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ELBB: Emacs-Lisp Bill-Board, a bill-board for emacs-lisp code.

Emacs-Lisp pieces of code can already by found on the Emacs Wiki, but ELBB intends to provide yet another way to write and document emacs-lisp code together, the main advantage of ELBB being that you can read and edit its content directly from Emacs (with Org-mode).

Andreas Roehler started a thread on emacs-devel and suggested this back in february 2009.
2010-11-02 Andreas Roehlersimple useful functions from Tak Otamaster
2010-09-13 Andreas Roehlerhighlight 16 or more occurrences
2010-07-23 Andreas Roehlerdefine-key KEYMAP...
2010-07-23 Andreas Roehlerlisp-3
2010-07-05 Andreas Roehlersearch-whitespace-regexp
2010-05-03 Andreas Roehlertabs instead of spaces
2010-05-01 Andreas RoehlerUsing Git to manage your Emacs changes
2010-03-31 Andreas Roehlerget (uninstalled) Xemacs to see (uninstalled) packages
2010-03-22 Andreas Roehleremacs daemon.. but quietly
2010-03-14 Andreas RoehlerReading a sequence of bytes as one integer
2010-03-05 Andreas Roehleruntil found
2010-03-04 Andreas Roehlerbinary trees, avl-tree.el
2010-03-04 Andreas Roehleraccess a large datastructure
2010-03-04 Andreas Roehlercedet and auto-complete
2010-02-25 Andreas Roehlerhide-show squash-minor-modes
2010-02-24 Andreas Roehlerquestioning let
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