descriptionPNG loader for OpenGL
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glpng is a small toolkit to make loading PNG image files as an OpenGL texture as easy as possible.
2014-06-01 James Le CuirotBump version to 1.46masterv1.46
2014-06-01 James Le CuirotClean up CMake scripts
2014-06-01 James Le CuirotAdd luminance alpha support
2014-06-01 Andrew ChurchFix compiler warnings
2014-06-01 James Le CuirotAdd memory reading functions
2014-06-01 Hans de GoedeFix CVE-2010-1519
2011-04-03 Thomas Klausnerpng-1.5 disallows access to struct members, use accesso...
2011-04-03 Thomas Klausnerpng-1.5 defines PNG_CALLBACK as well, so rename our...
2011-04-03 Miriam RuizFixed warning
2009-09-11 Thomas KlausnerFrom David Sainty <>:
2008-12-03 Miriam RuizTidy HTML documentation page
2008-12-03 Miriam RuizConvert end of line characters to UNIX
2008-12-03 Miriam RuizCompile with cmake
2008-12-03 Miriam RuizAdded Makefile
2008-12-03 Miriam RuizFixed includes
2008-12-03 Miriam RuizCode released by upstream: v1.45
4 years ago v1.46
4 years ago master