descriptionA Haskell implementation of PGMS
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Programmer's Minesweeper is a frontend that allows programmers to implement and run their own Minesweeper strategies.

hs-pgms implements this idea in Haskell

2008-06-18 Bertram FelgenhauerFix cabal file and make building with ghc 6.6.1 work.master
2008-06-04 Bertram Felgenhauerprepare 0.1 release.0.1
2008-06-04 Bertram Felgenhaueruse IArray instead of Array.
2008-05-15 Bertram Felgenhaueradd README and statistics.
2008-05-15 Bertram Felgenhauertypo fix
2008-05-15 Bertram Felgenhauercosmetics
2008-05-15 Bertram Felgenhaueradd a bunch of comments, including haddock documentatio...
2008-05-14 Bertram Felgenhaueradd file headers
2008-05-14 Bertram Felgenhauersplit GUI into several modules
2008-05-14 Bertram FelgenhauerImplement statistics gathering in GUI
2008-05-11 Bertram Felgenhauerfix a memory leak
2008-05-11 Bertram Felgenhauerimplement a fairly rich command line interface
2008-05-11 Bertram Felgenhauervarious cosmetic changes
2008-05-11 Bertram Felgenhauerimplement custom config dialog
2008-05-11 Bertram Felgenhauerupdate cabal file for cabal head
2008-05-11 Bertram Felgenhaueruse slightly smoother icons
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