabios.git VGABios 9 years ago
antimony.git Programming language development kit 13 months ago
AntiTD.git Anti Tower Defense anton.johansson... 9 years ago
RGS.git Efficient Gibbs sampling in R 10 years ago
RiDMC.git the iDMC->R interface 10 years ago
iDMC.git User-friendly software for the analysis of... 10 years ago
idmclib.git the iDMC C support library 10 years ago
foo.git Foo project aoeu@aoeu.aoeu 11 years ago
aoi.git A simple Japanese-English dictionary for... 5 years ago
kiwi.git Discord bot No commits
ion1.git Old ion1 window manager 10 years ago
schedulator.git Bottom-up project scheduling system 9 years ago
versaplex.git Cross-platform ODBC to D-Bus to ODBC bridge 9 years ago
wvapps.git wvdial, retchmail, wvtftp, replytolist, etc. 10 years ago
+ wvstreams.git C++ networking library optimized for simplici... 9 years ago
+ livecd.git Fedora Live CD Tools 3 years ago
+ ovirt-node.git Core libraries, binaries and init scripts... 6 years ago
+ ovirt-node-image.git Bootable oVirt Node in ISO and PXE image... 8 years ago
+ pykickstart.git python module for parsing and writing kicksta... 4 years ago
flowplayerorg.git Web site 11 years ago
archive.git Архивы для будущих поколений 7 years ago
nanodesu.git Помойка 10 years ago
nia.git Jabber bot 10 years ago
uimge.git Uploader picture to different imagehosting 9 years ago
asdevice.git avr as device operation code 7 years ago
dwaf.git Datadriven web application framework 8 years ago
dwarf.git datadriven web application framework No commits
cpls.git No commits
rbeclass.git RBE LaTeX Class 9 years ago
agg.git news aggregator following the UNIX philosophy 7 years ago
libdatetime.git C++ library for handling dates and times. 9 years ago
libfsafe.git eases writing fail-safe code (C++) 7 years ago
libsex.git Simple Exception Library 7 years ago
stemgine.git simple template engine 9 years ago
+ factor.git Factor programming language 3 months ago
community-lisp-ru.git 9 years ago
restas-lisp-overlay.git restat-lisp overlay 9 years ago
arch-rock.git Arch Rock Linux - Stable release of Arch... archlinuxstable... 10 years ago
CarteBlanche.git Cartilla telefónica TEC No commits
aristoteles.git A simple, regex-based, just-for-fun Italian... 9 years ago
+ pyTivo.git pyTivo lets you stream most videos from your... 10 years ago
+ oscopy.git An interactive program to view electrical... 2 years ago
ampheus.git Ampheus' unofficional exheres 8 years ago
exheres-really-unofficial.git Highly UNOFFICIAL exheres 9 years ago
+ sudos.git sources for fuestc sudo team 8 years ago
sd3000.git sdcard embedded linux 9 years ago
archserver.git Config as a server base on archlinux. 10 years ago
arrow.git Arrow_zhang test linux kernel study 9 years ago
arrowworld.git arrowworld store 10 years ago
asdbits.git Various self-contained D modules No commits
girtod.git GTK Bindings for the D programming language 5 years ago
git-show-merge-path.git git-show-merge-path can tell /if/, /how/... 8 years ago
EMFCompare.git Eclipse framework to compare EMF Models No commits
EMFCompare2.git Eclipse foundation framework to comapre EMF... 3 months ago
adeline.git No commits
artpalframework.git PHP/JS lightweight framework No commits
minix.git MINIX 3 ( mirror) 4 days ago
minix-pkgsrc.git MINIX 3's pkgsrc repo mirror 4 years ago
minix3.git MINIX 3 ( mirror) 4 days ago
mmopong.git A Physics based Pong flavor 10 years ago
talk.git No commits
asdf.git No commits
islsm.git Prism54 driver 12 years ago
asenzett.git A smarter regression. No commits
clamfilter.git ClamWin on-access scanner 7 years ago
mqlkit.git MT4 indicators and experts 7 years ago
simulator.git No commits
+ clang.git GIT mirror of clang project 7 years ago
+ llvm.git LLVM GIT repository (mirror) 7 years ago
llvm-gcc-4.2.git llvm-gcc 4.2 tree 7 years ago
sapr-su.git sapr-su No commits
sapr-su2.git sapr-su No commits
dos-tasm-exercises.git 8086/80286: Simple examples of programming... 10 years ago
asure.git Asure file integrity 10 years ago
arm.git Port a whole linux system on the arm 8 years ago
softwedge.git A software X11 keyboard wedge for serial... 8 years ago
spatialaudio.git Spatial Auditory Memory Experiment 10 years ago
switcha.git A fast window switcher and launcher for X aurelien.gateau... 11 years ago
MaMaCF.git Max-margin-based collaborative filtering 11 years ago
monoslider.git Monoslider Rails Plugin 10 years ago
biocity.git A population simulator in C++ 10 years ago
adver.git avastor.developer... No commits
+ kvm-userspace.git kvm userspace components 9 years ago
gmpc-alarm.git A GMPC plugin for alarm timer action. 7 years ago
gmpc-autoplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to generate playlists based... 9 years ago
gmpc-avahi.git A GMPC plugin to find MPD servers and automat... 7 years ago
gmpc-awn.git 7 years ago
gmpc-coveramazon.git This plugin fetches cover art, and album... 9 years ago
gmpc-extraplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to expand a second window to... 8 years ago
gmpc-favorites.git A GMPC brower plugin to show your favorite... 9 years ago he plugin can fetch artist images... 8 years ago
gmpc-libnotify.git Song change notifier using libnotify, a gener... 6 years ago
gmpc-lirc.git This is a LIRC plugin for GMPC 8 years ago
gmpc-lyrics.git This plugin fetches lyrics from the internet... 7 years ago
gmpc-magnatune.git The plugin allows you to browse, and preview... 6 years ago
gmpc-mdcover.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 8 years ago
gmpc-mdcover2.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 9 years ago
gmpc-mserver.git This plugin allows seamless file transfers... 8 years ago
gmpc-osd.git This plugin provides an on-screen-display... 9 years ago
gmpc-playlistsort.git A GMPC plugin to sort the playlist in various... 8 years ago
gmpc-qosd.git A on-screen-display written to look nicer... 9 years ago
gmpc-random-playlist.git A GMPC plugin to create a random playlist... 9 years ago
gmpc-serverstats.git This plugin shows graphical detailed informat... 9 years ago
gmpc-shout.git This plugin will automatically plug your... 8 years ago
gmpc-stopbutton.git This plugin adds a stop button to the control... 9 years ago
gmpc-wikipedia.git A GMPC plugin to fetch the wikipedia informat... 7 years ago
mpd-hacks.git A collection of scripts and hacks for use... 9 years ago
qball-mpd.git An enhanced branch of MPD 11 years ago
state-utils.git state-utils client(s) for MPD 9 years ago
+ ule.git This script checks your live ebuilds for... 8 years ago
nautilus.git Nautilus File Manager (svn mirror) 10 years ago
sdlbotor.git Clone of "The Game Of Robot" 9 years ago
appoyo.git 8 years ago
appoyo2.git 8 years ago
coachiever.git No commits
coachiever2.git 8 years ago
ibet.git 8 years ago
mall.git No commits
nokiamall.git No commits
onlineproject.git Just some application 8 years ago
p2comua.git No commits
paintball2.git No commits
playfm.git No commits
playfm2.git 8 years ago
sloboda.git Site of sloboda studio 8 years ago
azalord.git No commits
azarus-dwm.git 5 months ago
azarus-st.git azarus' modification to st 5 months ago the homepage 2 months ago
dil.git dil is a hand-written compiler for D1.0/2.0 9 years ago
awesome.git awesome window manager 4 years ago
hull.git a unix shell in java No commits
epimarket.git No commits
tenco.git Union All Your Cloud Storage Into Single... b10217033@mail.ntust... No commits
cowTrack.git No commits
scheme-dev.git 5 years ago
prueba_programador.git 3 years ago
Sberaci.git No commits
SberaciWeb.git 7 years ago
HTML5-Comic-Reader.git A fun comic reader built in JS No commits
libVNCServer-WinCE.git libVNCServer for WinCE No commits
ModSynth.git Scala Modular Synth System 10 years ago
ump2osm.git UMP-pcPL to OpenStreetMap converter 8 years ago
zfbsd.git zsh completion function for freebsd baptiste.daroussin... 9 years ago
safanaj_home.git My Home and Emacs Stuff 10 years ago
regurgitator.git Read-only Rack endpoints for MogileFS 17 months ago
acidsoria.git Repository dedicated to: Audio files, in... barnadebianteam... 6 years ago
+ barry.git Interface software for the Blackberry handheld 3 years ago
wmiirc-lua.git wmiirc written in lua 8 years ago
moonrise.git Bleeding edge, experimental overlay for Gentoo. 3 years ago
jirac.git Video Decoder for the Dirac format in Java 9 years ago
CellLocator.git GSM Cell location app 10 years ago
bMailZu.git Bastiaan's Mailzu development 10 years ago
p-test.git No commits
OpenFOAM-1.6-ext.git Just a mirror of the OpenFOAM-1.6-ext version... 5 years ago
OpenFOAM-1.7.x.git Just a mirror of the officiall OpenCFD 1... 7 years ago
OpenFOAM-2.0.x.git Just once more a mirror of the official OpenF... 6 years ago
engrid.git Clone of the official engrid repository 5 years ago
TellapartCreative.git No commits
tellapartcreatives.git No commits
broadcastadmin.git BroadcastAdmin is a project to make your... 10 years ago
laugh.git Laugh... more than SMIL 10 years ago
bcr-a2csamples.git Samples for the A2C ASN.1 toolkit 10 years ago
skripte.git 9 years ago
eco.git A simple text editor 6 years ago
plumiferos.git Diego's blender repository 10 years ago
kaos.git Kaos - Compiler for creatures game scripts 10 years ago
ksplice.git Mirror of ksplice's git repository 9 years ago
openc2e.git Mirror of openc2e SVN 10 years ago
+ svn.git A mirror of subversion's own subversion repos... 10 years ago
gaeig.git google application engine interest group... No commits
gaie.git google application engine interest group... No commits
gaieg.git google application engine interest group... No commits
beckett_pastebin.git beckett_pastebin... No commits
afazio.git tools for the detection of textual entailment 10 years ago
test2010.git dd No commits
debian_comixcursors.git Debian packaging for ‘comixcursors’ 2 years ago
debian_inform6.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6’ 23 months ago
debian_inform6-compiler.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-compiler’ 2 years ago
debian_inform6-library.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-library’ 2 years ago
debian_inform6-mode.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-mode’ 2 years ago
debian_jquery-textcomplete.git Debian packaging for ‘jquery-textcomplete’ 2 years ago
debian_jquery-throttle-debounce.git Debian packaging for ‘jquery-throttle-debounce’ 2 years ago
debian_lojban-common.git Debian packaging for ‘lojban-common’ 14 months ago
debian_mullvad-client.git Debian packaging for ‘mullvad-client’ 23 months ago
debian_python-coverage.git Debian packaging for ‘python-coverage’ 2 years ago
debian_python-lockfile.git Debian packaging for ‘python-lockfile’ 2 years ago
debian_python-primes.git Debian packaging for ‘python-primes’ 2 years ago
debian_xkcdpass.git Debian packaging for ‘xkcdpass’ 2 years ago
dput.git Debian package upload toolkit 23 months ago
python-gajja.git Python library to create test doubles that... 2 years ago
cpython.git Personal fork from ben.finney+python... No commits
jetstream.git lightweight server-side javascript with rhino 10 years ago
ambit.git File Manager 11 years ago
callgrind_tools.git collection of tools for messing around with... 10 years ago
qautotestgenerator.git qtestlib test stub generator 10 years ago
qscriptprofiler.git qscriptprofiler is a profiler for QtScript... 11 years ago
rpp.git c++ parser 11 years ago
empire.git Clone of an old Atari ST game benjamin.kircher... 10 years ago
holmanvehicledb.git No commits
fmdb.git git-svn mirror of FMDB 9 years ago
pugs.git Perl6 in Haskell 8 years ago
moblin-image-creator.eeepc.git Moblin Image Creator for EeePC benlau@visionware... 10 years ago
frac.git Continued fraction C library. 3 years ago
+ gitmagic.git A guide to using Git 7 months ago
netwalk.git A puzzle game: connect all terminals to the... 16 months ago
zddfun.git Logic puzzle solvers, using ZDDs. 8 years ago
xmltookit.git test benoit.landrieu... No commits
shoot.git Card game 11 years ago
botlist.git Botlist is a social bookmarking application... 10 years ago
glAntsMech.git glAnts Mech Game - (for Open Linux/Win32... 10 years ago
teamboxposiziona.git posiziona team intranet bernardo.alicante... No commits
berndj-bootstrap.git Collection of post-apocalyptic computing... 8 years ago
margoerets.git A program to trace 3D paths from stereograms 4 years ago
pcb-rnd-mirror.git Git mirror of Igor's pcb-rnd SVN repository 6 hours ago
spectral-waterfall.git GTK+ tool to show a live spectral waterfall 5 months ago
antidote.git antidote - a commandline mail user agent Bernhard.Guillon... 6 years ago
lindodroid.git lindosoft public android repository 8 weeks ago
lindojava.git lindosoft public java repository No commits
lindosharp.git lindosoft public c# repository 4 years ago
nedit.git Unofficial NEdit CVS mirror 6 years ago
nedit-bw.git My NEdit quilt queue 8 years ago
debian_buildbot.git Buildbot Debian packaging 7 years ago
besstails.git 5 years ago
dpim.git distributed Python IM 10 years ago
eruntime.git Extensible IRCd Runtime 11 years ago
seven-1.x.git ircd-seven: Cows like it. 11 years ago
seven.git An extensible IRCd 11 years ago
libc++.git LLVM's libc++ implementation of the C++ Stand... No commits
blackbox.git Blackbox, an X11 window manager 9 years ago
+ SauerbratenRemote.git Remote scripting for Sauerbraten 9 years ago
bills-tools.git Misc tools 8 years ago
Trubanc.git Anonymous digitally-signed vault and trading... 9 years ago
testzz.git test only temporary No commits
loomclient.git Client code for 9 years ago
tivo4tiny.git Gnome app that fetches & converts shows from... billycub@users.sourceforg... 10 years ago
fnv.git FNV library binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 8 years ago
fridhskrift.git fridhskrift binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 9 years ago
frith-skrift.git Frithskrift binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 9 years ago
frithskrift.git Frithskrift binrapt@ethnic.atheist... No commits
ida.git IDA LST procedure extraction binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 9 years ago
syringe.git A DLL injector. binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 9 years ago
ozulis.git an experimental compiler for an undefined... bique.alexandre... 9 years ago
qt-creator-color-themes.git Adds color-themes feature to qt-creator bique.alexandre... 9 years ago
bitrig.git 5 years ago
bityugov.git Personal projects 11 years ago
drivtest.git test No commits
libposix_fallocate_xfs.git LD_PRELOAD library to make posix_fallocate... 8 years ago
bubblegum.git A file and directory watcher 12 years ago
cave.git An NCurses asciimation viewer 11 years ago
cboard.git A console/ncurses chess engine frontend and... 7 weeks ago
libpwmd.git An API for pwmd. 2 days ago
ncast.git NCurses SHOUTcast browser 9 years ago
pwmd.git A server for managing passphrases and anythin... 6 days ago
userinfo.git A local user information gatherer. 2 years ago
+ MacVim.git Vim for the Mac 8 years ago
radiant-extensions.git A collection of useful radiant extensions 10 years ago
blaRAY.git Simple, yet photon mapping, C++ raytracer 10 years ago
EconoBoard.git Cheap Implementation Of SmartBoards 9 years ago
nancy.git Wiki on Sinatra 11 years ago
sinatra.git This has moved!!!!!!!! to: http://github... 10 years ago
gswebkit.git No commits
hepgentoo.git Moved to github No commits
+ openbios.git OpenBIOS 7 years ago
CommonLispStat.git XLispStat port to CommonLisp 6 years ago
cls.git XLispStat 11 years ago
ess.git Emacs Speaks Statistics 10 years ago
rclg.git R in CommonLisp 9 years ago
tsl.git Statistical Tools for Lisp 11 years ago
fmtools.git radio tuner program for Linux 5 years ago
pintos.git Pintos educational operating system 10 years ago
pspp.git GNU PSPP 45 hours ago
lightOS.git 9 years ago
lightlibc++.git 9 years ago
lightlibcpp.git No commits
pbc.git Pairing-Based Cryptography Library 2 years ago
gamefox.git A Firefox extension that enhances the GameFAQ... 6 years ago
landsbylaug.git No commits
magnatune-sync.git Synchronize magnatune favourites to local... bob+magnatune-sync... 8 weeks ago
vcscommand.git vcscommand VIM plugin for integration with... 5 years ago
bodq.git Bodq's stuff 9 years ago
ruby_io_splice.git zero-copy pipe I/O for Linux and Ruby 3 years ago
ruby_posix_mq.git POSIX Message Queues for Ruby 9 months ago
sleepy_penguin.git Linux I/O events for Ruby 19 months ago
bogdanos.git bogdanos is a simple UNIX like operating... No commits
dpp_01.git homework DPP No commits
thera-pi.git mirror of Thera-Pi project on sourceforge 2 years ago
thera-pi-2.git fork of Thera-Pi project 4 years ago documentation for fork of Thera-Pi project 2 years ago
drupal_comment_timer.git Comment Timer Drupal module provides an easy... 8 years ago
drupal_ctmail.git Sends a mail to assignee of a Drupal Case... 8 years ago
drupal_ctog.git Glue CT with OG 8 years ago
drupal_langcheck.git Language Checker Drupal module provides a... 8 years ago
drupal_tabor_2010.git Code samples for Drupal Tabor 8 years ago
drupal_tuksi02.git Various #tuksi02 homeworks. 8 years ago
+ gestor.git borgesdossantosbruno... 5 days ago
memor.git borgesdossantosbruno... No commits
+ testando.git borgesdossantosbruno... 2 years ago
dbstuff.git Experimental code and stuff 7 years ago
gearbox.git Bringing network DMA/zero-copy I/O to the... 7 years ago
nao-ulib.git Nao low-level kernelspace/userspace library... 7 years ago
netsniff-ng-new.git New netsniff-ng tree 3 weeks ago
netsniff-ng-old.git Old netsniff-ng tree 5 years ago
wiimote.git Linux Wiimote Driver 7 years ago
xv6-db.git xv6 hacking, db-tree 7 years ago
linux-2.6-linus.git Linus Torvalds Linux Tree 45 hours ago
netsniff.git netsniff-ng, the packet sniffing beast 5 years ago
netyack.git netyack is a free, fully decentralized and... 7 years ago
otst.git Linux kernel one-time stacktrace module 7 years ago
sch_dtht.git Linux kernel deep thought network scheduler 7 years ago
transsip-mirror.git transsip toolkit, a peer-to-peer encrypted... 6 years ago
trinity.git Linux systemcall fuzzer 4 years ago
ublog.git ublog, a minimal, distributed multiuser blogg... 7 years ago
uemacs.git uemacs, fork of the uEmacs/PK 4.0.15 editor 7 years ago
lksctp-tools.git Linux kernel stream control transmission... 5 years ago
fpbd-bostik.git Online poker tracking tool - merge staging... bostik-pdb@bostik... 6 years ago
homepass.git 2 years ago No commits
debug_console.git A Gtk TextView that relies on a Tree Model... 10 years ago
emesene_autocomplete.git A plugin/hack to enable autocompletion for... 10 years ago
emesene_imitate.git Imitate plug-in for emesene 10 years ago
se-panther.git ratings software for music students & instructors 6 years ago
modiphy.git Flexible Scala Library for hypothesis testing... 8 years ago
openemr.git Mirror of official OpenEMR Sourceforge repository 22 hours ago
kdeapps-overlay.git Gentoo Overlay for KDE Apps bramschoenmakers... 10 years ago
KopeteE.git No commits
kaloumi3.git MC 8 years ago
cewqo08.git A simple application that parses CEWQO 2008... 10 years ago
plasmaevents.git Events from KdePIM suite as the plasma applet 10 years ago
luagame.git LuaGame game execution environment 10 years ago
krufty_fps.git This is a little project I'm being forced... 10 years ago
potpourri.git This is a 2d game engine. 10 years ago
motiva.git A likely terrible 2d game engine. 9 years ago
learning_git.git 11 years ago
scriptdist.git 11 years ago
v4l1_capture.git v4l2 to v4l1 fusd driver 10 years ago
gopost.git spaceup brons_repoorczgopost... 8 years ago
romboot.git romboot for m93030 9 years ago
u-boot-m93030.git u-boot for m93030 9 years ago
libmpd-haskell.git An MPD client library for Haskell. bsinclai@turing... 10 years ago
libmpd_haskell.git MPD client library for Haskell bsinclai@turing... 10 years ago
haskell-cryptsy-api.git Haskell bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency... 3 years ago
BS_AY250.git 8 years ago
bitcoinplatinum.git 10 months ago
mereo.git Mereo 10 years ago
burt-test.git 7 years ago
+ u-boot-openmoko.git Mirror of OpenMoko u-boot fork for .. forking... 9 years ago
proxmark3.git experimental fork of proxmark3 code 8 years ago
xloong.git 6 years ago
RExecServer.git A background execution server for R on OS X 11 years ago
elbb.git Emacs Lisp Bill-Board 8 years ago
+ org-mode.git Org-mode, an Emacs mode for organizing your... 10 months ago
lartc.git Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control... c-d.hailfinger.devel... 6 years ago
pohms.git pohms 3 days ago
transyMjolnir.git PostScript program to draw a fun transpride... 16 months ago
fw-test.git 3rdparty blobs repo No commits
bindumps.git 3 years ago
bindums.git No commits
5f8b0d0fe564b437a6934ccc99915699.git 3 years ago
fpgaspaceinvaders.git Space invaders made in vhdl. No commits
fsck.sofs09.git File system checker for sofs09. 8 years ago
guialinuxUA.git Guia de introdução ao GNU/Linux, orientado... 9 years ago
pedecabra.git Open files using predefined programs. 8 years ago
shweb.git Shell script to automate website creation 7 years ago
kobe.git kobe scheme No commits
canaan.git 3d game engine 7 years ago
canary-depot.git An application in java spring. 20 months ago
blacktomato.git My personal repositories 8 years ago
clash.git No commits
clx_test.git No commits
cdsTestProj.git This is a test to see if I can make it work 10 years ago
gimp-lqr-plugin.git LiquidRescale plug-in for seam carving in... 5 years ago
gimp-lqr-plugin-help.git GIMP LiquidRescale plug-in help pages No commits
liblqr.git Liquid Rescale library 5 years ago
shwiki.git a very simple static wiki shell script carlos.davide.pinto... 7 years ago
yellow-canary.git This is a project manager webapplication... carlos.manuel250... 6 years ago
rrproj.git carmelbuenavista32... 3 years ago
element.git ruby data-web tools carmen@whats-your... 5 years ago
www.git a ruby webserver carmen@whats-your... 5 hours ago
+ stgit.git Stacked Git official repository catalin.marinas... 12 days ago
emacs-jabber.git 6 years ago
emacs-jabber-tox.git 9 years ago
emacs-jabber-www.git 9 years ago
nginx.git nginx fast proxy server 6 years ago
nginx-catap.git catap's nginx repository 8 years ago
acer_acpi.git ACPI Extras for Acer laptops 10 years ago
lol-cgit.git 5 months ago
mkp224o.git vanity address generator for tor onion v3... 2 weeks ago
xMessenger.git Cauchy's ip messenger clone 11 years ago
akonadigoogledata.git A google contacts/calendar resource for akonadi 9 years ago
gdataplugin.git An opensync plugin for google calendar/contacts 9 years ago
+ libgcal.git A simple C library to handle google calendar... 8 years ago
bcui-org-mode.git Baoqiu Cui's public repository for Org-mode... No commits
hdt-cyring.git 6 years ago
backpacking.git Camping for Io 11 years ago
progitpl.git cdesign.proponentist... 8 years ago
libtar.git Maintenance repo for libtar 4 years ago
psytisfy.git still under construction No commits
licicunzhao.git licicunzhao 18 months ago
scrotnet.git 18 months ago
Pico-baferoleto-ccrosa-faandrade.git Pico - Trabalho Pratico da disciplina Compila... No commits
moodle-blog-course-format.git Blog style course format to allow for year... 8 years ago
candl.git Dependence analyzer in the polyhedral model 4 years ago
+ clan.git Basic translator from high-level language... 3 years ago
+ clay.git Clay, the Chunky Loop Alteration wizardrY... 4 years ago
+ cloog.git Code generator for polyhedra scanning 3 years ago
+ openscop.git A Specification and a Library for Data Exchan... 3 years ago
piplib.git parametric integer programming library 8 years ago
libmeminfo.git The libmeminfo extracts the memory configurat... 8 years ago
tamarin-stm.git STMicroelectronics' developments on Tamarin... 7 years ago
boo.git Boo Programming Language 10 years ago
cernimil.git No commits
davej-history.git Copy of Dave Jones history.git as used by... 10 years ago
ghc.git Glasgow Haskell Compiler 4 hours ago
minipack.git Automated tool for cross-compiling free softw... 5 years ago
p091101.git Documentation for Project Chanage Management... 9 years ago
cmplus.git 6 years ago
ne.git A simple 3d engine 9 years ago
umd.git universal mouse driver 9 years ago
grails.git 10 years ago
groovy.git 10 years ago
tspec.git 9 years ago
zkgrails.git 9 years ago
Laueye.git a programe to analyze Laue diagram 9 years ago
grissiom.SlackBuilds.git a git repo to contain my SlackBuild scripts 10 years ago
grissiom.projects.git my projects 9 years ago
+ retro.git retro, a minimalistic forth charles.childers... 10 years ago
hk_macau.git A photo albm No commits
hh264.git Hardware H.264 codec 10 years ago
android_tools.git 10 days ago
mytest123.git No commits
linuxvod.git 10 years ago
ddnasgpl.git bootloader/linux kernel for ddnas v1 and... 6 years ago
usefulcode.git some useful code for you 7 years ago
canvas.git A Web Application Development Framework for... 10 years ago
couchdb.git CouchDB Ruby Library 11 years ago
maraby.git Maraby's toolbox of scripts 10 years ago
exciting.git FP-LAPW 10 years ago
gitwebc.git my gitweb colors 9 years ago
deary.git 10 years ago
libtorrent.git libtorrent fork 10 years ago
natblaster.git NAT hole punching 10 years ago
gcopter.git A GPLed open source quad copter chow.ming.beijing... 9 years ago
jnode-mirror.git JNode 9 years ago
hlafsm.git HLA macros to make executable FSM language 10 years ago
ioevent.git Embedded I/O event watcher classes (libev... 10 years ago
alure.git OpenAL Utility Library 8 weeks ago
dsound-openal.git A DirectSound wrapper for OpenAL 3 weeks ago
+ openal-soft.git Software OpenAL implementation 73 min ago
koha.git Koha ILS chris@bigballofwax... 47 hours ago
chibi.git A Simple, Small, Wireless stack 8 years ago
castle.git Git import of castle svn 10 years ago
nandos.git NandOS is the Community OS from http://osdev... Christian.Klahn... No commits
gitcj-debian.git Build upstream Git built as one single Debian... christian@jaeger... No commits
billygoat.git Simple command-line time tracking 11 years ago
with-gdb-backtrace-to.git Simple GDB wrapper for conveniently running... christian@pflanze... 9 years ago
hexa_test.git christian@verloren... No commits
xwelltris.git Tetris like Game christoph.egger... 9 years ago
gamazons.git Gamazons christoph@debian... 9 years ago
opeanno-debian-packaging.git Debian-Compatible packages for Opeanno christoph@debian... 9 years ago
python-cryptoplus.git pycrypto extension christophe.oosterlynck... 4 years ago
de200vfd.git Driver for Noritake VFD in HP Digital Enterta... 9 years ago
lcdproc-de200c.git Changes to LCDproc to integrate with DE200C... 9 years ago
gcc-git-mirror.git GNU GCC chromeosforchromebook... 6 hours ago
Remote-control.git simple scripts that allows remote control... No commits
chaos_theory.git 7 years ago
notes.git 7 years ago
past_intern.git 7 years ago
schrodinger_equation.git 7 years ago
scripts.git 7 years ago
simple-cluster-control.git No commits
cinan.git configs 8 years ago
rwork.git ruby code 9 years ago
ariane.git This is a web cache written in java. 5 years ago
barbara.git This is a hierarchical distributed note manager 5 years ago
ccandy.git This is a command line tool to create project... 5 years ago
depot.git This is a command line tool to work with... 5 years ago
cirosantilli-test.git Mirror of: No commits
mephi_mst_2010.git Lections about Microprocessor systems (MEPHI... 8 years ago
+ cdrkit.git 9 months ago
toilet.git The TOIlet project attempts to create a free... 3 years ago
gst-pulse.git GStreamer PulseAudio plugin (svn mirror) 11 years ago
pulseaudio.git PulseAudio sound server (svn mirror) 10 years ago
bioperl-db.git BioSQL BioPerl ORM bindings 2 months ago
bioperl-live.git BioPerl core 6 weeks ago
bioperl-network.git BioPerl modules for protein-protein interacti... 2 years ago
bioperl-run.git BioPerl wrappers 2 months ago
bioperl.git test bioperl repo No commits
2dmatching.git Code for two dimensional pattern matching 10 years ago
kwestie.git Kwestie means Issue 10 years ago
deployinator.git 9 years ago
opendidj.git Linux Repository for Leapfrog Didj and other... No commits
crisos.git 9 years ago
fvs_assignment_project.git assignment fvs project 5 years ago
clogger.git configurable request logging for Rack 17 months ago
Guize.git C/C++ Guize No commits
cf.git cf No commits
bcms.git Content Management System madded with django 10 years ago
fmail.git Small and hightly modular mail server 9 years ago
odkda2.git A low level database access abstraction layer... 11 years ago
odkutils.git A set of C utilities optimized for performanc... 11 years ago
sd2gitrep.git SD2Updates No commits
stochNLW.git Joint paper on nonlinear stochastic wave... No commits
tmk.git A Tcl-powered `make` replacement 2 years ago
Titrator.git 9 years ago
CRC.git Sistema de Controle de Inventario para CRCs... 8 years ago
gaitianxia.git gaitianxia No commits
kdeedu-porting.git KDEEDU for porting Avogadro 10 years ago
bibanon.git The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a project to save... 8 months ago
colexworks.git myworks No commits
emacs-color-theme.git Color Themes for GNU Emacs colortheme.rpdillon... 9 years ago
cw-ee-280210.git No commits
prads.git PRADS is a Passive Real-time Asset Detection... comotion@krutt.og 20 months ago
+ mangos-git.git Open Source reference implementation for... No commits
scriptdev2-git.git Replacement for the Script Library that comes... 8 years ago
gitlog.git A so-called "blog" with my articles about git 8 years ago
jesox_patterns.git No commits
cyberduck.git 3 years ago
conformal.git A conformal mapping plugin for The Gimp. conformal@drmicha... 6 years ago
testarm.git test No commits
luanrsTeste.git My GIT Test No commits
cadence-nykeej.git Copy of cadence.git 7 years ago
gjacktransport.git 7 years ago
j2sc.git JACK2 Simple Config 7 years ago
jack_freewheel_button.git JACK FreeWheel mode trigger 7 years ago
resorg.git Resource Organizer 4 years ago
window-docker.git Window Docker 7 years ago
gitenigma.git Copying CVS to git 9 years ago
copyleftie-dotfiles.git copyleftie's (selected) dotfiles 6 months ago
copyleftie-krc.git responses to exercises from K&R C (second... 8 months ago
copyleftie-scripts.git helper scripts in my path 6 months ago
capturemjpeg.git A MotionJPEG library for Processing (GIT... 10 years ago
mmediamanager.git MManager, a Desktop wide manager for multimed... 10 years ago
ameisenbaer.git Ant colony optimization program No commits
ht-drivers.git Drivers, Libraries and test programs for... 7 years ago
tsi148vmebridge.git Linux device driver for the TSI 148 VME bridge 8 years ago
cow_2001.git cow_2001's free sources 10 years ago
pypsearch.git No commits
cpuHistory.git CPU History for OS X 10 years ago
prl_guest_to_host.git prl_guest_to_host 3 years ago
carbonphp.git carbonPHP is a framework for PHP using the... 10 years ago
NiftyHack.git A NetHack fork 20 months ago
Spelunk.git Spelunk! - A Roguelike game No commits
interests.git Backup of Github 5 years ago
avatt.git All Virtual All The Time cristi.magherusan... 9 years ago
buildrom.git Tool for building coreboot images (mirror... cristi.magherusan... 9 years ago
ARTEMIC.git Autonomous Mobile Robotics Software Design cristian.axenie... No commits
pkg_integration.git pkglist for current powerpc porting cristian.axenie... No commits
SEPI3.git Distributed systems project 7 years ago
c1cc.git 6 years ago
cl-ipmsg.git 6 years ago
cl-vendor.git 6 years ago
cl-w32api.git Win32 API Invoking Libraries 6 years ago
forthern.git 6 years ago
lucifer.git The umbrella project of several different... 6 years ago
BGap.git BGap: alpha' expansion of disk integrals 2 years ago
dockapps.git Window Maker dockapps collection 6 weeks ago
fsviewer.git The FSViewer file browser 5 years ago
whome.git The source code 20 months ago
wmaker-crm.git The Window Maker window manager 6 weeks ago
wmlaptop2.git A Window Maker dockapp for laptop users 5 years ago
CRouting.git Pretty simple and efficient URL routing/matcher 7 years ago
activemongo.git ActiveRecord for PHP and MongoDB 8 years ago
haanga.git Django-template engine for PHP 7 years ago
Cbot.git An IRC bot written in the C programming laguage 9 years ago
chanembed.git No commits
av.git An alignment visualization tool for machine... 10 years ago
allegf1.git No commits
acogc.git simple coopertive garbage collector 7 years ago
+ cinelerra_cv.git The Cinelerra Video editor, community version 10 years ago
mala.git Extendable macro language which can be embedd... 11 years ago
nobug.git Nobug debugging library 16 months ago
rxpd.git Regex Policy Daemon 10 years ago
swap_emu.git An experimental emulator for the nintendo... 5 months ago
ruby-bugtrack.git bugtrack from rubyforge 10 years ago
cuteobr.git cuteobr's git 10 years ago
uw.ece428.jask.git ECE428 Project No commits
jts-rapp.git No commits
closure-common.git Shared code for Closure XML and Closure HTML cxml-devel@common... 8 years ago
+ cxml.git Closure XML parser, written in Common Lisp cxml-devel@common... 7 years ago
tcl-tlc.git TLC Application Framework for TCL 10 years ago
tcl-tlc-base.git TLC Application Framework for TCL (non-Tk... 10 years ago
tclinotify.git Inotify wrapper for Tcl 10 years ago
algodat.git school project No commits
pictrails.git A Web Photo Gallery, written with Rails 2... 10 years ago
mff_vrml_team3.git A school vrml project No commits
locpin.git No commits
xendri.git Xendri Framework for PHP 8 years ago
tinyx.git Tinyx microkernel 10 years ago
daesh-projects.git daesh-projects@ext... No commits
amazing.git An amazing widget manager for an awesome... 10 years ago
Prjinfo.git 8 years ago
ProjetInfo.git Projet Info 2010 8 years ago
damir.git my own repo 9 years ago
gwave-svn.git Gwave - a waveform viewer 7 years ago
linux-rt-nao.git (Inofficial) Linux kernel tree running on... 7 years ago
cppu.git C++ Unit Testing Framework 11 years ago
qshowdiff.git Tool for visualisation of diffs generated... 10 years ago
qstest.git fsggf No commits
netsniff-ng.git netsniff-ng toolkit, the packet sniffing... daniel.borkmann... 3 weeks ago
reconos.git ReconOS, a Linux-based reconfigurable operati... daniel.borkmann... 21 months ago
transsip.git transsip toolkit, a decentralized and encrypt... daniel.borkmann... 6 years ago
physics.git Models subatomic particles as standing EM... Daniel.Cardenas... 8 years ago
libdanh.git daniel.h.080490... No commits
flowgrind.git generate traffic among hosts in your network daniel.schaffrath... 10 years ago
pg_logfebe.git 4 years ago
luabind.git luabind 4 years ago
facafesta.git 7 years ago
oblivion.git No commits
weka.git Weka 3: Data Mining Software in Java 8 years ago
my_behaviors.git My behaviors collection for the use with... 10 years ago
qcms.git CakePHP CMS 10 years ago
slashcake.git Open source components for use with CakePHP 10 years ago
fosscad-repo.git Official FOSSCAD Library Repository 4 weeks ago
windows-sources.git 10 months ago
Anit-Slander-Campaign.git 8 years ago
C_programing_practice.git moved to 7 years ago
Git-Me-Secret-Mario-Chromicles.git This is just a gitified version of SMC.... 8 years ago
Gitpedia_The_Freely_Distributable_Encyclopedia.git The goal of gitpedia is to be somewhat like... 8 years ago
HTML-TUTORIAL.git This teaches html by having well documented... 8 years ago
Igit.git 8 years ago
MS-PSEUDO-SOURCE.git This is an attempt to show just how stupid... 8 years ago
Science-Project.git 8 years ago
Silver.git 8 years ago
XML-GAME-CREATOR.git XML Game creator is a project that aims to... 8 years ago
ardion-stuffs.git Our ardiono stuff. No commits
encryption-suite.git 8 years ago
git-browser-mirror.git 5 years ago
gitManga.git A collection of collaborative manga stories... 8 years ago
iget.git No commits
node-stuff.git Just some node experimentation. No commits
rarcrack.git If you forget your password for compressed... 6 years ago
the-hist-of-net.git A book on the history of the internet. 6 years ago
nameless-bot.git darklinkxxxx@mail.i2p 5 years ago
bloggit.git A ruby CMS/Blogging tool that makes it easy... 10 years ago
doozer.git A fixture building framework in Ruby. 11 years ago
presentation_i2l.git Presentation en latex du stage 11 years ago
rapport_i2l.git Rapport de stage i2l 11 years ago
lal.git No commits
zrh-sandbox.git 10 years ago
+ btrfs-progs-unstable.git Btrfs-progs-unstable mirror 7 years ago
vimdoclet.git Java Doclet that generates Vim Helpfiles 9 years ago
cobas.git Codigo de David 8 years ago
vmod.git drivers vmod No commits
FYD.git It's an open source video game, First Person... 15 months ago
csplainnat.git BiBTeX style for the Czech references style 4 years ago
mahara-contrib.git Contrib repo for Mahara 9 years ago
acx-mac80211.git ACX100/ACX111/TNETW1450 wireless network... 10 years ago
metareasoning.git metareasoning research 8 years ago
uct.git variants and improvements of the UCT algorithm 7 years ago
test-git.git Testing the host No commits
merlin.git nagios-merlin is an eventbroker module /... david.voit@lfst... 4 years ago
nagios-reports-module.git nagios-reports-module is an eventbroker modul... david.voit@lfst... 8 years ago
ninja.git This is an effort to rewrite the Nagios GUI... david.voit@lfst... 4 years ago
shinken.git Shinken is a powerful reimplementation of... david.voit@lfst... 7 years ago
wrt350n-kernel.git WRT350N Kernel Patches 10 years ago
shopper.git Shopper for N8x0 9 years ago
closure-html.git HTML parser written in Common Lisp 4 years ago
cxml-rng-test.git Relax NG test suite (submodule for cxml-rng) 9 years ago
hyperdoc.git looks up URIs to documentation for Common... 9 years ago
hyperspec-lookup.git interface to mapping symbols to URLs for... 9 years ago
parse-docstrings.git portable and configurable parser library... 9 years ago
+ swf2.git Proof of concept lisp->avm2 bytecode compiler 9 years ago
texinfo-docstrings.git texinfo-docstrings 9 years ago
xuriella.git Xuriella XSLT 6 years ago
underlay.git Pesa's Gentoo Overlay 7 years ago
+ evilwm.git A minimalist window manager for the X Window... 9 years ago
+ dirac-research.git research/experimental dirac encoder 8 years ago
imageviewer.git A Qt based viewer for various YUV file formats 7 years ago
+ liboggplay.git Mirror of liboggplay 8 years ago
+ schroedinger.git An implementation of Dirac 6 years ago
redshop.git No commits
dtgmacs.git dtg's emacs configurations No commits
mc.git No commits
+ centerim.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 2 years ago
git-cola.git git-cola: A highly caffeinated git GUI 6 days ago
python-git.git python-git: a python interface to git 10 years ago
ugit.git ugit: the pythonic git gui 10 years ago
kate-drupal-snippets.git 8 years ago
ccrypt.git Ccrypt is a linux patch for encrypting layer... dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 10 years ago
dack.git Ack(grep-like tool)-like tool. dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 10 years ago
xmppstatusbot.git XMPP Status Bot for Amarok dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 11 years ago
dbenesj_diplomka.git 7 years ago
ana-net.git Lightweight Autonomic Network Architecture... 6 years ago
menche_rl.git A roguelike I started working on, currently... 18 months ago
torrus-plus.git This is my personal fork of Torrus 6 years ago
deavidtest.git Test GIT repo for testing purposes only.... 10 years ago
lightyears.git Deavid's repository for 20K lightyears from... 10 years ago
mx3r.git mx3r is a program which merges different... 10 years ago
nespa.git Nespa, starship simulation game 9 years ago
pyworlds.git Python library on top of Soya3D for easily... 6 years ago
tajundrathegame.git Arcade Platform Game 10 years ago
idesk.git Program to show icons on the desktop 9 years ago
declanqian.git try No commits
dejan.git This is a sample project No commits
+ compass.git Script and website to extract relay statistics 10 months ago
testtest.git test No commits
testtest2.git No commits
testingrepojp.git Delete this project delete@this.please 10 years ago
odt2txt.git A simple converter from OpenDocument Text... 13 months ago
kudsource.git dennisyang@hotmail... 4 years ago
komora.git komora No commits
cycon.git Cycon gives a TUI for getting cytube playlist... 3 weeks ago
rb-79.git RB-79 imageboard 5 weeks ago
passegares-wiki.git Wiki of PasseGares dereckson@espace... 17 months ago
php5-ice-freebsdport.git ZeroC ICE PHP FreeBSD port (devel/php5-ice) dereckson@espace... 5 years ago
wynter-salt-workstation.git Salt configuraiton for workstation and small... dereckson@espace... 11 months ago
squiggle.git Squiggle SQL builder for Java 9 years ago
raggin.git derkleinehansenmitpansen... 10 years ago
ssftp.git simple file transfer protocol implementation... derkleinehansenmitpansen... 10 years ago
IPC-Semaphore-Concurrency.git IPC::Semaphore::Concurrency Perl module 4 years ago
supybot_NagiosLogger.git Supybot plugin for sending Nagios notificatio... 8 years ago
thomas_code.git Collection of various scripts mostly revolvin... 6 months ago
deska.git Tool for an Administration of a Grid Site 6 years ago
detach.git run commands detached from the terminal 11 years ago
aramzamzam-commons.git 9 years ago
aramzamzam-ru.rentdom.git none 9 years ago
veive.git Veive developing 9 years ago
wit.git WIT (Wit Internet Teletype) 9 years ago
qtodo.git A todo list manager written with python and Qt4 10 years ago
vtf.git A small program to set the cutting speed... 10 years ago
sqool.git The SQLite manager written using the Qt toolkit. 11 years ago
mypkm.git 9 years ago
mywiki.git 9 years ago
dreamingfighter.git No commits
fuzed.git YAWS frontend for Rails Applications 11 years ago
+ opensync.git OpenSync SVN mirror 9 years ago
zuwinko.git cvicenie - skola 7 years ago
orion.git Mirror of Nicolas Pitre's orion git repository 8 years ago
u-boot-kw.git Mirror of Marvell Kirkwood u-boot git repository 9 years ago
libfat.git inofficial libfat fork 7 years ago
libgxflux.git Gamecube/Wii VIDEO/GX subsystem wrapper 7 years ago
libogc.git inofficial libogc fork 7 years ago
Ale.git synthetic capture engine and renderer 9 years ago
libale.git library for synthetic capture and rendering 8 years ago
openstranded.git OpenStranded is a free clone of the freeware... 9 years ago
Rifter.git An addon for world of warcraft that allows... 10 years ago
fkvm-libfkvm.git FreeBSD kvm: Userspace library 9 years ago
mini2440.git mini2440 No commits
mot-flash.git Highly scriptable Motorola flash interface... 10 years ago
google-gears.git Google Gears Project Code Hosted on Git 10 years ago
ETSv2.git fgb No commits
dev_sl.git 8 years ago
tele.git Teleport Launcher 11 years ago
emiya.git Loves Saber 8 years ago
foo_spam.git X-Chat / Irssi / WeeChat script for showing... 8 years ago
hsdpll.git Simple SAT Solver in Haskell 10 years ago
gyphy-test.git 16 months ago
sysdig-signature-composer.git Little project made for Sysdig :) 16 months ago
dbw.git A platform game based on Blob Wars from Paral... 9 years ago
gentoo-diskmaster-overlay.git Diskmaster's overlay for gentoo. 10 years ago
amarok_sonynw.git Library and plugin for accessing Sony Network... 8 years ago
blip.rb.git Ruby bindings for 10 years ago
bliper.git android client for 9 years ago
cropwidget.git a simple Qt widget capable of taking image... 9 years ago
ledtester.git LED testing application for the Android platform 8 years ago
redhillonrails.git RedHillOnRails git-svn clone 10 years ago
rsibreak.git RSIbreak -- from kde/extragear/rsibreak 9 years ago
scummvm-innocent.git Remake of "Innocent Until Caught" 9 years ago
sl-bubble.git Floating bubble for SecondLife and OpenMetaverse 9 years ago
synaesthesia.git Fork of synaesthesia 9 years ago
KFingerManager.git KDE Fingerprint manager 9 years ago
KDMFprintPlugin.git KDM Fingerprint auth plugin 9 years ago
pragmatm.git Playground for a pragmatic time&PIM manager... 10 years ago
ndesk-cairo-sharp.git Mirror of NDesk cairo-sharp 11 years ago
pacman_djszapi.git pacman repo from djszapi No commits
aurman.git AUR manager No commits
macvim-rnu.git MacVim with Relative Line Number Tweak No commits
xproc-workshop-2017-wiki.git Mirror of the XProc Workshop 2017 Wiki 21 months ago
wanderlust.git 33 hours ago
product-recommendations.git Product recommendation engine. No commits
gofer.el.git A Gopher client for emacs 3 months ago
ocproxy.git LwIP based SOCKS proxy for OpenConnect. 4 years ago
ocproxy-debian.git Debian packaging for ocproxy. 5 years ago
+ binutils.git git-cvsimport of binutils cvsroot 6 years ago
cgmail.git VCS-GIT for cGmail debian package 9 years ago
+ portablelinux.git yet another Live USB linux installator 18 months ago
alacarte.git alacarte mirror 12 months ago
anjuta.git anjuta mirror 3 months ago
anjuta-extras.git anjuta-extras 2 months ago
atk.git atk mirror 3 months ago
banshee.git banshee mirror 9 months ago
brasero.git brasero mirror 3 months ago
bug-buddy.git bug-buddy mirror 2 years ago
check_mk.git check_mk 47 hours ago
cheese.git cheese 2 months ago
dasher.git dasher mirror 3 months ago
dconf.git dconf mirror 2 months ago
empathy-mirror.git empathy mirror 4 months ago
evolution.git evolution mirror 2 months ago
evolution-data-server.git evolution-data-server mirror 2 months ago
gcalctool.git gcalctool mirror 5 years ago
gnome-utils.git gnome-utils mirror 6 years ago
gnumeric.git gnumeric mirror 2 months ago
gtk-doc.git 3 months ago
+ gtkhtml.git gtkhtml mirror 17 months ago
+ jhbuild.git Jhbuild 2 months ago
nautilus-actions.git nautilus-actions mirror 20 months ago
omd.git Open Monitoring Distribution 2 years ago
pygobject.git pygobject mirror 2 months ago
swftools.git SWFTools is a collection of utilities for... 5 years ago
yelp.git yelp mirror 3 months ago
glib.git glib mirror 2 months ago
reader-for-android.git 8 years ago
ap-comp-lit-poems.git Poems collection for Daniel Moerner 9 years ago
ktest-util.git Kernel install tools 8 years ago
dnglaze.git 8 years ago
cbaos.git Kernel for microcontrollers - low end ARM... 2 years ago
salai.git No commits
docbook-zh.git Docbook for chinese 9 years ago
i18n-zh.git The simplified chinese translation 9 years ago
nyankara.git Mainly Japanese input and laguage support... donteatsparc@tejcsarda... No commits
fpdb-dooglus.git free poker database 7 years ago
synfig.git Synfig 2D Animation Studio 9 years ago
comperio-email-signature.git Generate the default comperio signature No commits
objavi2.git An html to pdf to paper publishing system... douglas@paradise... 8 years ago
opo.git Show synchronised video on multiple projectors douglas@paradise... 4 years ago
sparrow.git A Gstreamer plugin that obliterates whatever... douglas@paradise... 4 years ago
2oom.git Moo2 remake project 10 years ago
aspectbin.git An aspect ratio constraining container for... 9 years ago
liblbx.git Moo2 data file handling library. 4 years ago
ngmp2.git 10 years ago
justatest.git dreamerforce's git testing No commits
debian-git.git A mirror of's http git 5 years ago
fdr-django.git django hacks and patches 10 years ago
newgopher.git Experimental implementations for "New Gopher... 6 years ago
phpflea.git No commits
runemen.git runemen tests 5 years ago
rbtreeview.git Tree View Plugin for Rhythmbox Media Player dries.langsweirdt... 8 years ago
diffit.git diffit - a git plugin for vim 8 years ago
mi.git The interactive file mover 8 years ago
tails-test.git tails mirror test with git rewrite 3 years ago
dsadsa.git dsadsa@dsadsa No commits
shady.git OpenGL playground 7 years ago
+ imageja.git ImageJA, a Java Image Processing application... 3 years ago
+ qemu.git QEmu 2 days ago
+ virtualbox.git VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel6... 6 years ago
HTCPureAndroid.git Android on HTC Pure No commits
adiumx.git AdiumX SVN import 10 years ago
sparkle2.git Sparkle2: The Next Generation of Software... 11 years ago
iris.git Iris is a comprehensive library for working... 7 years ago
postfix-master.git Postfix website and documentation 7 years ago
psi.git Psi, the Cross-Platform Jabber/XMPP Client... 7 years ago
yasql.git Yet another SQLPlus Replacement 3 years ago
cuisinez.git No commits
alluc.api.git No commits
vilast.git please remove dummy@mail No commits
KuttMonster.git Arduino based animatronic monster for Live... 8 years ago
dftpd.git Dumb FTP Server dupa@dupa.dupa 9 years ago
jigdo-ivory.git Javascript Jigdo Client - Google Summer of... 10 years ago
buildbot.git Python-based continuous integration testing... 9 years ago
proto.git Proto, the world's premier language for spati... 9 years ago
xuni.git A GUI widget toolkit 10 years ago
spidio.git Spidio, a Video Library System dwlnetnl@users.sourceforg... 10 years ago
rack.git mirror of 4 days ago
rubinius.git mirror of 4 months ago
+ vimprobable.git webkit-based browser that behaves like the... 2 years ago
dtas.git duct tape audio suite for *nix 9 months ago
msgthr.git container-agnostic, non-recursive message... 6 months ago
olddoc.git old-fashioned Ruby documentation generator(s) 11 months ago
public-inbox.git an "archives first" approach to mailing lists 4 weeks ago
repobrowse.git old-fashioned repository browser 2 months ago
ssoma.git some sort of mail archiver 5 months ago
MogileFS-Network.git MogileFS Server class for representing networ... 6 years ago
MogileFS-Server.git MogileFS server 9 months ago
MogileFS-Utils.git MogileFS Command line utilities 9 months ago
omgdav.git Rack app for bridging WebDAV and MogileFS 10 months ago
omgf.git REST API(s) for MogileFS using Rack 3 years ago
perl-MogileFS-Client.git Perl MogileFS client library 5 years ago
perlbal.git Perlbal HTTP server 4 years ago
socket_dontwait.git Ruby socket methods using MSG_DONTWAIT and... 7 years ago
+ bison.git GNU bison 2 days ago
+ cppi.git GNU cppi mirror 5 weeks ago
+ dash.git dash shell 5 months ago
+ diffutils.git GNU Diffutils mirror 3 months ago
+ gnulib.git Mirror of the GNU Gnulib repository 2 days ago
+ grep.git GNU grep mirror 4 weeks ago
+ gzip.git GNU Gzip mirror 2 months ago
haiku.git Clone of Haiku svn repository 10 months ago
+ libsigsegv.git Mirror of the GNU libsigsegv repository 4 days ago
+ libtool.git GNU Libtool mirror 3 months ago
+ libvirt.git libvirt mirror 4 hours ago
+ m4.git GNU M4 22 months ago
+ nbd.git The Network Block Device is a Linux-originate... 3 days ago
+ nbdkit.git Liberally-licensed kit for writing user-space... 6 hours ago
+ tar.git GNU tar mirror 6 days ago
xara-cairo.git XaraLX using the cairo graphics library 8 years ago
osm-map-evolution.git scripts to genrate the evolution of a map... eddy.petrisor+osm... 9 years ago
osm-ro-tools.git Openstreetmap scripts and tools used by the... eddy.petrisor+osm... 5 years ago
osm-helpers.git Improved osm-helpers eddy.petrisor+osmbot... 9 years ago
debian-ro-repo.git coordination repo for the debian-l10n-romania... 9 years ago
osm-parsepbfutils.git OSM parsepbf python class and some utilities... 6 years ago
osmose-modules.git osmose-modules - Python API for access to... 9 years ago
mythadmin.git Administration utility for MythTV and MythVideo 9 years ago
vnukstats.git cz and sk hattrick stats 9 years ago
MonkeyD.git A Fast and Lightweight Wev Server for Linux 8 years ago
monkeyd-docs.git Monkey HTTP Daemon Documentation No commits
glgame.git hard testing 10 years ago
kmemtrace-user.git kmemtrace userspace application eduard.munteanu... 9 years ago
+ seabios.git SeaBIOS is an open source implementation... eduard.munteanu... 5 years ago
smartenum.git Smart enumeration tool for initial frequencie... 8 years ago
bookmarks.git bookmarks for myself No commits
csrf-magic.git Wizard CSRF protection for PHP 4 years ago
csrf-magic-web.git Website for csrf-magic 5 years ago
phpgit.git PHP Git interface, a loose port of GitPython 10 years ago
phpt.git File based testing framework for PHP 9 years ago
xhtml-compiler.git Lightweight document management system that... 6 years ago
mlgo.git An AI for the game of GO written in ML 10 years ago
energimaaling.git sem oppg energimaaling 8 years ago
StormApp.git No commits
+ ralink_drivers.git Ralink device drivers No commits
org-brew.git emacs org-mode extensions for brewing beer 9 years ago
libswd.git Serial Wire Debug Open Library 3 years ago
mediawiki-ext-josa.git Automated Korean postpositions processing 2 days ago
agianapa.git C++ code snippets 9 years ago
eleutheria.git A collection of C codes for NetBSD and Unix... 9 years ago
eclipsethinslicer.git Thin Slicing Eclipse Research Plugin 10 years ago
wala.git WALA program analysis framework 10 years ago
walaincubator.git WALA program analysis framework - incubator... 10 years ago
+ ncmpcpp.git an ncurses mpd client inspired by ncmpc electricityispower... 6 months ago
scrobby.git an audioscrobbler mpd client electricityispower... 9 years ago
fuzzy_alarm_clock.git An alarm clock that doesn't give useless... 18 months ago
pippings-exhereses.git pipping's exhereses 9 years ago
portage-prefix-bleeding-edge-ebuilds.git bleeding-edge ebuilds for portage prefix... 9 years ago
silverstripe-elijah.git My git repo for SilverStripe CMS elijahlofgren@elijahlofgr... 11 years ago
kps.git Linux Kernel Patch Statistic 3 years ago
anisearch.git Searching for AniDB aid by title No commits
SmugglerRL.git A roguelike written in D. 3 months ago
OptFetch.git Lightweight C library for getting arguments... 10 months ago
aNetHack.git A variant of NetHack 3.6-dev 20 months ago
libeditor.git A layered modular library for writing text... 19 months ago
Ocio20.git Testing GIT 9 years ago
lijie_dbm.git database in memory No commits
blablabla.git No commits
needtoseeinstructionsaftercreate.git No commits
faqr.git Parse logs (initially from irc conversations... 10 years ago
Environment_for_PhD-thesis.git A literate presentation (LaTeX beamer class... emanuelheitlinger... No commits
SambaBeamline.git SAMBA beamline PyTango based control scripts emiliano.fonda@synchrotro... No commits
cebsyl.git 9 years ago
Frost_Slovak.git Slovak translation of Frost No commits
Frost_Slovak_Translation.git Not the whole projcet - just slovak translation No commits
paraphernalia.git Utility classes for Java programs 10 years ago
dabba.git emmanuel.roullit... 5 years ago
parkitnow.git Parkitnow No commits
encyclr.git tweedepede! 9 years ago
tc_endwar_stats.git Tom Clancy's Endwar Statistics 5 years ago
kk_librfid.git 9 years ago
quasselfs.git A filesystem for quassel-logs 9 years ago
webchat.git a xmpp webchat to be embedded into your website 9 years ago
+ geany-mirror.git A fast and lightweight IDE 7 hours ago
pywsdlgen.git Simple WSDL generator for Python 9 years ago
vomak.git A very simple IRC bot 8 years ago
vzubcmon.git Simple monitor to regularly check for UBC... 8 years ago
ecarlesso_cv.git My personal CV 9 years ago
qualita.git Appunti ingegneria della Qualita 9 years ago
scheduler.git Scheduler STR 9 years ago
ephemerata.git ephemerata 9 years ago
ejptest.git No commits
stuff.git Stuff on Rails 10 years ago
text-to-image.git A Firefox addon that converts text URLs and... 9 years ago
bugbuster.git A distributed bug tracking system. No commits
extern.git Extern tests for the Ideal Library. No commits
externtests.git The Ideal Library extern tests No commits
ideallibrary.git The Ideal Library No commits
performance.git Performance tests for the Ideal Library. No commits
personal-kdebase.git My personal kdebase copy 9 years ago
personal-kdelibs.git My personal kdelibs copy 9 years ago
soepkiptng.git Soepkip The Next Generation eric-soepkipgit... 5 years ago
pp485.git PMC-Parallel-485 device driver eric.bissonnette... 10 years ago
cutils.git Small utilities written in C No commits
hammerdown.git OpenGL & SDL programming 6 years ago
+ lwes.git Light Weight Event System 7 years ago
+ lwes-contrib-hive-serde.git Light Weight Event System (Hive Serializer... 8 years ago
+ lwes-dotnet.git Light Weight Event System bindings for .NET 8 years ago
+ lwes-erlang.git Light Weight Event System bindings for Erlang 7 years ago
+ lwes-java.git Light Weight Event System (Java) 7 years ago
+ lwes-journaller.git Light Weight Event System journaller 7 years ago
+ lwes-journaller-java.git Light Weight Event System journaller (Java) 8 years ago
+ lwes-perl.git Light Weight Event System bindings for Perl 7 years ago
+ lwes-php.git Light Weight Event System bindings for PHP 8 years ago
+ lwes-python.git Light Weight Event System bindings for Python 10 years ago
+ lwes-website.git Light Weight Event System (website) 8 years ago
ordnung.git Automatic music sorter and renamer 9 years ago
quincer.git A sequencer for composed music 12 months ago
time4beer.git Online reservation and planning tooling for... erikvandennouweland... 9 years ago
zinnia.git a small demo engine 12 months ago
sinan.git erlware build system erlware-questions... 6 years ago
smatch.git Static analysis for C 3 days ago
+ lwes-ruby.git Light Weight Event System bindings for Ruby 4 years ago
pec.git Physical Evolutionary Computation 7 years ago
esp.home.git My Java Examples made public 8 years ago
estigi.git Estigi CMS 8 years ago
ETest.git Emacs Test Framework etest@shellarchive... 9 years ago
fuzz.git Simple fuzzing program in C - prints many... 15 months ago
clang-x.git No commits
+ llvm-testsuite.git LLVM testsuite (mirror) 7 years ago
EugenFactory.git No commits
basic1.git No commits
Cantaveria.git action adventure platform game No commits
cantaveria.git action adventure platform game 8 years ago
crush-sequencer.git midi sequencer for asynchronous editing and... 8 years ago
epichord.git midi sequencer 9 years ago
hollow-plutonium.git Arcade shooter 8 years ago
orgux.git A just-for-fun real time synth. 9 years ago
smartmonitor.git Git repository for SmartMonitor No commits
alfplayer.git alfplayer's personal repository 7 years ago
libnetpp.git A C++ Networking Library implementing protoco... 9 years ago
CMakeLuaTailorHgBridge.git Intermediate bridge repo between official... ewingdotpublic@gmail... 9 years ago
OpenSceneGraphTailorHgBridge.git OpenSceneGraph Tailor/Hg bridge ewingdotpublic@gmail... 10 years ago
escm.git exa scheme 10 years ago
glugin.git Glugin, the GL Plugin 10 years ago
scuttle.git multiplayer 3d shooter with small flying... 11 years ago
TownSquare.git 8 years ago
ngdi.git No commits
phlaker.git An Flaker API implementation in PHP No commits
dc-seal.git Seal-dc development 7 years ago
lyqi-vim.git Lilypond quick-insert mode for vim 9 years ago
gravitysimulator.git 3D interactive gravity simulator in Java 10 years ago
htmlpurifier-drupal.git Drupal module for HTML Purifier 8 years ago
jira-zephyrbot.git 9 years ago
phpv.git Run multiple versions of PHP hassle-free 9 years ago
spyc.git simple php yaml parser 9 years ago
xournal.git Notetaking, sketching application for GTK... 7 years ago
bnac.git bnac - a virtual museum suite 7 years ago
bnac-common.git Common files of the bnac project 7 years ago
bnac-editor.git Editor for the bnac project 7 years ago
bnac-visitor.git Visitor application for the bnac project 7 years ago
vic.git 4 years ago
CallMeterNG.git call counting android app 8 years ago
Mms.git Android's buildin mms app No commits
adBlock.git android AdBlock Proxy 8 years ago
andGMXsms.git WebSMS for Android phones 8 years ago
otpdroid.git fork of 8 years ago
travelLog.git log your business trips for later accounting 8 years ago
ub0rlay.git genoo ub0rlay 8 years ago
ypd.git split tcp requests to different servers 10 years ago
sabazialug-scuola-lab.git Distribuzione per il laboratorio di informatica 8 years ago
otih-overlay.git otih's personal gentoo overlay 8 years ago
fabioemacs.git fabio.p.fortkamp... No commits
gitman-de.git The Git man pages - German translation 10 years ago
fadalib.git An instance-wise dependence analysis for... No commits
testing.git hola No commits
slashemextended.git A NetHack fork 3 days ago
tourist.git A generic framework for building webservices... 10 years ago
zynaddsubfx-code.git 5 weeks ago
cadence.git Cadence is a set of tools useful for Audio... 6 years ago
carla.git 3 weeks ago
juce-lv2.git JUCE LV2 wrapper 7 years ago
klaudia.git Klaudia is a Linux Audio Applications Manager... 6 years ago
vst-plugins.git VST Plugins for LInux 7 years ago
fwz-overlay.git a personal overlay for Gentoo Linux 9 years ago
qsqlmon.git Qt4 Gui tool for SQL server administration. 8 years ago
simplecm.git SimpleCM Content Manager 10 years ago
fayland.git Fayland Lam's CPAN mirror 10 years ago
TestFabien2.git No commits
azurax.git No commits
downloader.git No commits
DND.git It's a diagram editor written in Java. Suppor... 9 years ago
usb.git USB Experimental Work felipebalbi@users... 11 years ago
marvin.git Marvin is a simple photo viewer and importer. 10 years ago
dnsmasq-china-list.git Accelerate Chinese Domains via Dnsmasq 39 hours ago
riffle.git netcast episodes riffler 9 years ago
thenextsample.git A pottery log 10 years ago
macfengweb.git macfeng web code 7 years ago
firsttestproject.git a test project No commits
herouter.git 6 years ago
objcffi.git Objective-C Foreign Function interface for... 11 years ago
cvsc.git Capybara vs. Crocodiles No commits
blynken.git ACG-Bonn Blinkenlightsserver 10 years ago
wobsiter.git Generates a website from rst. 9 years ago
+ usmb.git FUSE filesystem for SMB / CIFS shares first-six-letters... 5 years ago
kgraphinterface.git kpart graphinterface 10 years ago
fkalinski.git No commits
Net-Amazon-S3-Policy.git module to handle Amazon S3 policies for HTTP... 5 years ago
deployable.git Tools for creating deployable scripts/programs 7 months ago
mobundle.git Bundle Perl modules inside Perl programs 6 years ago
s3.git A command line client towards the Amazon... 9 years ago
uboot.git submarine game with löve2d 5 years ago
otl.nodetree.git 9 years ago
+ paula.git Paula - Authentication stuff for Zope and... 9 years ago
paula.testing.git Tools for easing testing in python 9 years ago
evil-testing-action.git No commits
flowerepo.git tails No commits
android.git No commits
YAC.git Yet another CMS written in PHP No commits
Fobs.git Fobs project repository 10 years ago
nbjgit.git NetBeans JGit Plugin (obsolete) 10 years ago
+ remote.git Re-Mote Testbed Framework 9 years ago
+ tig.git Text-mode interface for git 2 years ago
knight_shuffling_tower.git Implementation of the esoteric language Knigh... 5 years ago
ndeql_lang.git Implementation of the esoteric language Ndeql 4 years ago
simple-cellular-automata-suite.git A suite for writing silly little cellular... 5 years ago
word_lang.git Implementation of the esoteric language Word 5 years ago
cornucopia.git No commits
cornucopiafso.git 4 years ago
cl-llvm.git CL LLVM bindings 8 years ago
twisted.git Twisted - Python event-driven networking... 7 years ago
feedtomail.git A tool to convert RSS feed to email. No commits
getmangos.git MaNGOS is a free, Open Source implementation... 2 years ago
jackwsmeter.git jack meter over websockets 4 years ago
processfarm.git processfarm 10 years ago
PaGMO.git The ACT global optimizer francesco.biscani... 9 years ago
ProgettoPaperellaDiGomma.git Artificial life on second life project. francesco.davide... 9 years ago
pam_usb.git pam_usb provides hardware authentication... francesco.marella... 8 years ago
pico.git pequeno compilador No commits
email-reminder.git send event reminders by email 3 years ago
planetfilter.git filter for blog aggregators 13 months ago
safe-rm.git wrapper around the rm command to prevent... 3 years ago
vlock.git virtual console lock program 7 years ago
locali.git Visualize your activities No commits
geanylatex.git Plugin for geany IDE to improve work with... 10 years ago
pymailstats.git A tool to analyse mails 9 years ago
h2so4.git No commits
gtest.git No commits
freeems-vanilla.git FreeEMS - The open source engine management... 3 years ago
parley-vocabulary.git Parley Vocabulary Documents frederik.gladhorn... 10 years ago
TEMA.git No commits
freebbs.git Anonymous Bulletin Board System No commits
freelifer.git No commits
+ fast-export.git Programs to feed git-fast-import frej.drejhammar... 3 months ago
hgct.git (H)gct - A graphical commit tool for Git... 11 years ago
trut64.git TRUT64 9 years ago
frickel.git Frickel electronic workshop stuff. frickel-git@ext... 9 years ago