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Sepia is a set of tools for Perl development in Emacs. Its goal is to extend CPerl mode to support fast code navigation and interactive development. It is inspired by Emacs' current support for a number of other languages, including Lisp, Python, and Emacs Lisp.
2012-12-05 Sean O'RourkeDelay loading some rarely-used stuff. Startup is alrea... master
2012-11-28 Sean O'RourkeFix obnoxious "the X::Y manpage" links.
2012-11-28 Sean O'Rourkerepl -> REPL
2012-10-01 Sean O'RourkeBuild HTML module list based on what's actually installed.
2012-09-08 Sean O'RourkeDefend against "Modern" Perls.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeBugfix.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeTweak.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeUse Perl's format() to flow the help text.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeShorten text and change Sepia::flow() to shorten "...
2012-05-04 Sean O'RourkeDon't load (and workarounds like
2012-04-23 Sean O'RourkeFix repl_wantarray
2012-04-20 Sean O'RourkeDon't use "strict" in production
2012-04-20 Sean O'RourkeMake sepia-arg-choices its own function.
2012-01-30 Sean O'Rourkeretrieve shortcut list from inferior process.
2012-01-30 Sean O'Rourke* sepia.el (sepia-complete-symbol): Finally fix method...
2012-01-10 Sean O'Rourke* bind case-fold-search when going to header
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