descriptionA simple in-game documentation system (framework only, the actual help topics are added in other mods).
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Documentation System [doc]

This mod provides a simple and highly extensible form in which the user can access help pages about various things and the modder can add those pages. The mod itself does not provide any help texts, just the framework. It is the heart of the Help modpack, on which the other Help mods depend.

Current version: 1.1.1

For players

Accessing the help

To open the help, there are multiple ways:

The help itself should be more or less self-explanatory.

This mod is useless on its own, you will only need this mod as a dependency for mods which actually add some help entries.

Hidden entries

Some entries are initially hidden from you. You can't see them until you unlocked them. Mods can decide for themselves how particular entries are revealed. Normally you just have to proceed in the game to unlock more entries. Hidden entries exist to avoid spoilers and give players a small sense of progress.

Players with the help_reveal privilege can use the /help_reveal chat command to reveal all hidden entries instantly.


The information of which player has viewed and revealed which entries is stored in the world directory in the file You can safely reset the viewed/revealed state of all players by deleting this file. Players then need to start over revealing all entries.

For modders and game authors

This mod helps you in creating extensive and flexible help entries for your mods or game. You can write about basically anything in the presentation you prefer.

To get started, read in the directory of this mod.

Note: If you want to add help texts for items and nodes, refer to the API documentation of doc_items, instead of manually adding entries. For custom entities, you may also want to add support for doc_identifier.

License of everything

MIT License

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