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This mirror is no longer updated. Instead, use, which replies on the built-in svn mirroring support of

This was a full mirror of the lyx-devel Subversion repository of the LyX project, including all svn branches and tags.

To build the latest version of the stable branch, do this:

$ git clone git:// lyx.git
$ cd lyx.git
$ git checkout --track -b follow-1.5 origin/BRANCH_1_5_X

$ git pull
$ ./ && ./configure && make

This repository is made as follows. It was originally imported locally via a straightforward git-svn clone (this took 2 days):

$ git svn clone svn://  -T trunk -b branches -t tags

It is periodically updated locally and pushed to as follows:

$ git svn fetch
$ git push -v ssh:// `git for-each-ref --format="%(refname)" 'refs/remotes/*' 'refs/remotes/*/*' | \
  perl -pe 's@^(refs/remotes/tags/)(.*)@$1$2:refs/tags/$2@ || s@^(refs/remotes/)(.*)@$1$2:refs/heads/$2@; s@/trunk$@/master@'`
(The inline Perl script translates the head and tag names from convention used by the Subversion repository to a more git-friendly convention.)
2009-11-11 uwestoehrtufte layout files:master
2009-11-11 uwestoehr- introduce option to suppress the LaTeX package mhchem...
2009-11-11 uwestoehrinstaller: sync with branch
2009-11-10 uwestoehrinstaller: sync with branch
2009-11-10 spitz* GuiAbout.cpp:
2009-11-10 spitzAdd TaoWang to the credits.
2009-11-10 uwestoehrinstaller: sync with branch
2009-11-10 rgheckThis more or less completes the re-implementation of...
2009-11-09 rgheckA bit more re-organization.
2009-11-09 rgheckNot so soon, I guess, since that FIXME was from r6305.
2009-11-09 rgheckOne more little comment.
2009-11-09 rgheckMove the visited stuff inside the Vertex struct.
2009-11-09 rgheckMove the to == from test, so as to return as soon as...
2009-11-09 rgheckAnother minor change, but this should almost get us...
2009-11-09 rgheckMore cleanup. We introduce a struct here to keep the...
2009-11-09 rgheckConst.
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