descriptionAnjuta IDE Git Plugin Development Tree
last changeThu, 7 Aug 2008 04:49:43 +0000 (6 21:49 -0700)
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Anjuta Git plugin development tree. It is a mirror of Anjuta's SVN trunk at with my work on the Git plugin in it.
2008-08-07 James LiggettFix a Gtk warning when checking path input in the log... masterbeta1
2008-08-06 James LiggettImplement viewing files at any revision.
2008-08-03 James LiggettIntegrate removing files with the file manager
2008-08-03 James LiggettIntegrate adding files with the file manager
2008-08-03 James LiggettCopyright header fixes...
2008-08-03 James LiggettMake sure to free watched file names when the plugin...
2008-08-03 James LiggettSupport individual files and folders in log output.
2008-07-25 James LiggettPut all of the UI utility functions into the "git"... alpha3
2008-07-23 James LiggettAdapt to recent changes in AnjutaLauncher.
2008-07-22 James LiggettMerge commit 'git-svn'
2008-07-22 James LiggettImplement pulling
2008-07-21 sgranjoux * plugins/project-wizard/templates/terminal.wiz,
2008-07-20 sgranjoux * plugins/build-basic-autotools/build-basic-autotools.c,
2008-07-20 jorgegonzUpdated Spanish translation
2008-07-20 sgranjoux * plugins/build-basic-autotools/build-basic-autotools.c:
2008-07-20 sgranjoux * plugins/build-basic-autotools/configuration-list.c,
10 years ago beta1 Beta 1 release
10 years ago alpha3 Alpha 3 release
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10 years ago alpha1 Alpha 1 release
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