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The 2ooM project is an effort to remake the game "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares" as free software, using the original game data files.
2008-07-07 Nick Bowlerbuild: Update for libtool-2.2 and autoconf-2.62master
2008-07-07 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add -pedantic to CFLAGS.
2008-07-06 Nick BowlerDon't use reserved identifiers for include guards.
2008-07-06 Nick BowlerRemove SVN keywords.
2008-07-06 Nick BowlerAV-FFmpeg: Update to new FFmpeg versions.
2008-01-28 Nick BowlerReorganise and remove useless C++/Fortran...
2008-01-28 Nick Bowler.gitignore updates
2007-02-19 Nick BowlerMoved src/audio to more appropriately named src/avorigin
2007-02-19 Nick BowlerAdded ability to shutdown audio output
2007-02-18 Nick BowlerFixed refcount updating, made lazy deletion actually...
2007-02-18 Nick BowlerAdded crossfading to audio output system.
2007-02-18 Nick BowlerNew audio output interface now works.
2007-02-15 Nick BowlerNew audio output interface
2007-02-08 Nick BowlerBelated updates
2007-02-08 Nick BowlerDo not build FFMpeg plugin if FFMpeg is not installed.
2007-02-07 Nick BowlerAdded SDL/FFMpeg configure checks
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