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ZeX/OS is simple operating system written in
C and assembler languages.

* Archs: 	x86, x86_64, ARM
* Mode: 	protected
* Supports: 	preemptive multitasking, shell, commands, multitty, paging, networking, ipc, graphical environment, 2D and 3D (OpenGL) graphics
* Drivers: 	built-in (floppy, video, keyboard, rs232, lba, vga, vesa, pci, mouse, speaker, pcnet32, rtl8029, rtl8139, AC'97)
* Apps: 	elf executable (irc, websrv, nc, wm, ..), built-in (fdisk, hdcat ..)
* Filesystem: 	zexfs, fat12, fat16, iso9660, ext2, znfs
* Networking: 	ipv6, ipv4, tcp, udp, icmp, arp, ndp, dns, unix


* Default users *

Administrator account:
login name: root
Password: root

Guest account:
Login name: guest
Password: guest


* Network *

Ethernet IPv4 address:
Ethernet IPv6 address:	fc00:0:0:0:0:0:0:10

Ethernet IPv4 gateway:
Ethernet IPv6 gateway:	N/A

Easy setup example:
ifconfig eth0
ifroute eth0


* Commands list *

help		Displays list of available commands
hdd		Detect HDD
reboot		Reboot computer
halt		Shutdown computer
tasks		Print all tasks
ps		Print all process
uptime		Print uptime in seconds
version		Displays a version of system
debug		Change to developer mode
mount		Mount device to selected directory
umount		Unmount mounted directory
env		Displays all env variables
cd		Change directory
ls		Displays files in current directory
cat		Displays text in selected file
mkdir		Create a directory
exec		Execute a selected program
lsdev		Displays found devices
login		Login as another user
serialw		Write data on rs232
serialr		Read data from rs232
fdisk		Partition table manipulator
hdcat		Read selected block of data from drive
free		Display amount of free and used memory
date		Show current date and time
kill		Send a signal to process
modprobe	program to add modules from the kernel
lsmod		program to show the status of modules
lspci		list all pci devices
iflist		Show network interface
ifconfig	Configure network interface
ifroute		Configure gateway address
dnsconfig	Configure domain name server address
kbdmap		Change keyboard layout
mkzexfs		Create zexfs filesystem on hdd
ping		Send ICMP echo request
netexec		Execute file from network
netcp		Copy file from network to filesystem
savemode	Make less cpu load
cpuinfo		Show CPU info
adm		Automatic Device Mounter
ttyctrl		TTY Console control


* Key shortcut *

Backspace	Delete character
Enter		Confirm command
ALT+F1		Console tty0
ALT+F2		Console tty1
ALT+PAGEUP	Switch tty console to next one
ALT+PAGEDOWN	Switch tty console to previous one
CTRL+C		Kill running application on current tty
UP		Previous command from console log
DOWN		Next command from console log
SHIFT		Upper letters


* User app installation *

ZeX/OS provides you many different apps you can use everyday.
There are favorite apps like irc client, netcat client,
email client, web client, web server, text editor,
music player, remote control server, some games,
calculator, grahical user interface, etc.

Just use script to install app from directory apps,
for example:
	./ iso app
Where 'app' specify name of app you want to install.


* User app running *

When you use howto * User app installation *, you should be able to
start apps from your CD-ROM directly.
First you have to mount your cdrom device to directory.
When you dont know, which device it actually is, use command: fdisk
There is list of connected ATA block devices like HDDs or CD-ROMs.
When it is cdrom device, you should see in list filesystem "isofs",
right after partition name, you want to mount (e.g. /dev/hdc0 : isofs).
Now you can use command like: mount /dev/hdc0 /mnt/cdrom
and when no error occured, just go to directory /mnt/cdrom by
command: cd /mnt/cdrom
Now you are able to start it by command: exec yourapp


 * More docs *

ZeX/OS web pages -
Wiki pages at
Forum is placed at

2011-03-03 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Fixed ZDE build - missing header filemaster
2010-08-03 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Small improvements in build process - dont compile...
2010-08-02 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Fixed ICMPv6 & NDP sources - invalid ndp structure
2010-07-18 Tomas 'ZeXx86... ZDE improvements - global zbitmap_t structure added...
2010-05-23 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Fixed possible memory corruption in commands exec and...
2010-03-30 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Fixed buffer overflow in mserver; fixed type of checkin...
2010-03-12 Tomas 'ZeXx86... New developer version 0.6.8; added select () function...
2010-02-27 Martin 'povik... Fixed some bugs after merge;dhcp-client
2010-02-26 Martin 'povik... Merge branch 'master' into dhcp-client
2010-02-25 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Implemented tty_read () - tty_t obtain backlog (512byte...
2010-02-23 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Fixed ARM build
2010-02-05 Tomas 'ZeXx86... App inst fixed on invalid image file; App zinstall...
2010-02-04 Martin 'povik... Added dhcpcl command; Some updates in kernel/core/net...
2010-01-25 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Cleanup in elf.c with .bss section clean; adm command...
2010-01-21 Tomas 'ZeXx86... Fixed typo in Makefile
2010-01-19 Martin 'povik... Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into dhcp-client
12 years ago v0.3.1
9 years ago master
10 years ago dhcp-client
10 years ago e1000
10 years ago pipes
11 years ago povik-mouse