descriptionPort of Plan9 troff tools to Unix
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This is the port of Plan9 troff tools to Linux. It contains troff, tr2ps (dpost), eqn, tbl, pic, and grap.
2016-07-05 Ali Gholami... tbl: fix restoring the font after printing an entrymaster
2015-02-09 Ali Gholami... pic: do not call postscript setgray when fillval is...
2014-11-25 Ali Gholami... tbl: prevent emitting requests like \ x
2014-10-15 Ali Gholami... tbl: fix handling backslashes to wrap long lines
2014-10-15 Ali Gholami... tbl: make the makefile bsd compliant
2014-10-15 Ali Gholami... pic: make the makefile bsd compliant
2014-10-15 Ali Gholami... tbl: fix vertical lines with doublebox
2014-03-10 Ali Gholami... tbl: adjust vertical and horizontal lines to meet properly
2013-09-26 Ali Gholami... eqn: adjust the padding space around commas
2013-09-07 Ali Gholami... troff: change \*(.P to point to macros directory
2013-07-28 Ali Gholami... devutf: add unicode aliases for accented characters
2013-07-28 Ali Gholami... mkdev: remove devutf/C*
2013-07-23 Ali Gholami... mkdev: do not include the generated output device
2013-07-23 Ali Gholami... shell.lib: include the common ligatures and use non...
2013-07-23 Ali Gholami... increase linewidth to match groff
2013-07-23 Ali Gholami... tmac.s: do not disable ligatures
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