descriptionmodule to handle Amazon S3 policies for HTTP POSTs from browsers
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Net::Amazon::S3::Policy gives you an object-oriented interface to manage policies for Amazon S3 HTTP POST uploads.

Amazon S3 relies upon either a REST interface (see Net::Amazon::S3) or a SOAP one; as an added service, it is possible to give access to the upload of resources using HTTP POSTs that do not involve using any of these two interfaces, but a single HTML FORM. The rules you have to follow are explained in the Amazon S3 Developer Guide.

More or less, it boils down to the following:

This module lets you manage the build-up of a policy document, providing you with tools to get the Base64 encoding of the resulting JSON policy document, and to calculate the Base64 encoding of the signature. See "Example" for a complete example of how to do this.

In addition to policy synthesis, the module is also capable of parsing some policy (base64-encoded or not, but in JSON format). This shouldn't be a need in general... possibly for debug reasons.

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