descriptionWebDAV server library (personal branch)
last changeTue, 4 Mar 2008 22:33:43 +0000 (4 23:33 +0100)
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This is a personal unofficial branch of the Pandav WebDAV server implementation. See for the original Pandav site.

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2008-03-04 Oliver Gerlichignore XML tags that are not in DAV: namespacemasterwork2
2008-03-04 Oliver Gerlichadd tests for XML with namespaces
2008-03-04 Oliver Gerlichadd comments for test cases
2008-03-04 Oliver Gerlichstart using xml.dom.minidom
2008-03-04 Oliver Gerlichfix indentation in output of Tag.prettyPrint()
2008-03-04 Oliver Gerlichfix typos in unit tests (missing >)
2008-03-03 Oliver Gerlichextend unit tests a bit
2008-03-03 Oliver Gerlichimplement Tag.prettyPrint() also for lists of tags
2008-03-03 Oliver Gerlichadd some initial unit tests
2008-03-03 Oliver Gerlichsend Content-Length header when GETting a collection
2008-03-03 Oliver Gerlichfix displayname property for directories
2008-03-01 Oliver Gerlichdrain the read fd when refusing authenticationmob
2008-03-01 Oliver Gerlichre-enable authentication
2008-03-01 Oliver Gerlichcleanup
2008-03-01 Oliver GerlichMKCOL now send error 415 if a message body was found
2008-03-01 Oliver GerlichMKCOL now send error 409 if appropriate
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