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Elgg is an open source social platform based around choice, flexibility and openness: a system that firmly places individuals at the centre of their activities.

Your users have the freedom to incorporate all their favorite tools within one environment and showcase their content with as many or as few people as they choose, all within a social networking site that you control.

2007-11-12 misjaMisja Hoebe <> Added comment... mastermobgit-svn
2007-11-10 ewoutcorrected spelling mistake
2007-11-09 misjaMisja Hoebe <> fix #132, undefine...
2007-11-08 rhoapplied patch #142
2007-11-08 rhominor fix on notices on add/edit weblog
2007-11-08 rhorestored previous fixes and tweaks on community mod
2007-11-08 rhorestored fixes and tweaks on blog mod
2007-11-08 dramirezApplied patch #411
2007-11-08 rhoclose #135, now loads templates on demand. Added new...
2007-11-08 misjaMisja Hoebe <> Updated commentwall
2007-11-08 davestand in default theme
2007-11-08 dramirezApplied patch #134
2007-11-07 rhominor tweak on #136 patch, use @init_get and init_get_bool
2007-11-07 rhofix #136, annoying warnings when is enabled open_basedi...
2007-11-07 rhominor notice accesing undefined index
2007-11-07 rhofix #121, on certain conditions, was filling incorrectl...
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