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Project Description Owner Last Change
archives2git.git sh script to create a project's git history... 3 years ago
atool.git script for managing file archives of various... 7 years ago
audiosum.git A tool to find duplicate mp3 files ignoring... alvarezp@alvarezp... 8 years ago
cdimgtools.git tools to inspect and manipulate CD/DVD optica... 3 years ago portable sh script to reformat a Git log... 3 years ago
ng-jackspa.git simple LADSPA plugin hosts for JACK (cli... 3 years ago
tinycc.git Tiny C Compiler main repository 7 days ago
unlzx-unix.git decompressor for UNIX of the Amiga LZX archiv... No commits
urlwatch.git A tool for monitoring webpages for updates 7 years ago
wit.git WIT (Wit Internet Teletype) 12 years ago
xkcd936.git 🐫 🔐 Generate word combinations like xkcd... 8 months ago
zsh.git git mirror of zsh cvs 12 years ago