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ELinks - an advanced web browser

ELinks is an advanced and well-established feature-rich text mode web
(HTTP/FTP/..) browser. ELinks can render both frames and tables, is highly
customizable and can be extended via scripts. It is very portable and runs
on a variety of platforms.

The ELinks official website is available at

Please see the SITES file for mirrors or other recommended sites.  If you
want to install ELinks on your computer, see the INSTALL file for further

A good starting point is documentation files available in doc/, especially the
file index.txt.

If you want to request features or report bugs, see community information at and feedback information available at

If you want to write some patches, please first read the doc/hacking.txt

If you want to add a new language or update the translation for an existing
one, please read po/README document.

If you want to write some documentation, well, you're welcome! ;)

Historical notes

Initially, ELinks was a development version of Links (Lynx-like text WWW
browser), with more liberal features policy and development style.  Its purpose
was to provide an alternative to Links, and to test and tune various new
features, but still provide good rock-solid releases inside stable branches.

Why not contribute to Links instead?  Well, first I made a bunch of patches for
the original Links, but Mikulas wasn't around to integrate them, so I started
releasing my fork. When he came back, a significant number of them got refused
because Mikulas did not like them as he just wouldn't have any use for them
himself.  He aims to keep Links at a relatively closed feature set and merge
only new features which he himself needs.  It has the advantage that the tree is
very narrow and the code is small and contains very little bloat.

ELinks, on the contrary, aims to provide a full-featured web browser, superior
to both lynx and w3m and with the power (but not slowness and memory usage) of
Mozilla, Konqueror and similar browsers. However, to prevent drastic bloating
of the code, the development is driven in the course of modularization and
separation of add-on modules (like cookies, bookmarks, ssl, scripting etc).

For more details about ELinks history, please see

If you are more interested in the history and various Links clones and versions,
you can examine the website at

vim: textwidth=80
2017-07-23 Witold FilipczykRetry only for https protocolmaster
2017-07-23 Witold FilipczykAdd to blacklist only valid uri
2017-07-23 Witold FilipczykForgot about possible memleak
2017-07-23 Witold FilipczykUse blacklist to skip verification of certificates
2017-07-23 Witold FilipczykLet users retry connection in case of error. Especially...
2017-07-02 Witold FilipczykFixes related to brotli. Errors occured on https:/...
2017-07-01 Witold Filipczykbrotli code updated
2017-06-13 Witold FilipczykColor trailing spaces with color of last non-space...
2017-06-13 Witold FilipczykOff by one, also 200 instead of 30
2017-05-16 Marco Miglioritext direction mark
2017-05-16 Marco Migliorinew -remote command: reload()
2017-05-16 Marco Miglioridisplay lua hooks errors
2017-03-06 Witold Filipczykgcc6
2017-03-06 Witold FilipczykCompilation fix for OpenSSL-1.1
2016-12-28 Arjen Stolkmailcap: prevent segfault on test entry with %s
2016-12-13 Witold FilipczykSet encoding
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