descriptionA python implementation of Grapevine
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This is an attempt to implement the Grapevine larp utility in Python using GTK+ and libglade. The goal is to make it as extensible as possible so others can adapt it to their particular character database administration needs.
2008-01-28 Andrew SaymanSmall program to test initial bin reading workmaster
2008-01-28 Andrew SaymanUpdated from the exploration of the kueijin file
2008-01-27 Andrew SaymanWorking to reverse the binary format
2007-10-17 Andrew SaymanDon't swap menus while you're navigating on the same...
2007-10-17 Andrew SaymanRaise real exceptions rather than strings
2007-10-17 Andrew SaymanProvide a generic system for handling menu navigator...
2007-10-16 Andrew SaymanStore the entire menu in the menu_path
2007-10-16 Andrew SaymanFix long-standing bug that prevented menu navigation
2007-10-07 Andrew SaymanReverse type and change
2007-10-07 Andrew SaymanWhen editing entries propely sort them with the other...
2007-10-07 Andrew SaymanRemove a hard-coded path
2007-10-05 Andrew SaymanAdd menu items for template printing and saving
2007-10-04 Andrew SaymanRemove a bugged usage of loader in GEX
2007-10-04 Andrew SaymanFinish up move to supporting tuples in attributes
2007-10-04 Andrew SaymanBeginning support for tuples embedded in attribute...
2007-10-04 Andrew SaymanEdit an experience entry by double-clicking on the...
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