descriptionPOE::Component::Client::MPD - a full-blown mpd client library
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POCOCM gives a clear message-passing interface (sitting on top of POE) for talking to and controlling MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers. A connection to the MPD server is established as soon as a new POCOCM object is created. Commands are then sent to the server as messages are passed.
2009-09-28 Jérôme Quelinv0.9.3mastermobv0.9.3
2009-09-28 Jérôme Quelinchanged all C<> to L<> to have free links on cpan website
2009-09-28 Jérôme Quelindoc update
2009-09-28 Jérôme Quelindoc update
2009-09-28 Jérôme Quelinwork around exporter bug
2009-03-22 Jérôme Quelinv0.9.2v0.9.2
2009-03-22 rôme Quelinrt #44456 - changing test to todo
2009-01-06 Jérôme Quelinv0.9.1v0.9.1
2009-01-06 Jérôme Quelinurlhandlers is now empty by default
2009-01-06 Jérôme Quelinremove dashes from output
2009-01-06 Jérôme Quelinrequire-ing latest amc version
2009-01-06 Jérôme Quelinmpd 0.14 returns empty strings too
2009-01-06 Jérôme Quelinmpd 0.14 returns empty artists too
2009-01-06 Jérôme Quelinusing null output
2008-08-13 Jérôme Quelinv0.9.0v0.9.0
2008-08-13 Jérôme Quelinupdated list of prereqs
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