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StGit is a Python application providing similar functionality to Quilt
(i.e. pushing/popping patches to/from a stack) on top of Git. These
operations are performed using Git commands and the patches are stored
as Git commit objects, allowing easy merging of the StGit patches into
other repositories using standard Git functionality.

Note that StGit is not an SCM interface on top of Git and it expects a
previously initialised Git repository (unless it is cloned using StGit
directly). For standard SCM operations, use plain Git commands.

For the latest version see
For a tutorial see

Bugs or feature requests should be raised on the StGit project page:
9 days ago Peter GraysonRelease 0.19masterv0.19
9 days ago Peter GraysonRemove non-existing paths from
9 days ago Peter GraysonMore version finding repair
9 days ago Peter GraysonUpdate stg-prof and stg-dbg to same style as stg
9 days ago Peter GraysonRemove unused local variables
9 days ago Peter GraysonRemove unneeded imports
9 days ago Peter GraysonRepair various invalid escape sequences
9 days ago Peter GraysonExtract version from .git_archival.txt
9 days ago Peter GraysonCapture version in archives with .git_archival.txt
10 days ago Peter GraysonUse git pull --unshallow --tags in .travis.yml
10 days ago Peter GraysonMemorialize Python 3.7 support
10 days ago Peter Graysonmake clean completeness
10 days ago Peter GraysonUse https scheme for download_url in
10 days ago Peter GraysonCall setup() directly in
11 days ago Peter GraysonTravis-ci updates and repairs
2018-03-15 Peter GraysonTest coverage for stgit.main
9 days ago v0.19 Release 0.19
14 months ago v0.18 Release 0.18
5 years ago v0.17.1 Release 0.17.1
5 years ago v0.17
6 years ago v0.16 Release 0.16
9 years ago v0.15 Release 0.15
9 years ago v0.15-rc4 Release 0.15-rc4
9 years ago v0.15-rc3 Release 0.15-rc3
9 years ago v0.15-rc2 Release 0.15-rc2
9 years ago v0.15-rc1 Stacked Git 0.15-rc1
10 years ago v0.14.3 Release 0.14.3
10 years ago v0.14.2
10 years ago v0.14.1
10 years ago v0.14
11 years ago v0.13
11 years ago v0.12.1
9 days ago master
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