descriptionPapyrus skin for PmWiki.
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Name: Papyrus
Version: 2019-01-28
Description: Skin for PmWiki
Author: Said Achmiz
Copyright: Copyright 2019 Said Achmiz
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Included files


  1. Un-zip into your skins directory
  2. Enable the papyrus skin in your config.php with:
$Skin = 'papyrus';


This skin is released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


v. 2019-01-28

v. 2019-01-27

NOTE on upgrading from previous versions: the file 'papyrus-mobile.css' is no longer needed; you may delete it.

v. 0.2 2017-08-13

v. 0.1 2017-08-13

2019-01-28 achmizsIncremented version to 2019-01-28-3 and updated ReadMemaster
2019-01-28 achmizsSlight tweak to edit view
2019-01-28 achmizsAdded custom EditForm and EditQuickReference pages
2019-01-28 achmizsRevamped edit quick reference
2019-01-28 achmizsRevamped edit form
2019-01-28 achmizsAdded support for bundled wikipages
2019-01-28 achmizsSet and page variables
2019-01-28 achmizsIncremented version to 2019-01-28-2 and updated ReadMe
2019-01-28 achmizsFix for overflowing tables
2019-01-28 achmizsAdded tab-size property value
2019-01-28 achmizsMinor refactor of CSS file
2019-01-28 achmizsRemoved extraneous line from ReadMemob
2019-01-28 Said AchmizInitial commit
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