descriptionGStreamer transcoding FUSE filesystem
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GSTFS is a filesystem for on-demand transcoding of music files between different formats. It utilizes the gstreamer library for conversion so any formats supported by gstreamer should also be supported by gstfs.
2008-10-20 Bob CopelandInclude shell scripts in dist targetmaster
2008-08-31 Bob CopelandPrepend current working directory to paths so gstfs...
2008-08-31 Bob CopelandFix whitespace in README
2008-08-30 Bob CopelandStart with version 0.1
2008-08-30 Bob CopelandAdd a README file
2008-08-30 Bob CopelandMake pipeline configurable by mount option
2008-08-29 Bob CopelandAdd mount option parsing
2008-08-29 Bob CopelandAdd some comments
2008-08-29 Bob Copelandstatvfs was not properly redirecting to the source...
2008-08-29 Bob CopelandEncapsulate mount-time variables in a single structure
2008-08-29 Bob CopelandAdd a least-recently-used list to be able to expire...
2008-08-22 Bob CopelandRemove dead code
2008-08-22 Bob CopelandChange pipeline to use lame plugin
2008-08-21 Bob CopelandFirst functional version of gstfs, with hardcoded stuff...
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