descriptionA Minetest mod which adds a magical mirror which allows to teleport to some set position.
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Mirror of Returning

Version 1.0.4


This mod adds a magical item, the Mirror of Returning. This item teleports the user back to a previously set location, at the cost of some mana (if applicable).


While holding the mirror:

Each mirror has is own teleport location and “remembers” it throughout the game, until a new teleport location has been set.

Initially, a mirror has no teleport location set, so you have to set it before the first teleportation.

If the Mana mod [mana] is present, setting and teleporting costs mana. The default cost are:


You can change the mana costs via minetest.conf. The following settings are used:

If a setting is not present, the default cost is used.

2017-06-20 WuzzyUpdate for 0.4.16 settings syntaxmaster
2017-05-31 Wuzzyv1.0.4
2017-05-31 WuzzyFix pos typo
2017-05-31 Wuzzyv1.0.3
2017-05-31 WuzzyAllow to use pointed node
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2016-08-11 WuzzyMake variable returnmirror local
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