descriptionA small ARM/x86(_64) C compiler
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neatcc implements a large subset of ansi C but lacks features like floating point types, non-integer parameters and struct bitfields.
2016-10-11 Ali Gholami... ncc: print usage in ncc -hmaster
2016-09-01 Ali Gholami... int: call io_imm() even if io_mul2() succeeds
2016-09-01 Ali Gholami... x64: check immediates for O_LD and O_ST
2016-08-31 Ali Gholami... gen: prefer good registers to those holding the operands
2016-08-31 Ali Gholami... int: load with immediate only if supported by the archi...
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... x86: use push instruction for saving registers
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... x64: use push instruction for saving registers
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... ncc: print a short help message with -h
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... x86: use short jumps when possible
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... gen: use the register allocated to a local when storing it
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... ncc: specify optimization level with -O
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... int: load assignment destination last if possible
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... int: do not store output values in ic struct
2016-08-30 Ali Gholami... reg: the new global register algorithm
2016-08-21 Ali Gholami... int: load constant call arguments as late as possible
2016-08-19 Ali Gholami... int: try to add address offsets before instruction...
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