descriptionA framebuffer image viewer
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Fbvis is a small framebuffer image viewer. It includes stbi and lodepng and does not use external libraries. Fbvis is short for visualize on the framebuffer.
2015-12-08 Ali Gholami... stb_image: update to 64fa9a3d of stb.gitmaster
2015-04-16 Ali Gholami... stb_image: update stb_image.h to v2.04
2015-02-19 Ali Gholami... stb_image: update stb_image.h to v2.02
2014-09-26 Ali Gholami... fbvis: more keys for moving to the next/previous file
2014-09-26 Isaac Dunhamfbvis: use the local CTRLKEY() macro
2014-09-26 Ali Gholami... fbvis: update copyright year
2014-07-19 Ali Gholami... stb_image: update to the latest version
2014-07-19 Ali Gholami... README: improve some of the command descriptions
2013-06-17 Ali Gholami... fbvis: z now turns off fit to height/width
2013-06-15 Ali Gholami... fbvis: ignore directories
2013-05-23 Ali Gholami... fbvis: fit to width and height
2013-04-08 Ali Gholami... fbvis: reset head position after each image
2013-02-25 Ali Gholami... support ppm files
2013-02-08 Ali Gholami... README: added
2013-02-04 Ali Gholami... fbvis: stbi_load() fails for gifs when requested channe...
2013-01-28 Ali Gholami... fbvis: allow fullscreen even for small images
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