descriptionStatistical Tools for Lisp
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A second generation interactive statistical tool, in the flavor of S and LispStat

2007-06-20 AJ RossiniSyncing to homemastermob
2007-06-20 AJ Rossinicopyright and source description improved.
2007-06-20 AJ RossiniFixed problems with ASDF format; cleaned out silly...
2007-06-20 AJ Rossiniadded data, factored out of statistics, prelimn ASDF...
2007-06-20 AJ Rossinidocumentation and warnings
2007-06-20 AJ Rossiniignore binary objects
2007-06-20 AJ RossiniWhitespace and compile warning cleanup
2007-06-18 AJ Rossinifixed compile dependencies circularity error
2007-06-18 AJ Rossiniremoved Lisp-specific help
2007-06-18 AJ Rossinicommon lisp errors fixed, first error-free compile...
2007-06-15 AJ Rossiniensure that we eval in cl-user; proper non-user of...
2007-06-14 AJ Rossinifixed format; ignore CLISP binaries
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinicleaning up nonlin for the compile/force build
2007-06-09 AJ Rossiniclean up matrix and linalg packages
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinismall text cleanup
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinicompound-data-seq is in compound
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