descriptionSimple GTK binding generator for Common Lisp
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last changeTue, 29 Jul 2008 14:23:38 +0000 (29 15:23 +0100)
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Runs on the defs files used to describe the GTK/GTK api and produces a cffi binding. Mob enabled.

2008-07-29 unknownLoading on win32 systems testedmaster
2008-06-29 John ConnorsAdded atk.gir to the list of tracked .gir files.
2008-06-29 John ConnorsAdded library loader.
2008-06-29 John ConnorsModified to format nicely, and resolve types properly...
2008-06-26 unknownAdding system definitions
2008-06-23 John ConnorsChanged so that unknown type defaults to pointer.
2008-06-18 John ConnorsSome progress on cairo.
2008-06-18 John ConnorsMaking some progress on eliminating missing types
2008-06-12 John ConnorsGenerates a binding with only a handful of missing...
2008-06-12 John ConnorsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-06-12 John ConnorsRemoved makefile
2008-06-12 John ConnorsUpdating .gir files
2008-06-12 unknownRemoved "possibly unknown" comment.
2008-06-12 unknownUpdated girs
2008-06-12 John ConnorsMerge git+ssh://
2008-06-11 John ConnorsTwiddling with load order
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