descriptionPLI: a utility library for the Python language.
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2012-12-18 Alex A. Naanoufixed a typo...master
2012-07-04 Alex A. Naanou...
2011-08-11 Alex A. Naanouminor tweeks to pli.logstr
2011-08-11 Alex A. Naanouadded basic stats to pli.logstr
2011-08-11 Alex A. Naanoufixed print statement output placement in pli.logstr
2011-08-11 Alex A. Naanouadded the ability to print only errors to pli.testlog...
2011-01-12 Alex A. Naanouminor documentation changes
2010-11-18 Alex A. Naanoupli.gid now uses the uuid module. will possibly be...
2010-06-28 Alex A. Naanoumade the separator in pli.tags' chains configurable...
2010-06-28 Alex A. Naanoutypo...
2010-06-28 Alex A. Naanourenamed module pli.guid to pli.gid...
2010-06-28 Alex A. Naanouadded basic GUID generator...
2010-06-26 Alex A. Naanouadded proper feature TODO to tags.tagset...
2010-06-26 Alex A. Naanou..
2010-06-26 Alex A. Naanouadded some todos for tags...
2010-06-26 Alex A. Naanoufixed some errors in tests for tags.tagset...
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