descriptionA program to visualize cluster algebras as quivers
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Clav (CLuster Algebra Visualizer) is a program to visualize cluster
algebras [0], [1], [2], [3] as quivers. It is similar to Keller's Java
applet [4], but handles the half-weight edges and fat vertices needed
to deal with the quivers of Zicket [5].

Clav comes with two interfaces: an SDL interface and a more simplistic
CLI interface (which may prove useful for scripting). The program
clav-mutation-finder has also proven useful for automation of mass
quiver computations (it is probably best to compile that with an
optimizing compiler).

[0] Robert Marsh, Lecture notes on cluster algebras, European
    Mathematical Society, Z├╝rich, 2013.
2018-12-06 S. GillesImplement -f for clav-{sdl,cli}master
2018-12-06 S. GillesDocument "rename" and "renamename" for clav-cli
2018-12-06 S. GillesAdd "renamename" to clav-cli
2018-12-03 S. GillesSwitch Bn and Cn in clav-bfzIII. I think it's right...
2018-12-03 S. GillesIncrease edge limit
2018-12-01 S. GillesAllow overriding pkg-config
2018-11-28 S. Gillesfix typo in license header
2018-11-06 S. GillesRemove dead debug code in bfzIII.c
2018-11-03 S. GillesI have no idea why this flickering happens
2018-11-03 S. GillesImplement history logging to stdout
2018-11-03 S. GillesMake minor corrections to clav-sdl.1
2018-11-01 S. GillesStop being quite so clever in handling input_with_prefix
2018-10-22 S. GillesThere is a sign flip in how [BFZIII], Remark 2.4 should...
2018-10-22 S. GillesRemove typos in license header
2018-10-15 S. GillesReformat everything
2018-10-12 S. GillesRemove debugging comments in check-graph-iso.c
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