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Asure file integrity scanner and verifier.
2008-07-24 David BrownWorkaround for Python 2.5 time.master
2008-01-03 David BrownMove to version 0.01.asure-0.1
2008-01-03 David BrownHandle errors hashing files that vanish.
2008-01-02 David BrownOptimize by default.
2008-01-02 David BrownClean up output formatting.
2008-01-02 David BrownAdd 1.1 protocol.
2008-01-01 David BrownGeneralize argument processing.
2007-12-30 David BrownPrint help for all available commands.
2007-12-30 David BrownFix indentation of "show" command.
2007-12-30 David BrownEliminate spurious 'u' entries on update.
2007-12-30 David BrownElaborate 'show' command with indentation of level.
2007-12-29 David BrownPrint out the kinds of nondirs that have been added...
2007-12-29 David BrownIgnore optimized python code as well.
2007-12-29 David BrownRearrange directories to be more python like.
2007-12-29 David BrownImplement 'update' and 'signoff'.
2007-12-29 David BrownCompute and compare md5 hashes on new files.
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