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This git repository is intended for Google Summer of Code students to publish their changes in. This year, there is one student project for findutils, and the code for that project is on the branch 'polzer'.
2008-03-21 jaycvsimportmaster
2008-03-21 jayRemoved unnecessary test code which created a insecure...
2008-03-16 jayUpdate gnulib version
2008-03-16 jayDefault find's optimisation level to -O2 rather than -O0
2008-03-16 jayThe trunk is 4.5.x now
2008-03-16 jay*** empty log message ***
2008-03-10 jayTypo corrections in doc/find.texi from Justin Pryzby...
2008-03-10 ericbDon't truncate printed ino values. Fixes Savannah...
2008-03-10 jayApplied patch from Jim Meyering; Avoid link failure...
2008-03-10 jayApplied patch from Jim Meyering; rename dirfd to dir_fd...
2008-03-09 jayFix bug #20873, * matches / and leading . in file names
2008-03-09 jayApplied patch from Jim Meyering to avoid link failure...
2008-03-08 jayTypo fix from Jim Meyering
2008-02-15 ericbcvsimport
2008-02-15 ericbAvoid compiler warnings.
2008-02-15 jayExplain how to update translations from the translation...
unknown trunk-before-jy-4_1_20-merge
unknown rel-4-2-fixes-last-merge-to-trunk
unknown fts-last-merge-from-trunk
unknown compat_gnulib_2006-07-09
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_7-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_6-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_5-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_4-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_3-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_2-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_1-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_3_0-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_2_9-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_2_8-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_2_7-1
unknown FINDUTILS_4_2_6-1
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