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TrakEM2 is an ImageJ plugin for morphological data mining, three-dimensional modeling and image stitching, registration, editing and annotation. In short, browse/edit/analyze terabytes of images seamlessly.
2016-05-28 Stephan Saalfeldfixed improper generic parameter use in Tree.duplicateA... master
2016-02-26 Albert CardonaEnable usage of both POLYLINE and FREELINE ROIs for...
2016-02-26 Albert CardonaFix usage of PolygonRoi and other ROIs that depend...
2016-02-06 Stephan Saalfeldreplaced MLT2 in elastig montage and alignment by TPS
2016-02-06 Stephan Saalfeldadded dependency to jitk-tps-1.3.2 and managed trakem2_tps
2016-01-09 Stephan Saalfeldactually use multiplehypotheses flag and other fixes
2016-01-08 Stephan Saalfeldenable multiple hypotheses matching in TrakEM2's distor...
2016-01-08 Stephan Saalfeldenable multiple hypotheses matching in Align backwards...
2016-01-08 Stephan Saalfelduse mipmap threads number property for parallel intensi...
2016-01-08 Stephan Saalfeldrender intensity corrected images in a single thread...
2016-01-08 Stephan Saalfeldpreparing release pom-trakem2-2.0.0, VectorString-2...
2015-10-06 Curtis RuedenPOM: update Maven JIRA URL
2015-09-04 Stephan Saalfeldnext development cycle
2015-09-03 Stephan Saalfeldpom-trakem2-1.4.0
2015-09-03 Stephan Saalfeldadded multi-threading for coefficients matchingmatch-intensities
2015-09-03 Stephan Saalfeldput match intensities commands into workers to block...
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