descriptioncute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
last changeSat, 13 Dec 2008 14:01:47 +0000 (13 15:01 +0100)
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You, as a bunny, have to jump on your opponents to make them explode. It's a true multiplayer game, you can't play this alone. It has network support.
2008-12-13 Ansgar BurchardtMerge branch 'feature/handle-quit-event'mastermob
2008-12-13 Ansgar Burchardthandle SDL quit eventfeature/handle-quit-event
2008-12-13 Ansgar Burchardtremove all GOB files when calling `make clean'
2008-12-13 Ansgar BurchardtMerge branch 'bug/exit-fullscreen-mode'
2008-12-13 Ansgar Burchardtexit fullscreen mode early to avoid crashbug/exit-fullscreen-mode
2008-12-08 Ansgar BurchardtDo not link libm (not used)
2008-12-08 Ansgar BurchardtMerge branches 'bug/safe-temp-files', 'bug/exit-fullscr...
2008-12-08 Ansgar BurchardtRemove `dos/libdj.a' (no source provided)dfsg-changes
2008-12-08 Ansgar BurchardtImport jumpnbump_menufeature/jumpnbump_menu
2008-12-08 Ansgar BurchardtUse safe temporary filesbug/safe-temp-files
2008-12-08 Ansgar BurchardtExit fullscreen mode when you quit
2008-12-08 Ansgar BurchardtImport jumpnbump/1.50upstream/1.50
10 years ago upstream/1.50
10 years ago mob
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10 years ago feature/handle-quit-event
10 years ago bug/exit-fullscreen-mode
10 years ago dfsg-changes
10 years ago feature/jumpnbump_menu
10 years ago bug/safe-temp-files